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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 766: Haunt Has Risen from the Grave

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I can confirm the Twisted Timbers dispatches were still terrible as of last week.


I strongly recommend riding I305 at night as well (I figure you want to, but wanted to make sure it's said). There's hardly any light along that course.

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Next year I'm planning on being in the KD area on Memorial Day, and I know they advertised a fireworks show that night. I was wondering how late they were open Memorial Day, or the weekend days beforehand? Is it open long enough to get a couple of night rides? I went last year, and there won't likely be anything major new, but I was hoping to pop in during the evening for some rides on TT, and also maybe grab a night ride on I-305, and see if I like it any better than my "meh" ride on it during the day last year (controversial opinion, I know, but it's shared by all three of my kids who rode it, so....)

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We made our first visit to KD on Monday. I've wanted to visit since I was a kid. This was the 4th and last day of a long weekend trip. There were very few people in the park.


Racer was fun and was an amazing view of Intimidator and the park. Really liked it.


Grizzly was a bit rough but I liked it. Good night ride.


Intimidator was really fun. Rode it for 45 minutes without leaving the station at dusk. Could have sat on it all night; crew didn't care and most trains were half empty.


Twisted Timbers - Nice area. Looks beautiful. Loved the ride. Sat on back row green for the last 40 minutes they were open. Really enjoyed it.


Had a couple hours delay with a storm. Finally got things back up and running around 730. Anaconda was the last credit we needed. The crew was having fun and joking around. They were having folks do shout outs on the station mic and having a good time. Top of the lift they stopped our train. Asked who had their phone out. Had us put our hands up. Put them down. No seriously, who has the phone. Then they were laughing and said they were sending it. The crew was amusing themselves.


First time I've really been able to just stay in my seat or move around at will between rides. Loved it.


All in all, had a great time. I'll be back for sure.

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Thanks for the advice guys!


I realize I forgot to mention I'd also like to check out the Eiffel Tower. Do you think I could reasonably squeeze that in?


Also, on the chance that the park is miraculously dead and I have plenty of time to ride other stuff besides my main priorities, which seats would you recommend for Anaconda. I hear it's pretty rough/painful, but I've enjoyed my rides on Demon @SFGAm so I hopefully have a little bit of an idea on how to brace during the ride.


Also, are there any seats on Woodstock Express that are worth a try if I have the time?

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Anaconda: The front row of any car, as close to the front as you can get.

Woodstock: Very back row.


The Eiffel Tower really takes as long as you want...they don't kick you out at any point, so if you stay at the top for 5 minutes or 5 hours it really doesn't matter. The line should be short at various points throughout the day.

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Introducing Coconut Shores



New Area Coming in 2020



We're making waves in 2020 with three exciting additions to our water park! Our newly redesigned area, Coconut Shores, provides the perfect place for families to cool down and have fun. Kids of all ages can explore their way to the top of Lighthouse Landing, a 45-ft tall multi-level aqua play structure featuring hundreds of interactive elements for a splashtastic time. The little ones can find their own piece of paradise at Sand Dune Lagoon, a 3,000 square foot wave pool with playful 1-foot tall waves and interactive splash elements. And, a new dining experience showcasing a variety of flavors designed by our executive chef will bring families together for a relaxing meal.


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Thinking about a last minute trip to KD this weekend before my kid starts school. We have a platinum pass from Carowinds this year since we visited CP earlier in the summer and thought why not try and take advantage of the free admission. The problem is we would only be able to be at the park on Saturday and of course I'm worried about the crowds. Would they be unbearable this late in the summer? What kind of wait times for the major coasters can I expect?

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I was thinking about taking an impromptu road trip with my son to KD this weekend and take advantage of having a Cedar Fair platinum pass. The problem is we would be at the park on Saturday. Any idea if the lines for the major coasters will be horrible or if I would have to buy a fastlane+?

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At the park this past Sunday, it appears work on the old wave pool is happening very carefully. The concrete along the drain of the zero entry was torn open to create a trough. Temporary 2x4 railings are affixed around the mechanical room, and there is orange spray paint along walls at a single elevation.


The new wave pool is crowded on just moderate days, so hopefully the old one is just getting a re-model.

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Ended up making it up to KD Friday and Saturday for our first visit to the park. I305...wow, just wow. I had it in my head that the whole "grey out" thing was kind of an urban legend but the first time around that helix I could barely see by the time we topped the first camelback! My 10 year loved it and said it happened to him as well. Overall this coaster was firmly in my top 10 but it's not a truly fun ride or re-rideable might be a better way to put it. It was without a doubt the most intense coaster I've ever been on (haven't ridden Skyrush yet).


I absolutely loved Twisted Timbers. What a fun ride! The back is the place to be on this one. Got several rides throughout the two days and couldn't get enough. The airtime is great and the laterals and inversions are just icing on the cake. Only downside was the loading times. They were horrible. I felt bad for the ride ops because they were doing everything they could but between all the safety precautions and the public not following directions and having to take up time to re-do their lap bar or put something away they aren't supposed to have on the ride the dispatches were taking 2 to 3 minutes per train. Ugh.


Overall, I liked the park and the other coaster were solid. I liked Dominator's unique layout and Racer, Stuntcoaster and FOF were good as well. All in all a good trip!

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^After several years of riding 305, I had my first grey-out on it this weekend as well. The major difference between the past and now is for the first time I'm taking blood pressure medication. I'm guessing that probably had something to do with it. Still a great ride though!

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If y’all just clench your butthole you won’t grey out. It’s science.


Also, I don’t even like IPAs but this is awesome and more parks should do this. I’m looking forward to trying it in a few weeks.


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Speaking of Haunt . . .




Kings Dominion Unleashing New Terrors at Halloween Haunt

Fall events begin at the park Saturday, September 21


Doswell, VA — Virginia’s largest Halloween Themed Amusement event, Halloween Haunt returns for its 19th frightful season on Saturday, September 21, 2019 with the debut of four new gruesome experiences. Guests who dare can brave seven mazes, six scare zones plus a variety of frightful shows. The Great Pumpkin Fest also returns on September 21 with family-friendly daytime Halloween fun in Planet Snoopy.


Adding to an already macabre lineup of mazes, monsters and live entertainment, Halloween Haunt highlights two new terrifying scare zones, an all-new nightly opening SCAREremony, and a shocking new show.




NEW SCARE ZONE: Masquerade

Her Royal Highness, the evil Queen Majesty, has decided to throw a ball like none other as she lays claim to the lands of the living and the dead. In what is bound to be the most prestigious ball ever thrown, Majesty is out to prove once and for all that every person and demon will eagerly follow her plan for domination. Part party, part scare zone, guests are invited to mix and mingle with the height of the undead high society and those 21 and older can dare to try the specialty cocktails. Be sure to grab a selfie with the Duke and Duchess, but beware; sometimes the mask is there for a reason.




NEW SCARE ZONE: Pumpkin Eater

In the last years of the Revolution, Peter Armstrong was a pumpkin farmer living off a winding road in the quaint woods of Virginia. Some say the spirit of a dead soldier possessed him and in an act of rage he murdered his wife with a bayonet. He hid her body inside one of his largest pumpkins, leaving her there to rot. Soon after he started seeing apparitions of his wife with the face of a jack-o-lantern. His rage not subsided, Peter went on to murder other victims, burying them all in the patch. The evil spirit in his body began to morph him into a pumpkin like creature. His victims too, began to rise and now haunt these once tranquil woods with their jack-o-lantern faces.


NEW SHOW: Blood Reign

A new reign of terror is here, and the overthrow of the dark beings has begun – Queen Majesty has grown tired of the antics of her minion, Overlord, and has vowed to bring hellfire down upon his followers. This opening SCAREremony will take place every night of Halloween Haunt at 7p.m.


NEW SHOW: Heads Will Roll

Join Queen Majesty and her Royal Court as they behead, one by one, the most loyal of Overlord’s subjects. Sometimes the executions do not go quite as planned, but they always end in a raucous musical celebration as her court of singers and dancers Put a Spell on You in this grand Ballroom Blitz. When the clock strikes midnight, the Overlord will finally meet his fate as Majesty makes one final cut in what is sure to be The Greatest Show.


In total, those who dare can brave seven mazes, six scare zones and a variety of live shows during Halloween Haunt, which features the largest scare force in the region with more than 400 monsters roaming the midways. During the nighttime event, guests can also get their adrenaline fix on more than 20 rides, including Twisted Timbers, Intimidator™ 305 and Dominator, as fog and darkness blanket the park. Monsters descend upon the park at 7 p.m. during Blood Reign at the International Street Bandstand.


Fright Lane, which gives guests front-of-the-line access to mazes can be purchased online. Haunt is held select nights September 21 through November 2.




For daytime Halloween fun with no fear, the park holds The Great Pumpkin Fest in Planet Snoopy. There are delightful surprises hiding around every corner, from hay mazes to a pumpkin painting patch. Kids can take part in educational and interactive puppet shows in addition to the festive activities and their favorite rides in Planet Snoopy. The Great Pumpkin Fest is held Saturdays and Sundays from September 21 through November 2 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. Planet Snoopy will close at 6 p.m. as the park transforms for Halloween Haunt.

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