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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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I can relate to the bird story since my mom got hit by a goose coming down the tower on Top Thrill Dragster, had a large bruise on her arm for a long time and that was only being hit by the wing. Anyways about the parachute tower, is there a possibility that they will be moving this to the new park in Dubai? In the concept art there is a parachute tower that looks to big to be the kid ones Intamin still makes. I would be upset if they did since its a very unique ride to the area and I try to ride it whenever we go down.

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^ Intamin certainly knows how to get people naked lol.


One of my friends is going to SFGAd this October, I gave her all the info about the coasters and some flat rides like Sky Screamer, Parachute and Zoomanjaro. Any recommendation other than the safari and the rides listed above?


As cal1br3tto mentioned, Houdini's Great Escape is a must. It is one of only two Vekoma Mad Houses in the US, and it's disorienting and great fun. And... actually now that I think about it Great Adventure doesn't have terribly many flats. There's a Scrambler and Bumper Cars and a Ferris Wheel all in the same place if that's your thing, and a Top Spin (Twister). The Log Flume is a nice scenic ride and has some interesting history. Oh! If Skyrides count as flats, then they need to take the Skyride if it's open. Not only is it the best way to skip over the uninteresting middle section of the park, but it offers some incredible views of the park. Great photo opportunities.

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There's still one that is at least standing at La Qua, but I'm not sure if it still operates or not.


It's still listed on their site as operating, I was tempted to visit when I went a few years ago just to actually have tried one but with rumors of Thunder Dolphin re-opening after I left (which thankfully came true) I never did visit to see for myself.

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Oh! If Skyrides count as flats, then they need to take the Skyride if it's open. Not only is it the best way to skip over the uninteresting middle section of the park, but it offers some incredible views of the park. Great photo opportunities.


I agree with this also, the Skyride is also very historic as it operated at the 1964 World's Fair in Queens, NY and is the only operating double skyride in the U.S. (and maybe the world, does anyone know? I know there is one in Madrid that used to be a double sky ride but it now only runs one side). It's also a pretty long skyride.

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^I've also noticed that, if you sit in the front of TTD, in the end of the launch track you hit a "cloud" of water while on KK you don't. The first time it got me in the eyes and it felt quite unpleasant.

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I was also at Coasters After Dark tonight. This has to rank as one of my best visits ever to the park and this was only 3.5 hours.


We got in the park around 5:20 so I was happy to see they were still letting people in the park early. El Toro was our first stop and we marathoned it for about an hour. 1 train wait or a re-ride every time for the back. We rode with a lot of high schoolers that knew each other a few times. They yelled anal and frosty on different rides with one of them shouting "that ass" to a dummy. Some GP crowd eh?


Our next ride was Superman and there I saw a guy with a MF shirt so I started talking to him about CP. The guy was from Jersey and said he goes to CP every summer. He was a big MF fanboy and I told him I thought the coaster was overrated and was more of a Maverick fan but we both shared our love for the park and coaster enthusiasm.


Me and my friend had a rare next stop. We decided to ride the Carousel since nobody was on it. We had the ride to ourselves and the operator was going through the whole pre-ride schpiel then paused and said you guys don't need to hear all this, you're the only 2 on the ride. I'm glad I got to experience an amusement park classic. The park wouldn't be the same without the carousel entrance with the music playing.


We then got a Batman ride all to ourselves in the front row. With that we spent pretty much the rest of the night on that side of the park. Marathoned Nitro a bit, had a violent ride on the Bumper Cars and got the final 2 rides of the night front row on Skull Mountain. Plus we rode Sky Screamer twice and I had fun with the ride op working it. Shared a few jokes with her and I had a feeling I helped her night go by faster.


All in all a fantastic night at Great Adventure. This night is seriously one of the biggest reasons I get a season pass. Once again it didn't disappoint!


Ride total:


El Toro 8x

Nitro 4x

Superman 2x

Sky Screamer 2x

Skull Mountain 2x

Batman 1x

Dark Knight 1x

Carousel 1x

Bumper Cars 1x

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Yeah worked out to be a pretty great night w/ the rain holding off and really light crowds - we were riding for a little under 3 hours. Pulled into the lot about 6:10, got parked settled and hiked over to the gate (Why can't they give us preferred parking for the night? Kinda lame to have to walk through that completely empty part of the parking lot...). Little bit of a hold up at the gate (understaffed?) but we got in fairly quickly and bee-lined through the arcade over to El Toro and walked right on. First time I didn't have to wait at least 20 minutes for it so was suddenly in a state of euphoria/disbelief. Rode great in first seat of last car and then we walked around (halfway, kinda jumped over the fence near the steps to get back up, an employee caught us and laughed) and rode once more in same spot.


Tried to get a re-ride in a different seat but wasn't happening so off to Bizarro where we marathoned it three times in a row until on the third ride my stomach decided after the MCBR that I'd had enough. First time in years I felt nausea from a coaster but I guess 21 inversions in 10 minutes might do that. My riding partner was begging for another but I needed a short break. We stopped for food and wandered over to Superman for my first ever ride (due to the fact that the line is always insane). Walked right on in first row. (!!!) My first flying coaster and MUCH better than I expected. Really smooth, restraint was much more comfortable than I imagined and that pretzel loop is just plain NUTS. Awesome ride. Now I want to ride the more highly ranked flyers like Tatsu! SO fun!


After we headed for what is imo the parks crowd jewel - Nitro. On our walk over we felt drizzle. Bummer. No lightning though so lets do it! At this point it was completely dark and I have had yet to do Nitro in the dark. By the time we got up the steps the drizzle stopped. Walked right on and sat in middle. No wait at all. Fantastic ride. It's really dark back there! No way to stay on when we pulled back in so we walked around for ride two. Walked on front row. First time in front and was awesome! Delicious wind burn on my face! Jumped in a different seat for our third run but were kicked off due to folks walking up to our row and had to walk around, so we did. Waited 2 minutes for back row (my fave) and rode it two times without getting up. On that fourth go around I had the bizarro stomach things again on the bunny hops at the end so I said I was done. But then the operator announced it would be the last train of the night so what the hell, let's do it!


Exactly at 9:15pm, just as we were walking out of the main gate, did it start to rain. PERFECT. So happy we didn't let that deter us and got a great night of riding in a short period of time! Slightly bummed we didn't get a few more runs on El Toro, but its my only small complaint about the entire evening.


El Toro 2x

Bizarro 3x

Superman 1x

Nitro 5x


I didn't have camera or phone on me so no pics but but my buddy tweeted these of the queues while waiting for Superman/Nitro.



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I was kinda disappointed with Great Adventure this morning.


The El Toro crew at opening was terrible... Stacking for a long time every cycle. It also seemed that every single cycle they had to recheck at least one car. The Bizarro crew was just as bad. I do not understand why they start the ride every day with three trains even though it never has a line for the first couple hours and always double stacks. This morning they were filling the trains less than half full about an hour after opening. Why not take a train or two off so that the trains don't stack for as long?


I also saw drugs being used in one of the bathrooms... Classy.


On a positive note, Batman was running amazing as usual. It's hard to believe that ride is 21 years old. Zumanjaro is looking great! A path leading to the ride has been poured. The entrance is right by the Kingda Ka entrance and the path runs right along where Rolling Thunder's return run used to be. You can see it while riding El Toro.

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Last night they were running 2 trains on Bizarro with no stacking. I thought that worked much better than the 3 trains since when all 3 trains are running I have never seen them not stack at least one train and many times both trains are stacked.

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