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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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  • 3 weeks later...

I doubt there will be a cable lift, the lift isn't tall enough to need one plus it is a normal run out to the lift hill form the station. The lift hill does not come directly out of the station.


The only four Intamins to use a cable lift are Millennium Force, Expedition Ge Force, Thunder Dolphin, and I think Goliath.


The lifthill is directly out of the station on these rides.


All the other Intamins that turn out of the station, before they get to the lift hill have normal chain lifts.

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It has been confirmed that it s a cable lift because of the angle of the lift. And if you go by the ride time which is like 1minute 20 seconds fomr station to station and if you time the ride from after the lift to the brakes it only gives you a short amount of time to get up the lift and a cable lift would do that.

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I don't consider that source "golden" by any stretch of the imagination.


Unless it works like a Vekoma GIB *EEEK* I don't see how a moving train will be able to crab a catch car without coming to a complete stop.


Another problem I see is that the drop is not right after the lift, where will the catch car go?


Sorry, not saying it won't happen but I really don't see why it would need a cable lift or how one would be implemented without being a headache operationally.


With Intamin's current track record, the simpler and more proven the better.

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I don't see how a moving train will be able to crab a catch car without coming to a complete stop.

Goliath is pushed on the catch car, therefore is moving...


But I also, see no reason for it to have a cable lift. The lifthills on Balder and Colossos are both very fast and very steep.

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The El Toro Construction Journal has been updated and they say they will be going vertical by Monday afternoon:


Oct. 28

The construction of El Toro continues to move along at a steady pace. With the majority of footings, concrete pier caps and anchor bolt placement substantially complete for the lift, we are focused on the concrete footing pour for the crest of the lift hill to the return drop. More than 400 yards of concrete, equal to 40 truck loads, will be needed to fill the enormous area supporting the return at the top of the lift hill.


Portions of the track and lumber for El Toro continue to arrive weekly. The lumber for the lift area is staged in the parking area next to Kingda Ka. Approximately 40 two-legged bents have been fabricated. The bent assembly carpenter crew is in the process of bundling up components for three-legged bents for transport and staging in the lift area for assembly on site. Erection starting at the base of the lift will begin on or before Mon., Oct. 31, 2006.



Update from Al Rubano – Director of Construction


I just got back and posted a construction update over on my site: Click to see all the pictures!!!




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I am not sure if anyone has noticed this but on Six Flags Great Adventure's web site they are stating that the height of the lift is 188 ft but in the press release and on rcdb they are stating 181 ft. Does anyone know which height is accurate not like a few feet maters but I was just curious.


This is from the construction journal


Dec. 2- Bent erection on the lift hill continues at a steady pace. With the erection of bents 48 and 49 we should reach a height of 164 feet by the end of this week. The 188-foot height for the lift should be completed by Christmas.


Demolition is finished in the area where Bugs Bunny National Park will occupy. The section is currently in the engineering design process. Planning and zoning application have been submitted and approved with a resolution expected by Dec. 5. Construction of this area will begin immediately in Jan. 2006.

Al Rubano - Director of Construction

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