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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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A Giga WOW, can't wait to see it go up, I had mu suspicions as I saw the pictures of the giant foundations that were about to go down, that this is going to be big.


This would probably mean that SD2K will loose one of it's records...

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Apparently the park sent out an email saying that Kings Dominion will open on March 22nd! Oh, did I say March? I meant May. Alpengeist, InvadR and Verbolten are open tomorrow. This comp

Yesterday, after my brief stop at SFA, I fought through the perpetual Northern Virginia I-95 traffic to check out Kings Dominion's Taste of the Season event - a COVID-blamed Winterfest-lite.  And beli

Too bad Volcano isn't still around. It was ahead of its time not only technologically, but it already had limited capacity down to a science.

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Wow, I didn't see this coming as I figured Cedar Fair wanted to keep Millennium Force special. If this is indeed a giga coaster, then hopefully it is better than the two already around as neither coaster seems to have used all the capabilities they had. Steel Dragon is really long, but from the pov on the site, it seems rather tame. Millennium Force is tall just seems to be about speed, but not much else. Hopefully this coaster combines the best of both coasters into something truly great.

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My right brain is punching my left brain for thinking about the wisdom of Cedar Fair investing tens of millions of dollars on two rides when the chain's financial health isn't the greatest. Right brain says, "STOP THINKING ABOUT THE PARALLELS TO SIX FLAGS TEN YEARS AGO AND ENJOY NEW GARGANTUAN AIRTIME MACHINES!"

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Whats with CF and red tracks lately? I already see a western theme Just hopefully this one will be good, I hear mix reviews about Millennium Force, I am still in shock that KD is getting this, it just doesn't seem the park to have a 300ft+ coaster, but it is now...

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