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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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Kings Dominion fanboys cry, Why, Why, Why? Why don't we have a new coaster? Here's why. Your attendance records show and have shown you're not in the big leagues. You've been given gift after gift and still no increase in attendance.


Sounds like a fair deal to me! As much as I would love a new coaster, there is a down side. Actually though, the park was a ghost town in June 2009 and I305 stopped that slide. Attendance wasn't that high in 2010 after it opened, but it bumped up in Aug. 2009 right after the new coaster was announced and has been slowly growing ever since.


Outside of Knott's Berry Farm, I believe Kings Dominion has the greatest competition for local/tourist dollars within the Cedar Fair chain. Within a 100 mile radius of the park, you have a Busch Gardens park in Williamsburg, VA and a Six Flags park in Maryland. BGW is an hour away from KD and SFA 1.5 hours away. So I can see where Kings Dominion share of 2014 income is a little smaller than Carowinds.


Exactly, if KD does nothing, they will eventually lose.

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Kings Dominion is a mid-level park, along with Carowinds and Knott's (year round attendance is irrelevant).

It's attendance is enough to warrant a coaster every 5-7 years, instead of 3-4 like the high-level parks. Not sure what KingMoron is taking about.


Also Kings Dominion destroys Carowinds when it comes to park appearance and theming.

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I'm taking a trip down to Virginia to go to KD this Friday. I am going with a couple first timers to the park. I was curious how crowds have been on Fridays this summer. Friday's always seem to be a crapshoot, we are going to try to get there at open or shortly after. I know Volcano should be the first stop due to low capacity, any other tips? Thanks for your help


I think you should be fine this Friday, with summer ending and kids preparing to go back to school. And yeah, hitting up Volcano first never hurts, regardless on what the crowds look like.

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One of the best flat rides and you can get and its still not good enough

Sounds about right. Same thing happens with coasters. It can be on one the beat coasters out there and people will still complain, and it still won't be good enough. Just goes to show you can't please everyone.

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I think people are seriously underestimating how good Giant Frisbees actually are.


Seriously though. "Giant frisbees suck, are hated by the GP, and look terrible" says no one who's ever ridden one.


I put delirium above some of the coasters at KI, and am sure the KD will be the same. I mean, I'm in the minority that didn't hate shockwave, but I'm actually glad to see a good ride go in its spot that doesn't involve taking out shit tons of trees in a great shady portion of the park (which is what a lot of people wanted to happen).


Would a new coaster be nice? Sure. Do they "need one" when they have double digits already, including two of the best coasters in the world? Objectively, not really. Meanwhile a damn solid flatride, they do really need and thankfully the people making the calls both know and have acted on this.

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Also, in most of Northern Virginia the KD law is no longer relevant, so they start August 31st.


Had no idea! I did a little research and Loudoun County is starting this year for the first or second time Aug 31. Fairfax County is still in transition as are a few other places. Two friends of mine area teachers at different schools in Ffx Co and they're not starting until Sept 8. Thx for the info!


To whoever asked, the KD Law was passed and in place for many years. It was so that KD would still have adequate staffing until the end of summer. Our schools have always started very late because of it - 2nd week of Sept usually and then go till mid-end June. Yuck. Evidently some counties have petitioned for this to be changed, which I've just learned c/o madmax.


Over the last 2-3 seasons, the park has been receiving "place making" face-lifts in most areas of the park; especially last year. The kids area received a complete overhaul with new rides and amenities in 2013. The water park got a makeover and expansion this year. With new attractions and an overhaul/addition of changing areas, restrooms, and food places. In 2016, we a getting a major ride, "Delirium", and a good chunk of infrastructure improvements for Candy Apple Grove, (3 Food establishments are getting a makeover and one or both bathrooms in that area getting upgraded).


As much as I'd love to see a new coaster installed at KD next season, I am actually really thankful that they are doing these improvements first to Snoopyville, restrooms, food places, landscaping, etc. It's like going to a really nice new restaurant and using their bathroom only to find it nasty, poor lights, door doesn't latch, no water pressure in the sink, toilet paper holder is busted. All you can think of is, "they opened this place and have great food, this is a giant oversight and the bathroom makes me want to go bathe in Lysol!" The devil is in the details which is something a lot of CF parks get nagged on. Sprucing up the place goes a long way to making the park experience a nicer one. I go to KD at least once a season and over the last 5 years can absolutely say I've seen the place grow leaps and bounds just by giving it a bit of TLC. Before they install another $20mil ride, let's make sure the water fountains work and there's a few hanging flower baskets to keep the atmosphere cheery. Very pleased with this. I'm looking forward to a frisbee and am excited to see other parks get coaster installations while waiting for whenever we end up with another coaster at KD. In the meantime, their great collection of flat rides continues to grow. These are the rides I look forward to riding next week:


Rebel Yell



Backlot Stunt Coaster

Woodstock Express

*Boo Blasters



*Bad Apple

*Drop Tower

Eiffel Tower

Avalanche bobsleds



*Log flume


In no order whatsoever, using that list above there's 7 starred items as flat rides, 9 if you count wild maus & avalanche, 10 if including the Eiffel Tower. Adding Delirium next year boosts that number to a possible 11 flats every visit that I want to ride which doesn't even touch the 5 coasters I enjoy. I left off plenty of other flat rides and several other roller coasters that I personally don't care to ride except on a rare occasion. While other members of my group enjoy the rides I prefer to skip I take a seat in the shade under a large tree and watch them ride. Add a show, maybe mix in some antique cars or ferris wheel and my day is packed!


I'll also say that I'm one of the few who LOVE Dinosaurs Alive! KD's version is hidden completely in the woods so it's an immersive and shady experience. Love me some dinos!

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^I was rather impressed by Carowinds' "Taste of the Carolinas" festival last spring, and KD offered some good stuff during their "Spring Bloom Fest," too. It's good to see more parks upgrading their cuisine.

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^I was rather impressed by Carowinds' "Taste of the Carolinas" festival last spring, and KD offered some good stuff during their "Spring Bloom Fest," too. It's good to see more parks upgrading their cuisine.

There's speculation that Kings Dominion's Country Kitchen expansion might be into a Harmony Hall or Midway Market-type restaurant. If so, that would be a huge boost to the park's pretty decent (albeit overpriced) food offerings. I visited Carowinds in the spring and Cedar Point two weeks ago, and I ate at Midway Market and it was second maybe only to Disney in terms of quality (and yes, I've eaten at BGW before ). Although I didn't eat at Harmony Hall, it looked pretty impressive.

Does anyone else agree?

I wouldn't be surprised to see a SlingShot next year next to Delirium. If they did, I'm thinking that they'll position the ticket booth for the ride so that you have to walk by it as you exit Delirium.

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While I would personally rather see it get topper track, Hurler could be replaced. Also they have lots of unused land if you look at Google maps, assuming they're willing to expand outwards.


Where? They are most likely going to look somewhere near the front.

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Anyone remember this?



10. The ride opens. The fanboys descend en masse, declaring the ride the best coaster to ever touch god's green earth. Wild claims are thrown out, like the coaster is able to cure cancer, and has ejector airtime even on the brake run and station.

11. A well-travelled, highly regarded TPR member finally rides it, and gives a good but not great review. Fanboys cry foul, saying the person rode it on an off-day.

12. Pages upon pages of comparison to every single amusement ride known to man ensue.


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I was looking online and on KD website it says I can get tickets for my friends for 40 bucks with my season pass. Does anyone know if you have to pre purchase those tickets or can I get the discounted admission at the gate with my platinum pass?

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Kings Dominion Haunt site is up now.


Mazes: Club Blood


Doll Factory

Lockdown (NEW)

Maze of Madness

No Vacancy

Slaughter House

Tollway Terror (NEW)

Zombie High


Scare Zones: Cleaver Brothers Carnival

Feary Tales



Primevil: The Kuru Curse

The Lair


Shows: Blood Drums

Haunted House 3-D

Overlord's Scaremony (NEW)

Skeleton Crew

The Mob

Unstrung (NEW)

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I went to Kings Dominion July 4th on my summer theme park trip and I never posted my trip report so...


Kings Dominion 2015 summer trip

So my first theme park of the trip was Kings Dominion. I hadn’t been here since 2013 and when I went I305 was closed. I myself am an Intamin lover and I always make trips just for these Intamin coasters. We went to Kings Dominion on July 4th and it was pretty crowded. There was also a 50% chance of rain which haunted me for about two weeks but it only rained for a little so it wasn’t to be.

I also took these pics with an Iphone 5c. Also some of them were taken on snapchat.

Kings Dominions front gate always amazes me. It is definitely up there as one of the greatest theme park entrances.

After we took a quick photo by the front gate me and my little sister went ahead and got online for Berserker. This is the third Intamin Starship that we have ridden and they are all fun but a little bit painful. After that I got a call from my dad and he said he was by I305 and that there was no line. Me and my sister immediately bolted there and sure enough there was no line!

My dad said that my sister should wait on this one after hearing about how intense it was. It was also going to be my 150th coaster.

INTIMIDATOR 305 Review!!!

So as soon as I got to the I305 area of the park I saw that there was no line so I immediately got on line for it with my dad. I wanted to do the front row for my first ride but the line was a good 15mins and everything else was about a one train wait so we just went ahead and did the last row. The harnesses were super comfy even though they squeeze your head a little when you put it on. We then heard the gentlemen start your engine thing and we speed up that lift hill like no tomorrow. As we reached the top of the lift hill all I could see were the woods straight out and the tiny rebel yell to my right. I threw up my hands and then I was then immediately yanked down the lift hill and was ripped to the right on an amazing grey out inducing turn. Me and my dad started shouting that we greyed out along the first turn. We started going up the ejector airtime hill and we then regained our vision. We then were thrown left and ejected then thrown left again then right then left then another wide right turn. Every fast turn ejected me out of my seat and gave me little time to breath. We then went up another airtime hill with trim braked that provided floater air that was better than most B&M’s. After that we went into another floater air turn that dived to the left. I was already wowed by this point but then we entered another twist and I was once again ejected out of my seat into the shoulder restraint. We then dove into the break run. Me and my dad were both speechless…

Oh my… This has to be the best coaster ever created. I knew it was going to be amazing but I wasn’t expected it to be this good. It even took Skyrush out for my number one spot. I recommend everyone who loves riding coasters to go check this out!!! Its amazing!!!

(I also ended up riding it about 14x threw out the day because of how good it was)

After that I rode Flight of Fear which is always fun. Definitely better than the other version of it at Kings Island which I will talk about later on…

Then we went to Volcano and saw that the line was spilling out the entrance…. Nope! We then saw that there was a plinko for Volcano and I always win these. I won the Fury 325 one twice in a row and also won the Maverick one at Cedar Point. So you guessed it, I won! We then went in through the exit and were about to get on. But it broke down… They gave us the exit pass back and I just decided to do the Crypt alone. No one else in my group wanted to ride. It was fun as always and all the affects were working. I hope they don’t get rid of this ride anytime soon.

After that Volcano opened back up and me and my sister got on through the regular line because it looked to be a short wait. We waited about 15-20mins and then got on. Volcano was awesome as always but it feels a little too short. I wish Intamin could have added a loop or something more to it. It is still the second best ride in the park…

After that we did Anaconda and it was decent. Not to bad... Hopefully they will replace it with something cooler and smoother.

I’m not going to go into every little detail because I have already done a trip report for this park and I also have a lot of school work to do. I rode a lot of stuff and definitely made the most out of my day…

Here are a few more reviews…

Dominator- Still one of the best B&M roller coasters out there. I have been on majority of the floorless roller coasters from B&M and this one awesome. Not as good as Kraken but better the Rougarou! 8/10

Grizzly- It’s like a mini version of the Beast but a lot bumpier and with more air time. Still a cool coaster. 5/10

Volcano- 9/10

Intimidator 305- 10/10

Hurler- This ride sucks so much. The one at Carowinds sucks also. They just shuffle around little hills that have no air time and it has a very basic layout. Can Cedar Fair please knock down both of them and put Intamin Blitz’s in there spots… 2/10

Backlot Stunt Coaster- Cool little launch coaster. It goes fast and has nice transitions. A little bumpy but still very cool! 6/10

Flight Of Fear- 8/10

Ghoster Coaster- Smooth and fun. It even had some ejector air in the last row. 5/10

Anaconda- 5/10

Avalanche- Smooth and fun. It has a bit of an awkward seating arrangement… Lol 6/10

All the other coasters I had ridden on my 2013 visit so I either didn’t care for them or didn’t get to them…

Sorry I missed you Rebel Yell…

Not missing you Shockwave, you were awful and won’t be missed…

Me and Dad riding Intimidator 305!

On the way out I said hello to Pat Jones. I meet her the time I came in 2013 and I wrote her a letter before I came to the park so she remembered who I was. I talked to her about roller coasters and I told her how I would love to see another Intamin. She told me that she loves Intamin and that she would definitely buy from them again. But then we talked about other company’s and the Hypersonic XLC which I never got a chance to ride. She also told informed me that “There is definitely room for a B&M here”. She said that they are missing that B&M floaty coaster and that she would love to have one. We’ll just have to wait and see what they receive…

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