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Club TPR is Coming in March!

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Been quite and impressive list so far. Looking forward to opening to see if any of the Australian parks have bothered to do anything. Sad to say but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't do anything. The stuff you get when you join looks great and membership could be handy if something does happen as far as an Australian trip goes. Would love to tour the country with a group of international guests.

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Cedar Fair really getting on the Club TPR chain. Don't they know that this site as a whole hates them?


Amazing that I wasn't aware I hated them thanks for clarifying my feelings!

Yes, sorry, it should have been detailed out in the ToS that you agreed to.


--Robb "We don't hate them...we just love making fun of them...but then again we make fun of everyone!" Alvey

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Just wanted to say I hated Cedar Fair before it was cool to hate Cedar Fair, but if Cedar Fair is on the level with TPR, then a peace agreement shall be drawn up and I shall pay them reparations of 1 month's salary, or roughly a cheeseburger basket with fries and a large drink at one of their fine amusement parks, minus the cost of parking of course...


-James Dillaman

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Ok so the comment was made in jest. I should have said a site that wholesale makes fun of them and/or complains about them on a regular basis.


--Steve "But enthusiasts DO whine about most everything anyway, just some things more than others" Burant


Edit: ^I do agree on all that, except Six Flags and the Busch properties charge WAY more for parking than CF.

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