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Adventureland (Iowa) Discussion Thread

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From A-lands FB page!

Got plans for tomorrow? Well you should - the STORM CHASER is opening tomorrow at Adventureland Park!! Bring your bravest face and get ready to fly. We open Saturday at 10am!!"

Wow I gotta get out there soon! I don't even think that the one at WoF is open yet.

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When it comes to these types of rides location is important to get the best views and it looks like Adventureland put theirs in a great spot. Love the view of Tornado and Dragon.


It does seem weird that Storm Chaser opened before Steelhawk.

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I wish there was a forum for all of Adventureland's updates. I know it might not be the best or most interesting park to you guys but it is my home park and it is getting bigger and better with every year.

If there was another page to post stuff this would be a perfect piece of info to add.

From the blog http://absolutedsm.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3046&start=30

I am told that the river rapids ("log ride") is out next year, not sure if there is room for much of a coaster there though.


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Then someone else posted

I worked at Adventure Bay for 2 years (Last year and the year before) and I heard from higher ups that next year (2015) they were going to build a boomerang-style rollercoaster somewhere in the vicinity of the dragon. Not saying this is a sure thing by any means, but the log ride might be getting replaced with said coaster in the near future.

I don't know if this will happen because they just got Stormchaser this year, but it is exciting stuff to think about.

I know there are other people out there on this great site that would love to have an Adventureland Discussion Thread, whether this be their beloved little home park or it be a new destination they want to find out more about. I personally love scrolling down the pages and finding new updates out about the Six Flags parks, Cedar Fair parks, and even the smaller ones, but it makes me sad when I can't find an Adventureland one. Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World have one why can't we. I don't know where to go for this but I just wish Adventureland had a thread that wasn't just focused on what is happening this year and instead all of its information in one place!

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I think it'd be appropriate to reform this thread into an official Adventure Land discussion thread, but that final decision would be up to the mods/admins. As long as there's new things popping up about the park, I don't see why there can't be discussions about them. Besides, I only first heard about this park when I learned of Storm Chaser!

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