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Photoshop Contest: Sinise, Roller Coaster, Pasta!

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OK, time for something a bit different.


If you've never seen it, take a look at selleckwaterfallsandwich. It consists of photos that contain Tom Selleck, a waterfall, and a sandwich.


So this is a pretty inspirational idea, but of course we need to put a TPR spin on it! So your challenge is to create an image that uses all of the following:


- A photo of Gary Sinise

- A Roller Coaster

- A type of pasta


That's it! Be as creative with the rest of it as you want. Just keep it "PG-13"!


A few other rules:


- All images must be uploaded to TPR. If not, they will NOT be included in the final voting

- You can upload as many images as you like, but you must tag the one you want entered into the contest as "Final Image".

- If you create an animated .gif (look at selleckwaterfallsandwich for examples) you will get BONUS POINTS during the voting period.

- Your final image must be under 2 megs

- Have fun!


As always, the winner gets a TPR Bag '0 Crap AND a FREE DOWNLOADABLE TPR VIDEO OF YOUR CHOICE!






Remember! Your photoshop entry MUST include the following:


1. A picture of Gary Sinise


2. A roller coaster


3. Some kind of pasta

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Gary Sinise dominates the pasta plates!


EDIT: My animated gif is too large to upload as a picture, to view it download the zip file and simply rename it to a *.gif


EDIT2: Here's another link to the image:



You'll have to figure out a way to shrink it down to fit. The entries MUST be uploaded to TPR in order for them to be accepted.

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