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Adventureland (Iowa) Discussion Thread

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Here's the only photo I took with my phone. I've been excited, but after seeing this in person I'm absolutely amazed that Adventureland is building this. I never thought I'd see the day where they had a big time ride. More to come tomorrow when I have a chance to upload the rest of my photos.


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Here's the only photo I took with my phone. I've been excited, but after seeing this in person I'm absolutely amazed that Adventureland is building this. I never thought I'd see the day where they had a big time ride. More to come tomorrow when I have a chance to upload the rest of my photos.




That looks incredible!! I will miss the log flume. Have great memories on that ride as a kid. However, never in my lifetime would I imagine Adventureland to get this major of a ride. If anything I would have expected much smaller. This really put them on the map this year. Can't wait to be back. It has been a good 10 years.

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As promised, here are the pictures from yesterday. Here's my background with Adventureland... I've lived in the Des Moines area since 1996, and I think I've been to the park 4-5 times. Most of those were for company outings about 15 years ago. Honestly, Adventureland has never been a favorite park of mine. My niece wanted to go 3 years ago, so I did (a week after returning from a TPR tour, so it made it even more disappointing). I had just given up on them ever making a serious investment on a major thrill ride. Let's just say, I'm eating a big helping of crow right now. I was shocked when they made this announcement last summer. It came completely out of left field. I bought my season pass in December, and I've been patiently waiting for summer to come ever since. There is major buzz around this ride in Des Moines. People at work are constantly asking me about it because they saw something on the news. So, I'd like to formally apologize to Adventureland for running my big, fat mouth for the last 20 years about your park.


I was going to be in Altoona today, so I decided to get my pass processed and check out The Monster. They must have sold a ton of season passes this year, because they had a lot of employees ready and waiting to get you taken care of. I showed up at the park around 3, and there were about 8 booths being used. I was in an out in about 2 minutes. One thing that I always forget about at Adventureland is how friendly the employees are. Much like SDC, they hire a lot of retirees. I had at least a dozen pleasant interactions with employees, and I didn't even ride anything besides the chairlift.


Who cares about all of this? Let's see some pictures. One note, I'm still getting used to using a DSLR, and I must have bumped the ISO button. The early pictures were taken at 3200, so they're super bright. The rest of them look pretty dark in contrast, but it was a pretty cloudy day. Enough babbling. On to the pictures!


I hopped on the chairlift right away so I could check out the new addition.



This hill should provide some serious airtime.


Seeing it for the first time was a little surprising. I don't think I expected it to be as big as it was.


The rest of the ride.



The drop will be a lot of fun.



From the chairlift, it's tough to get decent shots. There's just a ton of track.



On the ground now. My back is basically to the games area near Tornado's entrance.


Working on the lift hill.



The station is going to look pretty nice. I'm glad they decided to do a little bit of theming.



The station isn't very big.


It's a requirement that drive tire pictures are taken.


The train! When I was there, it was sitting on the storage track. I saw the picture posted with it on the actual track, so that must've happened shortly after I left the park.


Other side of the ride. This was taken near Storm Chaser and the pig restaurant.


The green looks really nice in person. I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, but it really pops.


Still a lot of work to do in terms of landscaping, etc...



There wasn't a good angle to get the front of the train. This was about the best I could do.



The chairlift interacting with the ride was such a fantastic idea.



ISO switched over to auto. Not sure why they're so dark.






This is the first maneuver after the drop. Insane.



Look at all of the track!






From the tilt-a-whirl


Took a quick walk around the park. I've always thought the Outlaw Gulch section was well done. I'm way too hard on this park. For what it is, it's very well themed.


Sawmill Splash


Is that a new Outlaw sign? I know it's new for me. I like it.

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Sweet pictures and what you posted was very well said. I grew up around friends bashing on Adventureland. I know it isn't the biggest or flashiest but this year they've got an amazing addition and whether you like the park or not people will be flocking to ride this thing

... I might be the only one... but I might like that new Outlaw sign just as much as the updates of the Monster

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I would agree with coasterbill. I've been on the one at Adventureland, and it's pretty boring. My niece was 5 at the time and said the same thing. I've ridden a really big version at Hansa Park, and that was pretty boring, too. At least that one had a rapids section where people would shoot cannons.

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^ The one at Fuji-Queue Highland park in Japan is pretty busy, and does get you wet.


A lot. And it gets one of the longest flume ride lines I've ever seen.


With Golden Cats and everything! TPR 2013 Japan Tour. (Pardon the Flume Sidebar.)

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