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Six Flags Great Adventure (SFGAdv) Discussion Thread

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Hopefully they rehab RT's station and give it a new Spanish tile roof or something and get it out of the 70's. I also wish the coaster went the other way back into the woods, it seems so big along the lake and ruins the feel of Frontier land. It also seemed like a waste to fix the area up just to tear it up again for the coaster.


Rolling Thunder's station has a Spanish (barrel tile) roof already.


The fix-up they did to the area was part of preparing to build the new ride. They simply removed the overgrowth and brush along the lake, and planted grass and annual flowers. The grass will stay along the lake, and the annuals would have to be replaced next season anyway (they only last through the Summer). The few new bushes they planted in the area are easily moved.


As for the coaster "ruining" the view from Frontier Adventures along the lake, I don't see why you would think that. A wooden coaster along a lake shore looks great.

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^ Exactly my point, The landscaping of that area never looked better. You could have built the Kiddy park there, kept the carousel and turn the coaster around. Than the area would have been left untouched. Granted El Toro looks awesome, I just feel it takes away from the lake.


With the new BBNP I hope it doesn't extend to far over near Lake Front, that has to be the most peaceful part of the park. It should just sit in that dead area where the Mc Donald's use to sit but after reading this


"Around the corner, the park is building Bugs Bunny National Park, a wilderness-themed children's area on the park's "Great Lake" that will contain six rides, an interactive water feature, a lakeside theater and a snack bar."


maybe they will use the lake behind the log flume for paddle boats?

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Actually about SFSTL, the coaster is most likely coming in 2007 and it most likely will be a hyper. As for next year, there are major rumors that the entire Illinois section in the back of the park is going to go under a major rehab and a flat or two might be included. Could be SWAT and Dungeon Drop from SFAW.

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Looks awesome and I cannot wait to ride it in '06.


Not sure if this was mentioned in any of the previous posts (sorry....didn't have time to read all 12 pages) but wouldn't it be great if SFGAdv gave a little TLC to Rolling Thunder in the off season? Seeing as El Toro will be right next to RT, I think that the time is right to re-track and basically repair RT.


Any thoughts on this?

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36 is a normal number for a woodie. It's about the upper limit for a woodie train but still normal.


I would call 24 normal for a woodie. There may be others, but this is the first 36 seater I've heard of. (Balder and Colossos have 30 seats per train) I'm sure they made El Toro 36 seats to keep the long lines moving, since Great Adventure has a very high yearly attendance.


As far as I know, there are only two other woodies with 36 passenger trains, and they both reside at PKI- Beast and SOB. As was mentioned, the other two Intamin pluggers feature two 5 car trains, while ET will feature two 6 car trains.


In the PTC realm, most two bench car trains consist of six cars, while some (i.e. Mean Streak) have seven. Most three bench trains have four cars while some have five (i.e. Rebel Yell, PKI Racer). Of course, there are also shorter trains like those running on Hades, Avalanche, and JR2.


The two bench car Gerstlauer trains that popped up all across the US around the turn of the century all feature six car trains, except the two seven car trains on Twisted Twins at SFKK.


The two bench trailered fiberglass Morgan trains all have two bench cars. Most of these trains are made up of six cars (i.e. both California Giant Dippers), while some have seven car trains (i.e. LaMonstre), while at least one has a five car train (Seabreeze Jack Rabbit).


Bottom line- a 36 passenger train on a wood coaster is NOT commonplace.



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If this isn't going to be a steel-frame woodie, did anyone say "Son of Beast"?


Paul "Hate to play the devil's advocate, but that much speed beats the crap out of wood!" Miller


Do people still not realize that the modern Intamin Woodies are totally capable of going over heights of 300ft...


Think of a steel coaster that looks wooden and you pretty muc have your ride experience.

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^ Except that the Intamin woodies don't feel like an Intamin steel coaster. Granted they are a lot smoother than your traditional wood coaster (which IMO is a MUCH better ride experience) but they don't feel like steel coasters either.


This is the evolution of the wood coaster, making it a smoother more enjoyable ride, while still feeling like a woodie. Just like B&M smoothed out the rougher Arrow steelies and made them a smoother more enjoyable experience. It's evolution. It just took a lot longer for wood coasters!



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I belive Intamin woodies requires alot less maintenance than "regular" woodies, because the track does not consist of many layers of wood, but one thick wooden beam. When I rode Balder earlier this year, it was smoother than most of the steel coasters Ive been on, while Thundercoaster (Allot & Lomax woodie) has gone really crappy and its only one year older.

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