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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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Looks really good from the POV. It should be nice and warmed-up for me in June! The only drawback I can even think of is the limitations of the original Hurler layout, but I think RMC did a bang-up job given what they had to start with. This looks every bit like the second elite coaster Kings Dominion needed.

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I absolutely loved Kings Dominion when I first visited last July. I was impressed with so many of the rides, and now with Twisted Timbers thrown in the mix, dare I say Kings Dominion has the best coaster lineup in the chain behind Cedar Point. I’m jealous of all of you riding this thing this weekend!

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I just got home from a very long day that began with a trip to KD and so here is my mini-TR of the media event and official opening of Twisted Timbers.

This morning I had to get up quite early to get to KD by around 9:30, and because my boyfriend drives with a bit of a lead foot we got there a little before 9. It was quite chilly outside but at least the sun was nice and bright, and I was comfortable in several layers of clothing. My boyfriend is not a coaster person and so he went off to do some thrift store shoppping. Unfortunately the battery in my car died in the parking lot but he was able to find a park security person to give him a jump so he could get a new battery.

Anyway, the first order of the day (once the crowd was walked back to the TT area was to pause for some brief speeches by various park management. During this time Charlie Brown and Snoopy also made their appearance. Then finally we were given the go ahead to get in line to take our first rides. For me, this was fairly monumental, since I had never set foot on or laid eyes on an RMC-ed coaster before. The good thing was that they gave us free locker access for the entire event, but the bad thing was that I wasn't even able to take my fanny pack on ride (which I had bought especially for that purpose - to hold my phone and a couple other things while I rode. That made it a bit more challenging to get pics of the station and trains. This was also when I wished I had accepted my BF's offer to borrow one of his jackets - one with zippered pockets in it! So be aware that they won't even allow fanny packs on this coaster (I don't recall not being able to take fanny packs on the park's other coasters; but then again I have not been to KD in at least 5 years.


So, after about a 15 minute wait, I was finally up to the gates. The trains were quite different from any I had ever seen, and once I climbed into my seat I realized how problematic that type of restraint might be for someone who was larger and/or taller than I. I had no issues with it at all, and the only thing I wasn't crazy about was being stapled a couple of times. But luckily the lap bar sits lower than the restraint on El Toro so I did not feel like I was being punched in the upper abdomen every time I hit an airtime hill.


They were more or less placing people in rows, so my first ride was about 4 rows back from the front. I was not expecting roughness so I really wasn't worried about where I might have to sit. Once the train was dispatched we were soon upon the lift hill. Someone in another thread mentioned that RMC lifts are loud, and that was indeed the case. So we had a clanging, clattering ride to the top, though I wasn't sure how going into an inversion even before the middle of the first drop would be. I have never been a big fan of any kind of inversion on any kind of coaster that includes any part that is a traditional woodie - in other words, IMO leave the loops and rolls to the full steel coasters. I did not feel that they detracted from the ride, nor did I think that they added much to it either. That said, the aforementioned 360 roll was very smooth (very B&M like - a "hearline" roll where you just seem to float in your seat) as was the transition into the bottom of the drop and then into the over bank curve. It was after that point that the real fun began - it was the "attack of the killer airtime"!

I would put TT on a par with El Toro and maybe even just a couple of notches below Skyrush. TT has, by far, the most air in the park. Let's put it this way: after about 3 rides or so, I could feel my legs getting sore due to being thrust hard against the lap bar. And TT has so many air-time hills + the portion of trick-track near the end caught me quite by surprise (a very pleasant one at that), because I was not in the front and therefore could not see it coming. The air doesn't peter out until the train is on the brake block.


I quite happy now to live roughly within a triad of killer air-time (no park more than 2.5 hours away)- Skyrush to the north, El toro to the east and now Twisted Timbers to the south. If I were to re-rank my favorite coasters, TT would for sure be in the top ten.


So, without further adieu, here are some of the pics I took this morning (I am going to link these to an online gallery because they are large images + my internet is running real slow tonight):




Here are some of the opening ceremony where they showed a time lapse of the building of TT and one of the ceremony:




Here are a couple of pics of the food buffet they had set up infront of the Juke Box diner:



They had sliders, breakfast food, cockail shrimp, and various kinds of sweets. Here is a pic of some of what they had - the things on the sticks are chocolate covered strawberries.



Here are several pics of TT itself, of variuos parts of the ride (the pathway gives ample opportunities to take great pics):






And some of the themeing:



The station:



Nice shiny new lift motor:

20180323_114630_resized_1.jpgMy selfie:


My on-ride pic (yes I'm holding on at that point because I was still getting used to the awesome airtime):


Finally a shot of a train going up the lift hill:


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Just got back from Passholder Preview night and was able to get two rides on Twisted Timbers, once in the back and once in the middle. Even though I305 still remains my favorite at the park, Twisted Timbers easily falls right behind it. The barrel roll drop is one of the coolest things I've experienced and the ride has plenty of great airtime moments. I definitely can't wait to ride it more this season.



Some pictures...











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Thought I'd add some photos before I pass out...


The line before the line. They actually removed the blue train, so it was only running 1 train all day.


Twisted air time


Love the grove. Really nice landscaping here.


Little hill. Big air time!


Love how you can see where the wheels don't touch the top of the track. This crazy turn is the only time the wheels actually squeak a bit too.


I like this picture even though the train is blurry. It was actually much darker than it appears, and my camera left the shutter open for a while.


Love the way you feel like you get yanked through this first drop. Especially when you're sitting in the back.

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Twisted Timbers packs a SERIOUS PUNCH! I’ve never experienced a barrel roll drop and it’s the most ridiculously insane experience! Those three airtime hills after the overbank are KILLER!! The entire coaster is just awesome as a whole from beginning to end and is smooth as butter. It’s relentless. It may look innocent in the eyes, but that bad boy has the soul of an angry mad man!! Easily one of the best coasters at the park hands down, if not THE best coaster in the park. I305 was my top favorite, but TT knocked him down a notch.

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I rode late last night and it seemed to be running as intended. The last tiny bump still had air just that bit less forceful that said the end. Liked it better than Wicked Cyclone my only other RMC, just being a bit faster more often made it seem to run better.


The cutback was very smooth and less awkward than WC's quickie stall. Haven't decided how stall-like it is yet. The big overbank looks ridiculously huge and tall.

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It never ceases to amaze me the level of butthurt from some of these people in a hobby that's supposed to be about having fun.


It's been a few years since I've been to Kings Dominion. It isn't happening this year, but it'll definitely be a priority next year!!

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The themeing looks pretty good on this! I love that Cedar Fair is starting to do a little more themeing on their coasters. I hope they continue with the pattern of having a theme along the lines of a creepy place that was abandoned for supernatural causes. I hope they bring something like that to Missouri's Worlds of Fun.....

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Twisted Timbers packs a SERIOUS PUNCH! I’ve never experienced a barrel roll drop and it’s the most ridiculously insane experience! Those three airtime hills after the overbank are KILLER!! The entire coaster is just awesome as a whole from beginning to end and is smooth as butter. It’s relentless. It may look innocent in the eyes, but that bad boy has the soul of an angry mad man!! Easily one of the best coasters at the park hands down, if not THE best coaster in the park. I305 was my top favorite, but TT knocked him down a notch.


This pleases me!


Can't wait to read where people put this in that 'rank the RMC' thread.

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Rode it twice, once in the last car and once in the second car. For me this is a closer to the front ride. The three airtime hills back to back were a highlight and the drops before and after the photo spot were pretty crazy!





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Here’s some photos from my trip to the park today

Great report! (Also realized I made a cameo in the second row of picture #14. ) Great coaster as well - the airtime combined with the exceptionally smooth ride easily puts this one in my top ten all-time. I can't wait for the summer passholder ERT to really stack up those re-rides!


Speed - 7/10. Who cares? That's not the point of this ride, although the first drop and its immediate successors are notably faster than Hurler's. Even in the cold weather, TT maintained a decent pace for the entire ride.

Intensity - 9/10. Quick, smooth turns that keep you on your toes without giving you a headache. Ejector airtime falls *just* short of the very best like Skyrush, Maverick, and Intimidator 305, but considering the scale of this ride, that's impressive.

Smoothness - 10/10. Wow. This is coming from someone who thinks Fury is a bit rough, for comparison's sake.

Duration - 7/10. This coaster, like KD's other flagships, tends to be on the shorter side at about a minute and a half, but given that every second not spent on the lift hill or the brake run is consumed by an exciting element of some variety, I would be hard-pressed to deduct additional points for the ride time.

Overall - 9.5/10.



Waiting for the queue to open - and absolutely worth the wait!


Miscellaneous - Yes, the lockers are real, but if you really don't want to pay the two dollars, they can be easily avoided by leaving unnecessary items in your car or in a zippered pocket while on the ride. The loose article policy also now requires that you put all hats and glasses not secured with an athletic strap in a pocket or locker. There are even more season pass drink-refill stations across the park, with one about every 100 yards in every direction. As usual, the upcharge Skycoaster and go-karts were free, which are great perks for passholders. Food prices are about the same at $16 per meal, although the Gold Pass meal and drink passes (a soda every 15 minutes and meals twice a day, separated by 3 hours) come out to about $135 with taxes and fees. Meal pass now includes Chick-fil-A, Panda Express, and Boardwalk Fries in addition to the park's in-house restaurants. Looks like this season will be another great one at KD!

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Rocky Mountain shared our video post on their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1613095612060886&id=154373424599786


If everyone could write something in support of them using TPR's video we would greatly appreciate it since all the angry coaster enthusiasts & haters are piling on the idiocracy. Thanks!

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I got walked.....Oh well at least the three rides on i305 made up for it. Back to the gym....


sorry to hear that. . I know you were concerned about that.


but you got a great consolation prize, and you have the whole summer to keep working towards the goal!

I've got some work to do too...


Not only did I get denied on Twisted Timbers but for the first time in my life I got denied on I305.

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^Sorry to hear that that is a pretty brutal denial. All we can do is use it as motivation to better ourselves and the day Twisted Timbers dispatches with me on board will be very rewarding. I was way too happy to ride I305 again after I was denied a couple years back.

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