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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Sure thing


I guess you didn't understand


Anyway, I would think that ALL coasters have to do a pull through, not just because it is a plug n' play. It has to be done to make sure that it can run the course without any structural problems and there is enough clearance for people and the train.

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Can you just go or do you have to be invited.


Its called a "Media Day" because its for the media and to hype the new ride. If you aren't part of the media, you have to be invited. Usually the park will open the event to local ACE members and other local websites, but you've gotta be on the list in order to get into the park.

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Just Wandering is anyone going for El Toro Media Day on the 28th, I am.


Not that I'm doubting a 16 year old providing no information at this time, but I highly doubt the park would have a media day on a Sunday of a holiday weekend. Especially when it hasn't passed testing or inspection yet. Plus, media doesn't usually go out on a Sunday. You may be there alone on the 28th for the "Media Day"


And FYI to everyone, most coasters to do a pullthru, not just this one because its a plug n play.

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May 20, 2006 El Toro trains were placed on the track this past week. We are currently going through the clearance envelope test and acceptance procedures for the train, track and structure. Mechanical work is coming to a finish on the lift. We are getting closer and closer to the ride opening.




btw - "Clearance Envelope Test" = Pull Through

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It's because it's plug and play like steel track, they have to make sure the track connections are secured.


Dont say that! You arent allowed to say its anything like a steel coaster


How come, will I be flamed for speaking the truth

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I'll be making my first trip to SFGA in August, so I'm glad to hear KK is on the mend. I hope El Toro doesn't have any problems so I can hit that up, too.


My debut appearance to SFNE is next week, so I'm excited about that!



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^ It looks big to me, unless you're 188 feet tall...


So is El Toro going to be the first woodie with a cable lift?


And if its going to be as smooth as other Intamin woodies, what difference would it make if its made of steel or wood?


Just asking questions! I don't mean to critisize anything!


Well techinically no. Because Scenic railways are wooden and they use cable lifts. At least IMO.

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there is a sign up that says two weeks until el toro opens! They were also running rolling thunder! I have a picture update from on saturday 05/27/06. They wouldnt let anyone get too close. I wanted to try and just take a picture thru the gate...oh well..next time.


This is as close as I was allowed to get to the gate by security. They are worried I will jump on i guess!


another worker on the track. I just love the way this coasters tracks go this way and that!


this is the second hump - construction dudes are working on the tracks...


this is just a cool bendy turn....

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