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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 766: Haunt Has Risen from the Grave

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^^ That's a very good point, Mark...and one that I didn't even think of!


While I can't specifically recall walking around the park with a beer at BGW, we certainly had it during the beer festival that we attended there last year and were not quarantined in any way. We kind of just hung out in Germany so that we could use up all of our stamps...and then proceeded to walk around doing coasters and such after we ate and drank ourselves silly. I think I do seem to recall seeing people walking around the park with beers though.


^ Boldikus - I don't pray for anything, but I will certainly keep my fingers crossed that the weather holds for you guys. Mainly because we all want to see the trip reports coming out of this one!

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I never understood the beer policy at KD. The signs all say "per Virginia law " or something like that. However, at Busch G Williamsburg, we bought a bottle of wine in the France area and asked if we could drink it anywhere and we were told yes. Not wanting to look like total winos, we asked for a proper bag to put it in to carry around and the staff chuckled and gladly obliged. As it was meal time we got a food item, had some wine, moved on, got more snacks and had some more wine and never had any problem displaying the bottle at all. Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe both parks are in the same state, so I don't understand why one park it's ok to drink anywhere, yet in another you must drink a beer in a confined area. Very odd.


Could it be different county policies??

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^^^ Looking forward to all of them, Bill/Boldikus. Winter is a great time to get caught up on all those reports!


^^ That's what I thought as well, but I wanted to think that the signs at KD specifically mentioning it being a Virginia law. I was digging around to see if I had taken a photo of one of the signs, but all I had was this pic.


Roped in!


Note that they also put these little round stickers on the cup denoting where you purchased the drink - in this case, Outer Hanks.

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What's up with Volcano? I thought they got that sh*t sorted out a few weeks ago?


Are they actually telling people it's down for the day or is it just on the sign out front?

A worker told me that there was a serious issue with Volcano. Intimidator still isnt open. Had a nice few rides with Grizzly though.

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Intimidator was open most of the day. It was just a normal temporary breakdown. I don't think Volcano opened. If you head over today please keep us posted. It had better be running next weekend (though if not then Boldikus is just going to have to come back next year too lol).

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These markers are visible on the turn into the lift, first turn, 2 airtime hills, and the turnaround by grizzly. Also numbers painted in red visible from grizzly's lift.


What are these two airtime hills that you speak of on Grizzly?


Seriously though...I would rather that they RMC Grizzly then Hurler. You could go all Outlaw Run back in those woods which would be way better than the openness of Hurler.


Or they could just RMC them both...I'd be cool with that too.

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Was down in VA for a wedding this weekend so we decided to hit up the park, my first time here.


Was a perfect day, the weather was great and the park was completely dead. Everything was a walk on. Said Volcano was closed when we got there but it ended up opening. We walked on every ride except Volcano which was the longest wait but it was only about 5 minutes.


Overall it was good, went on that, forget the name, its like looping starship from Great Adventure which is my home park, miss that ride. Anyway we went on that first and then got stuck when the harness wouldnt open, took 15 min to get them to open it so that wasnt a good start to the day but after that it was good.


305 was great, thats what I wanted to get on, big hill, fast as hell, great turns, no line, rode it 3x in a row.


Volcano was really cool, the Flight of Fear was nice, Dominator was smooth, even went on that bobsled ride which I havent been on since 80's at Great Adventure.


Like all parks food was expensive, 6.30 for a slice of pizza. We banged out the park in under 4 hours. We would have went for round two and hit everything up again but we had a long drive back to NJ, 7 hours so we left early, we got on everything.


Then of course on our way home once we are in NJ on Rt 70 we hit a deer, luckily we skimmed it, we were fine, car was fine and also the deer was fine, ran off, good thing I swerved and it turned and we just rubbed against its body, no damage.


Anyway great wedding, big Italian wedding, had a great time and a great trip to KD. Probably wont be back next year, thinking of hitting up New England Six Flags next year and maybe another park but year after that I'd def come back to KD, maybe they'll have a new ride by then.

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To everyone discussing alcohol, VA ABC laws are a little bit hokey. You cannot purchase alcohol for consumption and leave the establishment with an open container. Even restaurants and wineries will sell you a bottle of wine, but in order to leave with it, they have to re-cork it. It's possible that at KD each restaurant is considered an establishment and at BGW the entire park is? That's an interesting circumstance that I wasn't aware of. Not sure how they get around it.

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I found this "leaked" picture on a lame coaster Facebook page. Sent to somebody on Instagram. Looks like it says "Hurler Renovation" in the title block of the drawing.


EDIT: The drawing seems legit to me (RMC/Ride Centerline have been known to show basic renderings in No Limits), which means KD has at least placed a bid for a hurler renovation. I wish it didn't have a inverting first drop, but it would be amazing with any RMC layout!


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