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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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^If it is in fact a launch. The track build is definitely very similar (if not the same) as Premier's new launch track, but it could be a Premier hyper. (I don't see that happening, but I'm just playing devil's advocate - because I can. )

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Ferrari World's Premier launch coaster... Courtesy of Theme Park Guy

No not Premier, it's an Intamin, and it looks like this one is the same. So a new Intamin is going to KD.


It's a newly developed track system that Intamin have created to get an even stronger and stiffer track then the quad, to have longer distances between the supports, which means less supports, to make the manufacturing and ride cheaper.

I also have a feeling that this dual spine track is a lot easier to manufacture then quad-rail as well.


So no this is not a new Premier, pure Intamin awesomeness...

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That's pretty cool, I didn't know Intamin was developing new track. Completely dis-regard everything I just said then.


What I'm curious about then, is what sounds this track will produce. Assuming it's not filled with sand. Some Premiers are somewhat loud, and since this track is similar, could Intamin now have their own distinct "roar?"

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I just got back from the park.

Just 6 pieces of track and a lot of tiny support pieces around.


I think it is an Intamin. but we will see.


here are some close up pics.




little baby supports left




these pieces are MASSIVE notice the different connections to the supports. Some square and some circular.


looks like a straight piece...but it is not



cone shaped crossties for extra support

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I am caught in the middle... I know the manufacturers are definitely the same in terms of the two coasters but I starting to think that the Intamin track modification is true. I mean if I look at the most recent Premier coaster track which is mummy track being built at Universal Studios Singapore then the KD and F1 tracks looks nothing like something premier would do in terms of cross ties. They look more like traditional Intamin track in terms of cross ties


see the mummy track here

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I was just at Universal Orlando a month ago and that Singapore Mummy track looks no different in any way than the current Mummy track in Orlando.


There are pretty significant differences in those tracks. You can definitely see the Intamin in this new KD track.

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Is it me or do the curves on the track pieces from the previous page hardly have a curve on them?

The double spine does make me wonder what are they planning. I can't see track like this being used on a low to the ground coaster. If they wanted to do a Maverick-style ride, they could've easily used the basic trianglular track used before. The second spine must somehow add strength to the track when strong forces are being used.


How big is the construction site?

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If the track was built with a double-spine so they could put up less supports, why do a few of these pieces still have two connections for supports? That doesn't make sense to me. I would like to propose a theory:


What if this double-spine track is really to hold a larger train (perhaps four-across)? Or possibly a Baco-style train? Because, with the pieces they have there now, I'm not really seeing a correlation between more spines and less supports.

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