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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Well it's not Steel Vengeance but I guess it may be o.k.


Why is there a need to compare Twisted Timbers and Steel Vengence? They're both RMCs opening in 2018 yes but there is no point in letting a larger faster longer coaster overshadow another one. I'm not going to ride Apollo's Chariot at Busch Gardens and be bummed that it's not Intimidator 305 or El Toro. If you constantly think about how much better coaster x is than other coasters it makes the hobby a lot less fun for you. Just ride coasters and have fun.



100% this! A lot of enthusiasts spend so much time comparing every coaster to every other coaster they have been on that they completely forget just to have fun. This is one reason why I do not rank my coasters.


I agree 100%. Too many spend too much time comparing. Coaster vs coaster; park vs. park.

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I always knew Hurler had the potential to be a killer layout if the roughness was smoothed out by someone like RMC. Happy to be vindicated. Steel Vengeance looks insane too, but be happy a garbage ride is being replaced by a great ride at both parks, everyone.

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I always knew Hurler had the potential to be a killer layout if the roughness was smoothed out by someone like RMC. Happy to be vindicated. Steel Vengeance looks insane too, but be happy a garbage ride is being replaced by a great ride at both parks, everyone.


Hurler was a good ride for its first season, but it beat itself to death (along with riders) as the years went by. So, I agree that the layout, when worked on by the right company, is a good one.

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I always knew Hurler had the potential to be a killer layout if the roughness was smoothed out by someone like RMC. Happy to be vindicated. Steel Vengeance looks insane too, but be happy a garbage ride is being replaced by a great ride at both parks, everyone.


Hurler was a good ride for its first season, but it beat itself to death (along with riders) as the years went by. So, I agree that the layout, when worked on by the right company, is a good one.


I thought that the first season the lines were too long for it to be anything but a bit of letdown, however while I did like it my companions did not (or maybe that was also the wait time), so it was much later before I rode it again. The lack of popularity was a big factor in learning to ride it, and while I would never want to ride row 2 again, I ranked it at least as high as their other woodies and consider the insanity of it far more memorable. The new ride will probably be better overall, but it will never convey any aspect of a wooden coaster that felt like it was about explode into a million pieces. It will keep the aspect of the layout that the average speed is high compared to the peak, which is good.


As to aging, I think it was just too much for them. It was the late-comer that never fully met expectations and it probably got less maintenance than the others, despite wanting more. I know just before the last time they did track work and before they put the whopping huge trim brake on it (and slowly bled the giveacrap out of me concerning it) I was thinking it would be unrideable within a year if they didn't do something.



Remember one of the old "Turns of Pain"?


Actually that picture was of the last curve and was not only not painful but one of the best curves ever built. It *felt* like the track stretched until about 2/3 of the way through the curve and then it sprung back and launched you out its exit. I was hoping that at least one of the original, flat, intense curves would remain just smoothed by better track, but with the higher drop and speed perhaps it would be too much -- but if that's true, how is there an inversion in the middle of the second turn?


I was hoping they'd somehow turn the first curve into a wave turn what with taking out the original structure all the way to the footers, but I think at the rate they're going all 3 low-to-the-ground turns will get that treatment. I do like there's one and only one reverse-banked curve at a really identifiable spot.


I hope we all can talk about the new ride without beating up on the old Hurler. Or at least I hope I can resist typing something into this thing every time the inevitable occurs. Sometimes it seems like people have more fun bashing a coaster than actually riding them. Yes, I know we just ride coasters for fun, but still when an enthusiast says something that they should know better it just makes them look bad, in my eyes.

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Flight of Fear (which I love and find infinitely smoother and more enjoyable than the Kings Island version)


This was a couple pages back, but I'm curious about this. I've visited Kings Island twice in the last three years and really loved Flight of Fear there. I thought it was really smooth and a blast, especially riding in the front. It has been probably 17 years since my last visit to Kings Dominion but I want to make a trip out to it in the next few years, timing probably depends on what that tall thing is that BGW is building.

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Like most Arrow loopers, Anaconda is completely hit or miss depending on height / body type. You can ride it and enjoy it while the person sitting right next to you gets the living sh*t beat out of them.


Hurler was just complete trash no matter what. Even if you caught it on a good day and it wasn't overly rough it's still a really boring layout.

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I got a chance to visit the park for a few hours on Saturday. Unfortunately, my family left later than usual, and we also ran into probably the worst traffic I have ever been in over my 16 years here on Earth. Because of this, I arrived at the park only to discover plenty of long lines. After buying a piece of wood from Hurler and a Twisted Timbers shirt reading "Get Twisted in 2018," I made my way straight to Grizzly. Anyone who has been to Kings Dominion knows that you will never wait more than 15 minutes for any row on Grizzly, regardless of what day it is. After an amazing back seat ride on Grizzly, which I believe is the most underrated coaster in the park, I went over to Ricochet, which seems to always have a line of 10 minutes no matter how crowded it is. Unfortunately, the clientele at the park that day was not the best group of people. A foreign family, seemingly not understanding how lines work, cut in front of my group and two other families waiting to ride. Of course the grouper saw this and kicked them back behind the people they cut in front of, which I was glad to see.


After riding Ricochet, I took a break to get a drink while my siblings went to ride Bad Apple. Unfortunately, the drink place ran out of ice, so that kind of sucked. When we were done at Bad Apple, we went to Backlot, where the operators were flying. For a line that looked long when you enter the queue, we flew through it relatively quick. Backlot's helix is still one of my favorite I've ridden. I can't remember a single time riding it without graying out. This was my fourth trip to the park this year, but only the first time I rode with the fire effect actually working, so that was pretty cool. After riding Backlot, we started walking towards I305, which I was shocked to see, for the first time in my life, the line stretching out of the queue. They only had one switchback open, but I don't think I've ever waited more than 10 minutes to ride I305 before Saturday. Flight of Fear looked long too, so we went to ride Dominator instead.


Dominator is sort of a weird coaster for me. It's the only roller coaster that gives me a headache. I usually force myself to sit in the front row, as it was nearly rattle free on all my rides... until Saturday. Maybe it had a bad wheel, maybe its the awful kink in the loop, but I came off the ride with a headache from the front row for the first time in my life. The coaster is great, I just want to clarify that, but for some reason it's just this one roller coaster that constantly gives me a headache. It's actually kind of sad, because it is really a spectacular ride. The only reason I like Hydra more than it is because Hydra, despite being seemingly shakier, doesn't give me a headache. Enough about me though, back to the coasters. After Dominator, I was contemplating on riding Volcano, but the 2 hour 30 minute instantly made me change my mind. I'll never wait more than a few minutes to ride, what in my opinion, is the most overrated coaster in the park.


I made my way back to Intimidator and waited about half an hour for it. I love the second row on this ride a lot, and definitely recommend it to anyone who wants the smoothest ride without having to wait for the front. I feel like Intimidator's airtime is very underrated, but that's just me. I get super close to blacking out every single time I ride it, but for a positive-G lover like me, that only makes me love it more. It's up there in my top 3 with Lightning Rod and Fury 325 for sure. After my amazing ride on I305, my group decided that we would roll the dice with Flight of Fear and wait an hour (according to the wait times on the app.) Shockingly, the app was very accurate, which I can't say for any of the other rides I rode that day. Waited just under an hour and got the second row. I still think the front row is my favorite row on this coaster, but second row is nearly just as good. It's not the most thrilling or most intense ride, but it's definitely one I want to ride for hopefully many more years.


It was starting to get dark, so I went to Grizzly to get a front row night ride on it. Amazingly, I waited an entire 20 minutes for the front row! That was certainly quite the experience. You get some great views of Twisted Timbers from Grizzly's lift hill. They are making a lot of progress, and I'll show that in the pictures posted below. A lot of ledgers for the barrel roll drop are up, and they are making some progress with new supports just after one of the far turnarounds. The airtime hills look insane, about half the height of the lift hill. I can't wait to ride that airtime machine in the spring! Back to the coasters... my last ride of the night was a second row ride on Dominator, and I'm really glad it was my last ride of the night. It beat me up even worse than my ride on it earlier in the afternoon. We stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way home and got some amazing donuts, and that made me feel a lot better after being in the car wreck of a coaster named Dominator, though still nowhere as bad as Hurler was on my final ride back in August 2015.


I apologize if this report was a bit lengthy, but I just had a lot to get off my chest about my very interesting day at Kings Dominion. I wish I could explain some things better than I did, but I'm not really good at doing the whole "explain it in a way that most people will understand" thing, so it is what it is. I hope everyone enjoys the pictures!


Log flume! Don't worry, this is my only blurry photo.


I see you, Twisted Timbers!


Was gonna ride this, but the queue was literally full.


Barrel roll ledgers going up!


Fun little wild mouse (has nothing on Hershey's.)


View from Ricochet. This will look a lot different next year!


A couple of decent flats.


A great family coaster!


Sorry Anaconda, not today! (I'll get to you in a bit, I305!)


I'll express my hate for this ride, but I LOVE taking pictures of it.


This loop is one of the best I've ever ridden.


The cobra is one of the smoothest I've been on!


Sorry Volcano, maybe next time!


Such a fun ride!


See you in a few weeks, KD!

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I actually enjoy Anaconda.


Same, but Brit hates it.


The hate is totally understandable for shorter people whose ears are getting boxed by the restraints.

Strangely enough, on the most recent road trip, my kiddo rode a number of Arrow Loopers. He liked Vortex but wasn't willing to ride it more than once. He HATED Corkscrew and said "I'm never ever ever never ever riding that coaster EVER AGAIN. Well maybe when I'm 50 years old.". Tennessee Tornado was okay at the beginning but it got him in the ears a couple of times, and he stopped after three. But Anaconda? He loved it in the front row and the back row and has now ridden it about 6 times. Go figure.

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Just thought I should share this here. With the Battle for Kings Dominion app, you can win front of the line passes you can use to skip the line of any ride. It is not valid for Soak City attractions, Grand Prix Raceway, or Xtreme SkyFlyer, but it looks like you can use it for anything else. This would probably be very helpful on those days when Volcano has a 2 hour line, but I would personally use it on Flight of Fear since Volcano isn't really my thing. I hope this helps someone!


Rewards Tab


Show this screen to the ride operator to skip the line! EDIT: DON'T TRY USING THIS SCREENSHOT

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After reading the last few pages of posts, I decided to add in a few of my comments -


#1 - Say what you want about THE ANACONDA I don't feel that ride being too rough for me although I'm a big, muscular person with layers of cushioning fat.


#2 - Ditto for THE GRIZZLY. Canada's Wonderland's Wild Beast coaster has that same layout, but that coaster was TOOOOO rough for me to enjoy.


#3 - I lost some weight, but I have at least twenty pounds to go. While I do have a 44 inch waist, my upper chest is massive and I needed the ride attendant's help to push the restraints down one more click on Delirium and Windseeker, and I can only ride in the larger seat for DOMINATOR. Fortunately they are other rides in which my size won't be a problem ( Log Flume, Flying Eagles, Scrambler, Avalanche, Dodge 'Em, Bad Apple, and Rebel Yell, for example).




KINGS DOMINION -Betcha you can't do it all!!!

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Kings Dominion officially released the height of TT: https://www.kingsdominion.com/blog/2017/twisted-timbers-its-not-just-hurler-reborn


Previously, they had only mentioned the 109-foot drop in press releases, but here it explicitly mentions an "extra 28 feet" of height, which, when added to the Hurler height of 83', gives a confirmed height of 111'. Not that big of a deal, but interesting nonetheless.

The first thing you’ll notice while riding is the increased ride height, making it more than two stories taller than its predecessor. You’ll especially notice the extra 28 feet when you are looking straight ahead at the 109 foot tall barrel roll drop. This means not only will you be plummeting towards the ground, you’ll also be upside down while doing it.


(In other news, grass is green; water is wet.)

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Here's what you'll find lurking in the shadows at this year's Haunt (press release and photos from Kings Domonion).




NEW Terror Lurks at Kings Dominion’s Halloween Haunt, Fright-Free Family Fun Returns with The Great Pumpkin Fest

Fall events begin at the park Saturday, September 23


Doswell, VA — Kings Dominion will debut three gruesome new experiences as the dreadful fun of Halloween Haunt returns for its 17th frightful season on Saturday, September 23, 2017. The Great Pumpkin Fest also returns on September 23 with family-friendly Halloween fun in Planet Snoopy.


Adding to an already macabre lineup of mazes, monsters and live entertainment, the new Halloween Haunt highlights include a bayou-themed maze and two new roving performances.




NEW MAZE: Blood on the Bayou

The park’s newest maze is themed after a haunted bayou where the swamps once ran red with blood, with whispers of curses and unnamed voodoo priests. Guests will wind their way through a swamp, past a half-sunken ship where the evil that lies in wait hungers for new visitors.


NEW SHOW: The Grave Walkers

Take a stroll with these twisted interactive street performers as they bring the best of the French Quarter to the Commonwealth. Listen for the blare of an approaching trumpet or the blast of a tuba as they take to the streets with a Halloween party like no other.


NEW SHOW: The Coven

In this roaming performance, a troupe of witches are wreaking havoc on the midways with their bizarre rituals. Beware because they are looking for their next victim as they prepare for the coming solstice.


In total, those who dare can brave eight mazes, five scare zones and a variety of live shows during Halloween Haunt, which features the largest scare force in the region with hundreds of monsters roaming the midways. During the nighttime event, guests can also get their adrenaline fix on more than 20 rides, including Intimidator™ 305 and Dominator, as fog and darkness blanket the park.


Test your limits and experience fear beyond your worst nightmares with all-new Skeleton Key rooms. Guests face extra terror as they unlock exclusive chambers and complete sinister tasks in order to escape. Skeleton Key is exclusive to Fright Lane, a premium feature that gives guests front-of-the-line access to mazes and rides. Haunt is held select nights September 23 through October 29; entry tickets plus Fright Lane passes can be purchased online. Monsters descend upon the park at 7 p.m. during the Overlord’s Resurrection as he calls forth all of his minions and sends them out into the night.




For daytime Halloween fun with no fear, The Great Pumpkin Fest in Planet Snoopy features surprises around every corner, from a petting zoo to a pumpkin painting patch. The little ones can take part in educational and interactive shows such as Mad Science: Halloween Edition.


The Great Pumpkin Fest has activities for the whole family to enjoy together; as an added benefit, children three to five years of age are eligible for FREE admission when their parent or guardian registers and activates their 2018 Pre-K Pass. The Great Pumpkin Fest is held select Saturdays and Sundays from September 23 through October 29 from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.


For the most up-to-date hours of operation, visit http://www.kingsdominion.com. The Great Pumpkin Fest and Halloween Haunt are both included with park admission. To get a FREE visit to Kings Dominion during Halloween Haunt, guests can purchase a 2018 Gold Season Pass.

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It has been announced this week that the Denny’s located in front of Kings Dominion that is adjoined to the Motel 6 will permanently close this autumn. It will close after Halloween Haunt ends and Kings Dominion closes for the 2017 season. I asked a waitress about the situation who claims that it will be relocated to a new building that will be constructed at a more visible site.


The restaurant originally opened 30 years ago as The Brentwood and was renovated into Denny’s during the 90’s.


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