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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Whats with theses connecters floating in mid air? They look very odd, where theses there when Dominator was at Geauga Lake?


There was a maintenance walkway suspended under that section of the ride. I believe that section was over water/swampland making it impossible to get a cherry picker into that area if they needed to inspect the track.


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Wait, there is actually going to be a safari-themed ride in Safari Village? Is that allowed? 🤣

My money, in all seriousness, is on Tiki Twirl.  CF already has a logo drawn up and everything.

He has a lot more history with Kings Dominion than just 2 years. You also forgot that Carnival and Winterfest also came in under him (I know they aren't rides, but I feel they are big improvements for

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Nice trip report! I will get to KD some day. I rode Dominator when it was at Geauga Lake and would like to again as I loved it. The new paint job looks great. Thanks for posting!

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Yes, I think the maintenance ball is new; at least I don't recall seeing one on Dominator before.

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Yes, I think the maintenance ball is new; at least I don't recall seeing one on Dominator before.


That was bought when Dominator was moved to Kings Dominion. I remember seeing it on a TV special I think the year after it was built. Don't remember what show it was, but I think it was on one of the DIY channels.

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How are Lines In June. I will be going to the park for the first time around june 15th. And i want to know if can do all the rides in one day or should start saving for a fass pass now

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Eric (ernierocker) and I spent a great day at Kings Dominion on Saturday, April 13--perfect weather, light crowds, and Fast Lane Plus, which really came in handy when we rode Volcano. I also took some pictures are the now completed Planet Snoopy area, as I thought some of you might want to see what the place looks like when 1) it isn't full of construction equipment and 2) rides are actually operating, usually with people on them.


So, here's a look at Planet Snoopy, along with some "bonus" photos of a nice spring day at the park.


Good morning, Doswell.


Here's an overview of Planet Snoopy from the Eiffel Tower.


Hi there, old Smurf Mountain station. Looks like Gargamel finally won.


Woodstock's Express (formerly, Ghoster Coaster) looks great in its shiny new paint. They were even running two trains on it.


Remember, this is Snoopy's planet. You're just visiting.


The "iconic" Snoopy fountain, where Snoopy's Splash Dance used to be. Snoopy spits water out of his mouth at intervals.


The kiddie train and the "ride you'll never catch me on."


Being as this is Snoopy's realm, he gets special trash cans. Not even I305 can claim this!


Snoopy wants your child to become a leader--in his new Army of Domination!


Larry--new coaster sign!


Fresh coaster theming.


Unfortunately, Snoopy's Rocket Express was having some issues.


But you can ride Woodstock's train out of Snoopy's Junction, instead.


Lucy's Tugboat was down for the count that day, . . .


. . . so kids weren't able to learn about gravity.


But Snoopy wants, nay, demands, that you let your children play to build up their imaginations.


Play, blast you, play!


The Balloon Race looks like fun--it it weren't for all that spinning.


Theming on the Linus Launcher.


Here's the mini "George Foreman Grill Ride" in action.


Someone asked about the re-themed kiddie bumper cars.


Here they are.


Snoopy's Space Buggies are a sort of kiddie "Bouncy Bouncy."


Another look at Woodstock Whirlybirds, a tyoe of ride that many love--and that's OK.


I think this is the nicest looking ride in Planet Snoopy.


They did a very nice job on this mini chair swing ride.


There were two existing kiddie-car rides that got "Snoopified," as well.


Thank you, Snoopy we will--especially because we have Fast Lane Plus, . . .


. . . which includes Volcano.


Cell phones, cameras, and brief cases are not allowed in Africa.


We actually started and finished out day with Dominator.


And, yes, we rode this a number of times. ;)


An Elissa-friendly prize.


Guess who needs the Shock Wave credit.


Shock Wave's restraints are Spanish Inquisition approved.


Yes, we were once like those poor, miserable souls.


Fast Lane Plus came in pretty handy for riding Avalanche, too.


And while we're saying "hi there" to old stations, let's greet Hypersonic's and offer to buy it a cup of coffee. That's all.

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Kings dominion is such a fantastic park and it has only gotten better every time I have visited! I enjoyed the park as a whole better than any other cedar fair park (even cp). Great atmosphere and balanced ride selection.

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I think Planet Snoopy is a step up from the old Kidsville section--that whole part of the park looks much fresher, now.

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^I must agree with that statement; there are several new rides added to Kings Dominion that even I ( a six-foot tall, 250 pound rider) can get on and ride. Although my two favorite flat rides in Kings Dominion are the Scrambler and the Triple Spin, I might want to add a third one that is called Snoopy's Moon Buggies ( I must confess; that is a fun, little ride!).


As for the Shockwave, the restraints on that coaster must have been inspired by a Medievel Torture Device. I was able to ride it, but dog-gone-it if those tight restraints try to crush my chest. I think I'll stick to the other coasters, like the Rebel Yell, the Grizzly, The Avalanche, and Intimidator 305.


One more note about the Avalanche and the text shall be bold, in caps, and in silver:



The Fast Lane is good to get on the Volcano, Dodge 'Em, Avalanche, and the Windseeker ( When Oh when will that Windseeker seek wind/ It's been grounded for too long for me . . .), but it sure wasn't needed to ride the Wave Swinger on Saturday. While I rode the Wave Swinger, I noticed that the paint was beginning to peel, causing me to wonder if this old ride is on its final season. The park has a total of four swinging rides - if they could ever get Windseeker running again ( If only that Windseeker could be flying once more/ a happier rider I'll be!), so I wonder if the park will decide to take out Wave Swinger and put in another flat ride that can fit perfectly in that spot? Again, this is just speculation on my part.


Those photos of the overview of Kings Dominion are beautiful, proving once again what amazing sights await for those that ride the elevator up the Eiffle Tower so they can view Kings Dominion below them.



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Was at the park last weekend - Planet Snoopy looks great! Great froyo at Sweet Frog, as well.


Something else we noticed - Rebel Yell got some trackwork done over the off-season! That slight turn at the bottom of the first hill after the turnaround has been completely smoothed out, no jolt or anything.

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As Chuck posted above, we had a great time at KD this past Saturday.


A couple of things to add from my side:


- I305 is an awesome coaster. While it will not be my #1 coaster, it is firmly in my top 5. However, after I get the RMC trilogy this summer, that might change.


- I was really impressed with how much improved the park was from my last visit 5 years ago. The staff, ride-ops and the general park appearance were all great.


- Finally, got my Shockwave credit, so I don't ever have to worry about that ride again.


- Was pleasantly surprised by the crowds for a Saturday. Fast Lane Plus was still worth it though to skip two 45 min. plus waits on Volcano.

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^They've been putting in new pavers and doing some other sprucing up around the park, in addition to finishing Planet Snoopy. The improvements are noticeable, and I'm glad they're taking the time to do it.

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- Was pleasantly surprised by the crowds for a Saturday. Fast Lane Plus was still worth it though to skip two 45 min. plus waits on Volcano.


Thank you both for posting about the crowds as I used that as an excuse to go that evening for a few rides on Dominator and I305.

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Great update! The Camp Snoopy area looks really nice and new! I like all the signs, but I think it would look so much better if there were Takis signs every 3 feet.

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Was impressed this past weekend that the ops at Volcano were calling out for single riders and doing it efficiently. Hopefully they can continue to do this and fill the trains up every time.

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