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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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^ I can understand they need a service path but what about the congestion and the fact its another dead end. I found it to be a pain the neck to walk around from Medusa to Rolling Thunder and have to fight my way threw crowds. That side of the park does not flow as smooth as the other side. I think they should of kept the bridge. If anything they should build another way to connect those two areas it is going to be heavily congested with now 2 new areas on top of the Golden Kingdom in the same exact location and those paths are not that wide when heading towards Wild Side Pizza. It's just my opinion and I hope it does work out to the guests benefit.

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^ I personally don't mind but I am trying to look at it from a general perspective. Not many people in the general public are as nice and considerate as we are. So this may cause problems for possible complaints due to the fact they were spoiled for the past nineteen years it was available. The bridge only opened in 1986 when they built Ultra Twister. So it’s not a great deal since we did not have a connecting point before that year. I always try to look at parks out side the box of enthusiast. I can't always have a close mind since we are a small population. I mean parks are not catering just to our population they have a much larger one to cater too.

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For me, the bridge isn't a laziness issue it's a convenience issue. Will I walk around?...Of course I will, but the bridge just made it much easier and also allowed for a quick stroll watching the turtles in the river. I will wait to pass judgement about the bridge until the section is open and we give it a go. I can see why people would be upset without it because the pathways in the new section don't look to be any wider than the Golden Kingdom, which when it was full, it was very hard to get through. For now, let's have faith that the park knows what it's doing.



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In case you haven't seen, here are some photos from Six Flags.....


Nearing the top


Bents being assembled


Higher & higher


Track is getting installed.


Bent erection continues on lift!


El Toro, Rolling Thunder, &

Kingda Ka - What a skyline!


Heading up to 188 ft.

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That section looks so much different then when Viper was there,Im looking foward to riding Toro. El Toro should be one awsome woodie! Awsome pictures! One thing I can gaurentee is that the construction workers are really loving this "Plug N' Play" woodie. Makes life easier on everybody.


(I'm new here and well if you don't know who I am you can call me Rob or Yanks! I look foward to being a member of these boards)

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^ Correct me if I am wrong but I thought toping off was when it was complete not the tallest support going up. Like when KK was toped it was the actual last piece on the Top Hat.


KK just happened to have the tallest piece put on last. Topping off is when the tallest part of the ride is in place. Hence, the top most part.

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^ It looks big to me, unless you're 188 feet tall...


So is El Toro going to be the first woodie with a cable lift?


And if its going to be as smooth as other Intamin woodies, what difference would it make if its made of steel or wood?


Just asking questions! I don't mean to critisize anything!

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Thanks for the clarification I have not seen a woodie at my home park built during my time. All the others were steal and I never really followed a wood coasters construction. It seems the steals are actually what I was thinking it would be like. Having the actual track in place as well. I guess I sounded lame lol thanks again.

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