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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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12 hours ago, thrillseeker4552 said:

Very excited for the announcement tomorrow morning! (11am EST Facebook Live for those interested).

We all know it's a Free Spin but I am curious how extensive the theming is, and if any other attractions/additions are coming along with it.



We'll have a report from the official media event later. Please do not post any links to "leaked" information. Thank you,



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I know the free-spin has been known for a while now, but it's still kind of ironic to think that in a 20 year span, we went from having the innovative yet trouble-plagued S&S creation of Hypersonic XLC to an S&S clone.  

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Please don’t post leaks here. You’re obviously free to discuss the fact that it’s a free spin (it’s been sitting in the parking lot for a year) but out of respect for the park please wait for the official announcement to discuss any of the specifics that they’re going to announce today.

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Kings Dominion has officially announced the theme of the updated area, Jungle X-Pedition including the addition of a new S&S 4D Spin Coaster called Tumbili! We'll be posting more details from the media event today soon!


Explorers wanted! Kings Dominion is renaming and upgrading the Safari Village area of the park and introducing a new roller coaster in 2022. The new area, Jungle X-Pedition, is set to an exotic archeological dig site and research facility, where explorers can visit the base camp for a bite to eat at a new signature restaurant and shop at an immersive retail location. Around the corner, guests can climb aboard a brand-new roller coaster for a topsy-turvy adventure. 



Tumbili (toom-bee-lee -- the Swahili word for “monkey”) is a thrilling roller coaster that suspends riders on either side of the track as the cars flip continuously throughout the ride. Featuring state-of-the-art magnetic technology that induces and controls spinning, this 4D Spin Coaster will give riders the feeling of weightlessness as they cruise along the track. Guests will be immersed in the area’s rich theming with painted supports resembling bamboo and scenic ruins from the “Monkey God” temple as part of the Jungle X-Pedition discovery.

Other features of Tumbili:

  • 112 feet tall
  • 90-degree vertical lift
  • State-of-the-art magnetic technology to induce and control spinning
  • Ride time of 55 seconds
  • Seats eight riders
  • Speeds of 34 mph
  • Two beyond-vertical Raven Drops
  • Three layers of track vertically stacked



“Kings Dominion is in the business of making people happy, and the introduction of Tumbili and the Jungle X-Pedition themed area in 2022 is sure to excite our park guests,” said Bridgette Bywater, vice president and general manager. “We place a lot of focus on providing immersive experiences for our guests, and both of these certainly deliver on that promise. Riders will want to ride Tumbili again and again because, depending on the weight, position, and rider interaction, it provides a different ride experience every time. And, Jungle X-Pedition will offer delicious food and retail options for those who want to take a break from it all.” 

Tumbili is the first of its kind in the region and is slated to open in Spring 2022 along with other new discoveries in the Jungle X-Pedition area.

Guests can be the first to experience the new Jungle X-Pedition area and Tumbili with the purchase of a 2022 Gold Season Pass, available now at the lowest price of the season, or a free Kings Dominion Pre-K Pass that provides children between three and five years of age with complimentary admission all season long. Gold Season Passholders receive unlimited access in 2021 and 2022 to Kings Dominion and its Soak City water park; entry to special events like Halloween Haunt, The Great Pumpkin Fest, and WinterFest; free parking, exclusive discounts, and more. 

For details, animations, and illustrations of Jungle X-Pedition and Tumbili, visit kingsdominion.com. 

Kings Dominion, a 400-acre amusement park located in Doswell, VA off I-95, is home to more than 60 rides, shows, and attractions, including 12 world-class roller coasters and Soak City, a top-rated 20-acre waterpark. Kings Dominion is a property of Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), one of the largest regional amusement-resort operators in the world.


Here's a look at the media event that told us the story of Tumbili--and the transformation of Safari Village to Jungle X-Pedition.  And where does our expedition begin ?


Why, at the last outpost of civilization, of course.



A proper expedition needs a guide--and a special events kiosk.


Stick to the path and you'll be OK. Stray off the path and, well, it was nice knowing you.


This view is going to change quite a bit by spring 2022.


This will be the restaurant formally known as Outer Hanks next year. It's going to be part of a "base camp" for explorers, and will feature not only a new menu ad kitchen, but a covered patio and bar, as well.


Welcome to base camp, explorers!


We heard the story of Prof. Gerald Winston Whey, who discovered deep in the jungles of Doswell, Virginia, some ancient temples dedicated to different animals. People entering these temples could take on the powers of the beasts of the jungle.


It was here that Prof. Whey encountered a "wild contraption," which hurtled him spinning and swinging over the trees.


That "contraption" was the legendary Tumbili.


Thus, the Whey Foundation was established to explore the mysteries of this and other ancient temples in the area. But wait? Who's that lurking in the background?


It's an elf, with a somewhat creepy present from Santa.


Yes, it's the 20th anniversary of Haunt--Halloween has come early this year!


Better polish your crucifixes, sharpen your stakes, and break out the garlic.


Santa sent a nicer present, too.


Winterfest's new Winter Wonderland Parade.


The elf and the intrepid explorer seem very pleased.


"OK, folks, the presentation's over."


Who wants lunch? I think the transformation of the restaurant and the old Safari Village was overdue. 


I certainly wouldn't mind if the new base camp restaurant offered wild boar and bacon-wrapped gator bites on the menu. This was a great spread.


So, relax in your pith helmet and a nice umbrella drink on the veranda at the base camp. You've earned it after a long day of exploration.


I am happy to report that I-305 is as nuts as ever . . .


. . . as is Twisted Timbers.


TPR thanks Kings Dominion for inviting us to their event today. But remember, it's all about . . .


 . . .  Tumbili in 2022! But you can enjoy Haunt and Winterfest this year. 

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The presentation is very nice! This will be the best looking (and best themed) Free Spin for sure!

I will admit I am a little surprised they went with the small model (which is even *lower* capacity than the Six Flags ones, I think it can only run two or three cars), but it is exciting that the park is adding anything at all after being closed for essentially a year. Good for them.

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I am trying to say something good, but I am so tired of seeing these rides get built. It might as well be a boomerang in my opinion, that actually is slightly more thrilling at least! I am one of the crazy people who liked Green Lantern at SFMM, but that is because it could actually be intense! Good to see investment, sad to see it is another lame free spin. I'd call this one a gut punch, KD deserves better.

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depending on how they set it?  it MIGHT be a massively fun spinner. . .   Arashi at Nagashima Spaland blew me away, so it's possible that these ride types can be a LOT of fun.

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It is also exciting to see Cedar Fair work with S&S. I believe the last time was the Screamin' Swings at CP and VF back in the mid-2000s? Someone correct me if they're worked with them recently.

A Six Flags park is adding a B&M Dive Coaster, and a Cedar Fair park is adding a Free Spin. The world really has turned backwards...

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I consider KD my home park (despite SFGAdv, SFA, Dorney, and Hersey being shorter drives away from home), so new stuff is always good.

Honestly, though we've all known about this for over a year, and it's not the rumored B&M wing in Volcano's spot,  I'm glad something is replacing Crypt (and it's somewhat of a nice spiritual successor since both rides are about one thing: flips).  I never rode Crypt (nor do I do any other Top Spins), and probably won't ride this (except maybe to get the credit) - I tried Joker at SFGAdv and determined that these free-spin coasters are not for me, so it's a net neutral in terms of ride counts.  And being the new thing, it'll draw some crowds away from other rides, more and more of which are being removed from Fast Lane (looking at you, Flight of Fear), but it will likely draw more to Avalanche, which is already a capacity nightmare and my number 3 ride at this park, so again...net neutral.

Now just keep the park open past 8 PM next year LOL.

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I think they're fun although I agree they're at the risk of saturating the market but it's easy to see why.

I'm actually surprised we haven't seen an out-and-back style version of these (or the Intamin Zacspin), you know, quite a bit taller, goes out one direction, then back in the other with smaller camelbacks arranged under the first (sort of like an Ultra Twister footprint, but longer). I feel this would be a more complete experience, could have plenty of cars running, still have a small footprint and not require any turns.

(PS, with the bamboo supports, does Tumbili count as a hybrid coaster 😇)

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9 hours ago, CP_RULES said:

Summarized that for you 😊

*shrug*  My body doesn't agree with repeated flipping.  Can't help that.

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You'd be surprised how many countries can potentially grow bamboo. I think Ethiopia especially grows a lot of it.



I love the idea of bamboo themed supports. Reminds me of travelling and seeing all the builders trust their lives to it in Hong Kong.


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