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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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I second the Flash Pass wholeheartedly (although please don't get the Platinum Pass. It'll make everyone hate you. I did it once and felt like such a douche.) Also I don't think the log flume is open, sadly (it wasn't when I went on Saturday). Definitely try to get either Safari Off-Road Adventure or Kingda Ka first thing in the morning. Definitely check out all the coasters (ride Bizarro in the front and Skull Mountain in the back for funky pops of air, El Toro in the back for mucho-insane air, KK in front for not-rattling, and protect your groin on the last hill of Mine Train). Sky Screamer, Parachutes, and Bumper Cars are also worth checking out. Best of the West has the least offensive food, plus you can get beer there. Make sure to look fornlornly upon Rolling Thunder, and also despair at the Ghost Town that most of Movie World has become.

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The Log Flume might be done for the year. It was also closed when I was at the park last week on Tuesday and Thursday. Last time I was at the ride there was the old sign up that says it only runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day. I understand the rapids only open during that time but it would be nice to see the Log Flume open in April and May and most of September since it is warm enough most of that time and you don't get soaked unless you get hit with one of the coin operated sprayers.

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Yep. Log Flume does close around Labor Day. I think the main reason is because they don't have the necessary staff needed to run the ride that late in the season as it takes at least six people to run it. Then again I thought they closed it around that time because of the Terror Trail that is set up back there and they need to kill the lights on the ride to keep it dark. I could be totally wrong, but I'm sure it's one of the two haha.

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Any update on rolling thunders demolition status? I know it's not easy to see like GASM was but I haven't heard or seen anything.


Park has been closed since it's final operating day. We'll probably get a better idea once the weekend comes around, but I don't anticipate any major progress for a couple weeks.

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I just want to say that between my ride on El Toro in the summer, and all the rides I got this past Saturday for the riding of the bull, I can safely say that it is running better than I ever remember it running! The airtime was almost skyrush level aggressiveness, and places that used to be dull (like after the turnaround and before the brakes) the train is hauling and I am getting great airtime and forcefulness. In fact i think one of my favorite parts on the ride is now the second to last hill because you get such an amazing combination of left laterals, ejector, and then right laterals. Just a couple seasons ago I remember it creeping through that, and i felt totally bored coming into the brakes. One thing I have noticed though is how rough the back row of the last couple cars have gotten, it's hard to tell if it's just because it is running so aggressively, but the turnaround and final section have some notable shaking. Again, those are some of the more forceful areas on any ride I have ridden, so they could be far worse. Has anyone else noticed any of this?


Also, how the hell did this ride ever not slow down at the top? That sounds like it would be painful if they did that now.. Had the ride just not broken in as much? And why did they slow it down exactly?

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Just like I said earlier it's funny that whenever a "major" new ride is going to be built parking goes up.

It's like Jackson says "We will approve the addition only if you raise your parking a few more dollars".

It is REALLY outrageous anymore. At least fix the lot up and bring back the trams lol.


I also think Rolling Thunder will be demolished after the season has ended. Only reason I think this is due to how it interacts with El Toro. They may be removing the trains from the coaster shed and cleaning up the area, but physical ride removal, I don't see happening. I'd be shocked if they do/did start though. Hopefully they will post pictures on their Facebook page showing the demolition.

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Hey everyone, I have a general question regarding the quality of Great Adventure's Fright Fest in comparison to Cedar Fair's Haunts, like Dorney's. I've been going to Dorney for years to the Haunt and absolutely LOVE it. How does Fright Fest compare? I know the mazes at Six Flags are an "up charge" which I think is ridiculous, but how much do they actually cost? And are the mazes "better" justifying the cost? I have a Great Adventure season pass, but I might just pay the $40 to get in at Dorney if you guys think the Haunt is better.


Please help me make a decision

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I went to Great Adventure with the sole purpose of taking pictures today! Didn't ride a thing. Lines were overflowing out of their queues.

The sky isn't too nice looking, but I can't do much about that!



These first two pictures were actually taken outside the park.




El Toro's back running! (Well it has been but yanno)




Rolling Thunder looks untouched.




Bizarro was dispatching very fast! I'm guessing they had four attendants checking.




I love close-ups of track. I don't know why.



And here's some random shots...






I love the fountains color!


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I'm a little surprised to hear ride lines were overflowing. I didn't think it would be as empty as a regular Saturday in September but with it still being early I would have guessed lines would be around an hour at the most. It looks like I'll continue to go on Friday nights where wait times are much more reasonable.

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El Toro, Nitro, Runaway Mine Train, Swashbuckler, and Kingda Ka had lines out of the entrances. Superman, Batman and Green Lantern's were close. This was around 2:30.


Awesome pics! Were the lines actually overflowing out of the queues? I've never seen El Toro have a line longer than half way down the stairs, and that was because they had a mechanical difficulty.

^How many times have you been to Great Adventure? El Toro is one of the most popular rides in the park.

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I was at the park Saturday and concur about the lines. The park was PACKED as usual for a Saturday Fright Fest. Lines were all very long, even for attractions I've rarely seen long lines for (FULL queues for Blackbeard, Buccaneer, Jolly Roger, Skull Mountain, elephants, etc). Coasters were running extremely efficiently all day, though; Nitro was practically clearing a train as soon as the train before crested the lift hill, Bizarro had trains out as others were crossing mid-course breaks, a full Skull Mountain queue took just over 20 minutes.

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