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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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I wrote the following on another site and thought I would share it here:


The whole story on "Miner's Revenge" came out when an op-ed person from the Washington Post came to the park and saw the description of "Miner's Revenge" on the park's Haunt map. This person had spent nearly 2 years investigating the coal mining industry and the dangers for miners that work there and interviewed the families that suffered the loss of loved ones in mining accidents. Kings Dominion offered to have the person tour the attraction and show what was in it. The person refused the offer.


I can see where someone is more sensitive to this sort of thing; especially, after being immersed in the coal mining industry safety issues for that long.


BUT, he was reading an overblown description of a Haunt attraction; one of many over-exaggerated descriptions for all of the Haunt attractions at Kings Dominion. It was part of the park's marketing hype for Halloween Haunt. I find it quite ironic, as I went through the “Miner's Revenge” Haunt attraction 2-3 times during the Haunt season, that there is NO SIMULATION OR RECREATION OF A MINE EXPLOSION, NOR A MINE COLLAPSE, NOR ANY OTHER SERIOUS INCIDENT IN THIS ATTRACTION. Nothing. Nada.


The attraction, to me, looked like a mining operation from the late 1800's. It reminded me more of an old-time mine from the American West than a coal mine from Virginia/West-Virginia. The mine itself was mainly dark and there were a handful of Scare-actors who popped out to scare/startle folks. There were a few illuminated scenes that look like the creatures took it out on each other with picks/shovels, and one creature that looked like an ogre. And that was it.


Maybe Kings Dominion should just modify the attraction storyline to simply be something about the miner’s digging and breaking through into a cavern with creatures such as goblin’s, orc’s, and/or ogre’s. They are attacked and those same creatures are waiting for you inside.


With all due respect to those in the mining industry who have lost loved one's, it is a sad sign of the times when a park gets beat up over a Halloween attraction, whose idea/theme came down from the corporate Cedar Fair Haunt creative team to Kings Dominion AND, I believe, Canada's Wonderland, to put on for the 2013 Haunt season. Today's news media gets these poor folks riled up over this. I guess Cedar Fair is going to have to scrutinize new Haunt themes going forward. Maybe they should stick with fantasy creature and themes that are not based on realistic situations.

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I dug out my old park maps for this... Miner's Revenge opened at Wonderland in 2007 (pictured) and ran until last year, where I'm guessing they just shipped everything off to Kings Dominion to recycle it. The description sounds about the same as it was at Kings Dominion this year.


It's just another ghost story that's unfortunately easy to line up with a somewhat recent event. It's obviously not meant as a reference to what happened there though. I don't think it will have much of an impact on next year's Haunts... I wouldn't be surprised if the miners showed up at another park.


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I'm sure that many parks are located in areas where tragic accidents or other events happened. But have you ever come across a ghost story that was based on something "pleasant," outside of Casper the Friendly Ghost? This current bit of outrage is meant to generate publicity. That's it.

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Looks like two mushrooms with big eyes.


looks to me like the piano-playing toad from the singing mushrooms, not yet painted??



edit: on their facebook page they have another photo and it is definitely him! i am so excited!



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Press release in from Kings Dominion this morning...


They’re Back! ‘Singing Mushrooms’ To Return to Kings Dominion

Original Family Icon to be Completely Refabricated for 40th Celebration


DOSWELL, VA. (November 14, 2013) — Kings Dominion is excited to announce the iconic ‘Singing Mushrooms’ will make their grand return in the Spring of 2014 as part of the kick-off to the park’s 40th Celebration. This fan-favorite that families came to know and love, will feature the original four colorful mushrooms along with the infamous frog, all singing to their favorite barbershop songs.


“When Kings Dominion announced its 40th Celebration earlier this fall, the response was overwhelming that our guests wanted to see the popular Singing Mushrooms brought back,” said Kings Dominion’s Vice President and General Manager Pat Jones. “As an employee and fan of Kings Dominion since the 70’s, I am excited to see one of my personal favorites return to the park for a new generation of guests to enjoy.”


Garner Holt Productions, Inc. (GHP) from San Bernardino, California was chosen to assist in the refabrication of the Singing Mushrooms. GHP is the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of animatronics for theme parks, museums, dining and retail locations. The company has built nearly 4,000 animatronic figures, hundreds of animated props and show action systems. Most recently, they worked on a restoration of the Timber Mountain Log Ride at Kings Dominion’s sister park, Knott’s Berry Farm in California.


GHP and Kings Dominion are working together to maintain the rich history of the Singing Mushrooms, but also add 21st century animatronic technology to it. The new Singing Mushrooms will have more character to the figures with subtle additional functions not seen in the original animatronics. The Singing Mushrooms will be located in the newly re-themed Candy Apple Grove section of the park.


Kings Dominion’s 40th Celebration will begin when the park opens for its 40th season on Saturday, April 5, 2014. You can reminisce during the off-season by visiting http://www.kingsdominion.com/celebration. The park’s 40th Celebration website includes historical facts, photos and videos and the latest announcements regarding this exciting celebration.


Kings Dominion is also currently offering a limited time special. Purchase tickets at http://www.kingsdominion.com/tickets for just $40. Tickets are valid for any one day visit through Memorial Day 2014.


About Kings Dominion and Cedar Fair Entertainment Company

Kings Dominion is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN.” In addition to Kings Dominion, Cedar Fair owns and operates ten other amusement parks, three water parks, one indoor water park, and five hotels. Cedar Fair also operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in California under a management contract.


Original Singing Mushrooms is a picture of the original Singing Mushrooms that were located near the former Sky Ride at Kings Dominion from the 1970’s until the early 1990’s.


Singing Mushrooms Location 2014 is where the mushrooms will be installed, across from the Dodgem bumper cars attraction, in the newly re-themed Candy Apple Grove.


Singing Mushrooms Frog Mold 2014 is the mold of the frog for the Singing Mushrooms that GHP is currently producing. Additional molds of the 4 mushrooms will be released in the future.

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Yes!!! This is awesome news! Enough to make me plan a trip to KD next summer, in fact.


Interesting that the mold of the frog still has his cigar intact. I would have bet they would have taken that detail out. You know:


"Timmy! What are you doing with these Swisher Sweets?"

"It's OK mom! The piano-playing frog with the singing mushrooms at Kings Dominion smokes cigars, too! I wanna be just like him when I grow up!"


At least they're not stereotyping zombie miners this time.

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Interesting that the mold of the frog still has his cigar intact. I would have bet they would have taken that detail out.

I noticed that, too. I was actually glad to see if left in for "historical sake", but my bets are on that the final product won't have that piece included.

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ALL RIGHT, THIS IS SO ( your favorite expression inserted here ) GREAT!!!


The singing mushrooms are back and for this long-time visitor who must have visited the park over a hundred times this is great news. I had a speculation on if Kings Dominion brought back the singing mushrooms, then I thought they might put them in the grassy area near the carousel. Instead, they taking out the old store that used to be in the spot across from Dodge "Em and putting the singing mushrooms there. This is going to be wonderful!


But one question still lingers: will the piano-playing frog have that cigar in its mouth, or will they take it out due to today's sensitivities concerning smoking? Back in the 70's, nobody care whether or not the frog smoked cigars, but things are different here in the twenty-first century. For me personally, I don't care either way, but that is a decision to be made by management.


So we have blue ice cream, the return of Candy Apple Grove, the return of Safari Village, new lighting packages on the rides, fountain lights, and the return of the singing mushrooms. Now this Kings Dominion lover ask because I dare: "What's next?"



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So we have blue ice cream, the return of Candy Apple Grove, the return of Safari Village, new lighting packages on the rides, fountain lights, and the return of the singing mushrooms. Now this Kings Dominion lover ask because I dare: "What's next?"




Something about Anaconda was happening wasn't it....like a repaint?

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