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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 766: Haunt Has Risen from the Grave

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BTW just for giggles here is the breakdown of Hanover County Permit Fees




I believe someone discovered earlier that the permit cost was roughly $36,000 (I am not 100% positive on this). Based on that the cost of the ride + installation would actually be less than 10 mil (very, very rough calculations seeing as we do not know the cost of each part i.e. electrical costs, mechanical costs, etc since each part is taxed at a slightly different rate.


Of course the 36k permit figure doesn't mean that is the ONLY permit they had to get.


Not sure if anyone cares to read about it plus it is just more speculation anyway.

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I dont think the lift will be vertical. Those pieces have room for the evac system or for stairs. Fahrenheit (vertical lift) doesn't have that area next to the track for those options...


See here... http://www.rcdb.com/ig4049.htm?picture=12


Also the round indentation in the track is definitely for the cable lift system similar to other coasters that had lift track like that.

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So vertical lift is very unlikely. I'm just hoping they don't put a bunch of straight track in the design. The reason I can't stand SROS at Darien Lake and SFA are because of the LONG sections of straight track and huge (and forceless) helices.

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Have you ever thought of taking those lift pieces and standing them on end with the cable canals facing each other? now imagine another pair of lift towers a little further down from the original pair in the same postion. Between the 2 sets of lift towers is a horizontal piece of track that is attached to all 4 towers. The coaster train rolls onto this section of track and is locked in place. Then a signal is sent and the coaster rises to the top (still in a horizontal position - parallel to the ground). Once at the top the train is released and advancing wheels push the train toward the beginning of the first drop.


Thus, no need for a massive lift hill and all that space and supports needed.


******_ _

*****|_| | | |_| < == Tower Set 1

********| |

********| | (Ground)

********| | <== Track

********| | (Looking straight down coaster train elevator shaft)

******_ | | _

*****|_| | | |_| <== Tower Set 2

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I'm really willing to bet that it'll be the standard cable lift, not vertical, and not an elevator, especially with how long Intamin mega/giga trains are, an elevator is completely out of the question, and a 300 foot tall vertical lift would look really stupid

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I think some of you people are getting confused. An "Elevator Lift System" doesn't mean it's vertical. Just that it's a very similar cable system (almost identical) as the ones used on elevators. Millennium Force's lift system is officially called an "Elevator Cable System," and was the first of it's kind in the world.

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^Launch maybe?


In regards to the pictures, the funky section that sure looks like it will have a catch car, but I don't see the rail the car goes on. In the old Intamin 4 bar track the rails were on the outside of the box but in this track the connecting bars attach right to the rails. I don't get it, or the straight single spine track.


This is definitely a cable lift powered coaster & not a rocket/accelerator model as you can see the large gap in the track for the pully wheels to run through near the base of the lift.

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