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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 766: Haunt Has Risen from the Grave

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So will Twisted Timbers be open in time for Pass Holder Preview Night on March 23.


I'm sure that's the plan but I'm not sure how you expect a definitive answer on this.

Media Day will be on Thursday 3/22, although I don't know if TPR members/admins will be allowed to attend as it appears that another group got the primary invitation ( ). Barring major technical issues, I would consider TT also soft-opening on Friday's (3/23) Preview Day confirmed at this point.


I think you totally misread that. ACE members are invited to Media Day. It would be foolish if that is who only attended. I'm sure media outlets will be there. (That includes whoever TPR sends if not Robb himself.)

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I quick repaint of the station and you could make it look like a barn.


Does ivy grow on sheet metal like that? I can only really think I've seen it grow against wood and brick. I guess you could nail some wooden lattice and get ivy to grow up that. It would look great! lol

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Wow. They're really going all out with the theme on this ride.


I mean... so far they made a sign that says the name of the ride in plain, Helvetica font and out it on the roof of a rectangular metal building.

Look at the bottom left of the FB picture... they're building a pretty substantial faux-brick entrance there, and apparently some covered structures in that pavilion area as well. All indicators point to some pretty good theme elements, although I sincerely hope that the "covered pavilion structure" isn't cover for KD's first fluffy bunny rental location, and that fluffy bunnies will continue to live in freedom on ride platforms ( ). Otherwise, two thumbs up so far!

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It seems that the first cycle has been taken?


We can confirm that Twisted Timbers’ Blue Train has been “pushed” over the hill at least 4 times and has been successful in making a complete circuit.


Full scale testing will begin as soon as sensors are added and online to allow two train dispatch.


#TT #gettwisted #kdfanatics

Kings Dominion Fanatics on Facebook

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