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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Chase, Planet Snoopy's official KidCaster, has struck again! Here is the latest on how the new-and-improved kids area is coming along.



Nice work, Chase!

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Here is some 2013 highlight information that came from Clint Novak's CoasterCrew "In the Loop" web radio interview yesterday with Kings Dominion's spokesperson Gene Petriello. Gene was able to give out some detail information and some "vague" teaser stuff concerning Kings Dominion for 2013. Thanks Clint for hosting the show and getting Gene for the interview!


1. The Anaconda was NOT painted during this off-season.


2. Dominator was re-painted during the off-season. Gene said it only took the paint crew 2 weeks to complete the paint job.


3. WoodStock Express is in the process of being re-painted (i.e. Ghoster Coaster / Scooby Doo).


4. Great Pumpkin Coaster,(Taxi Jam), is in the process of being repainted.


5. The former Kidzville rides are in the process of getting their final coat of paint for the Planet Snoopy re-theme and should be in the process of being re-installed later this week.


6. Gene said the first 3 new rides of Planet Snoopy should be fully operational by the end of the week ["Woodstock's Whirlybirds" (teacups), "Snoopy's Junction" (kiddie train), and "Charlie Browns Windup" (swings).


7. KD is currently in the process of re-installing the coaster trains and flat ride cars/vehicles to the rides around the rest of the park.


8. The BMX Stunt Bike show will occupy the Peanuts Showplace amphitheater this year.


9. There is a new stage for the country music show "Got Country" at the western end of the Grove. It is near the WindSeeker and the SkyFlyer attraction. Gene stated they removed the free-standing games booths near those attractions and that is where the stage will be. There was not enough details given to know if this is just a temp stage, similar to what "Blood Drums" used during Haunt, or something more permanent.


10. The far eastern end of the Grove will be getting pavers roughly from where you cross over the small creek, (just past the Dodgem building), to the Congo entrance. I thought Gene stated the pavers might extend into the Congo front plaza area (Where Outer Hanks restaurant is located).


11. Gene said Kings Dominion is in the middle of a multi-year landscaping project for the whole park. In addition to new landscaping for Planet Snoopy the park has re-done the landscaping around the Eiffel Tower.


12. Supposedly, the International Street fountain pool was re-painted. (Again? I thought it was re-painted during last years off-season?)


13. Gene stated that Kings Dominion will be getting a new style of park map for this year. I thought he stated the park will be the first to get this new style of map in the Cedar Fair chain.


14. Gene did mention that they would be some unique events at the park. Again the details were vague at this point.


15. He hinted at some new stuff for the 2013 Haunt. But, there would not be any details available until late summer.


16. Nothing much was brought up concerning food offerings and merchandise. One of the food places was being re-named in the Congo section to better fit the theme of the area. Gene did allude about the park trying to get back to theming in the park. It sounds more of a long-term, multi-year effort.


17. According to Gene, Planet Snoopy will open to the public for the first time at 10:30am on Friday, March 29th.


Well, that should wrap it up as far as the interview highlights.

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Kings Dominion has firmed up its shows for this season. Here's the official word from the park.


Kings Dominion Announces Largest Entertainment Line-Up in Years

Seven new live shows headlined by a BMX-style show and Broadway-style musical revue


DOSWELL, VA (March 12, 2013) – Kings Dominion, the Mid-Atlantic’s premier amusement park for family-fun, has announced a major expansion in its live show offerings for the 2013 season, highlighted by a high-energy BMX bike show and a Broadway-style musical revue. In all, the entertainment package will include 7 new live shows, 10 total, making it the largest entertainment line-up in years at Kings Dominion.


Headlining the 2013 live entertainment package is the all new “All Wheel Sports,” a BMX-style show with bikers, skaters, and gymnasts who were semifinalists on Season 7 of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent.” Park guests will watch in awe as the cast will flip, dive, and perform stunts that defy gravity. “All Wheel Sports” will be performed in the PEANUTSTM Showplace Theater in Planet Snoopy daily from June 22 – August 18.


Broadway is making its way to Kings Dominion with the all new “On Broadway” musical revue at the Kings Dominion Theatre. From the classics that started a sensation to the biggest hits in New York, “On Broadway” takes over from June 15 – August 18.


The additional live entertainment schedule includes:


NEW – Charlie Brown’s All Star’s: Help cheer on Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus as they gear up for the big baseball game in this all-new family musical, running March 29 – October 27.

NEW – Schroeder’s Sing-Along: Warm up your voice and join Schroeder and the PEANUTSTM gang for singing and dancing fun, running March 29 – October 27.

Got Country: Kick back and relax as country music takes center stage as we celebrate some of today’s hottest hits, running March 29 – September 2.

NEW – Karaoke Superstars: Take to the microphone with the biggest hits from the 50’s to today and be a star on stage, running March 29 – September 2.

NEW – Pop Fusion: Keep the party going as Kings Dominion presents today’s most electrifying hits, running April 27 – September 2. PEANUTSTM Rockin’ Party: Join the PEANUTSTM gang for a rockin’ party on International Street, photo opportunities, along with meet and greets following the show.

NEW – Dominion at Dusk: The sky lights up at night with “Dominion at Dusk,” featuring more than one million LED lights in “Snoopy’s Starlight Spectacular,” a chance to join singers and dancers with a new live show “Street Beats,” and time to blast off with our nightly fireworks show. “Dominion at Dusk” will start at dusk on all 10:00 PM park closings, April 27 through September 1.


“This expansion of our live entertainment, along with our new Planet Snoopy at Kings Dominion, emphasizes our commitment to provide our guests with the best family-fun in the region,” Kings Dominion entertainment manger Jason Holbrooks said.


The expanded live entertainment package resulted in an additional approximately 50 employees hired to perform, with a majority of the entertainers from the Richmond area. For more details on Kings Dominion’s live entertainment, please visithttp://www.kingsdominion.com/things-to-do/live-entertainment.

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Broadway is making its way to Kings Dominion with the all new “On Broadway” musical revue at the Kings Dominion Theatre. From the classics that started a sensation to the biggest hits in New York, “On Broadway” takes over from June 15 – August 18.


Well that settles that...my BF will DEFINITELY want to go to KD to see this when we are down in Virginia for a wedding in June!


I was hoping for more of the Cirque-style shows at parks this year, but hopefully they will take off in the coming years.

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Broadway is making its way to Kings Dominion with the all new “On Broadway” musical revue at the Kings Dominion Theatre. From the classics that started a sensation to the biggest hits in New York, “On Broadway” takes over from June 15 – August 18.


Well that settles that...my BF will DEFINITELY want to go to KD to see this when we are down in Virginia for a wedding in June!


I was hoping for more of the Cirque-style shows at parks this year, but hopefully they will take off in the coming years.


The only Cirque-style show at a Cedar Fair park in 2013, that I know of, is being performed at Canada's Wonderland. Whether or not it branches out to the other parks in the future is unknown. The Broadway review show is being performed at Cedar Point and California's Great America; in addition to KD.

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^Thanks for the info...I'm sure we'll catch the Broadway one at both CP and KD this year.


I really enjoyed the Cirque show at CW during Leviathan Bash last year, so that (plus seeing the Love show in Vegas) really made me hope that these types of shows continue to expand to other parks. Very entertaining.

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Hey Ya!!! Once again I've been catching up on the latest and greatest happenings around my main park of KINGS DOMINION ---ride on!--- and I'm getting more excited each day we approach closer to opening day.


Let's see what we got :

Planet Snoopy check!!!

THE INTIMIDATOR 305 check!!!

Brand new shows including "All Wheels Sports" and "On Broadway" check!!!


The Shenadoah Log Company ( hey, it's my favorite log flume ride) check!!!

Waterworks check!!!

Windseeker ( if they could finally fix the problem so we can all ride like the wind with no fear of a malfunction) check!!!

The Scrambler and Triple Play ( my two favorite flat rides) check!!!

Cedar Fair Platinum Pass double check!!!


All I need now is great, sunny weather on opening day so me and my friend can be !!!

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13. Gene stated that Kings Dominion will be getting a new style of park map for this year. I thought he stated the park will be the first to get this new style of map in the Cedar Fair chain.


So the park isn't changing their map design? That one looks just like the other (meh) CF maps/KD maps from previous years. All the other major changes are totally awesome for the park. I'm definitely glad to see them trying to improve.

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A view of Planet Snoopy from the Eiffel tower.



Not like Kings Dominion has anything else going on for 2013; but, the Carousel is undergoing a multi-year restoration project. For 2013, 16 horses have undergone a refurbishment. These are the outside horses, (the ones with the most detail). The remaining horses and other stuff on the carousel will be done over the next couple of years. Kings Dominion's carousel will celebrate its 100th birthday in 2017. I assume the park wants it to look nice and spiffy for its centennial. (Not much information was given as to whether or not the Whurlitzer (sp?) band organ will get restored in the future).


See and here all about it! http: wtvr.com/2013/03/20/virginia-this-morning-kings-dominion-carousel-horses/

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^ Nice pic!


Question! I have never owned a Cedar Fair season pass before. I am buying a Platinum pass when I go on the 30th of this month. My question is I know with the Gold one they let you flash it and you can get someone $25.00 off a ticket every day of the normal season. I am assuming this is also valid for the platinum pass. Also you get the benefit of entering Water Works early as well as early entry?


It may sound to ask but I wanted to make sure.

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Just checked out fast lane on the Kings Dominion Site looks like I-305 wont be included in the fast lane pricing this year you have to upgrade to Fast Lane Plus to Add I-305 and Volcano. But at least its unlimted rides on Volcano if you do.

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Kings Dominion gave Theme Park Review a preview tour of the new Planet Snoopy, which will open tomorrow (March 29) when the park officially opens for the 2013 season. Here's the official press release about the new, improved area for kids and families.


Kings Dominion to Debut Expanded, Multi-Million-Dollar Planet Snoopy

Eight new family rides featured in the world’s largest PEANUTSTM-themed children’s area


DOSWELL, VA (March 28, 2013) – Family-fun and thrills reach new heights, as Kings Dominion announces the opening of Planet Snoopy, the largest PEANUTSTM-themed children’s area in the world, on March 29. Planet Snoopy boasts eight new rides (18 total rides) based on the world-wide sensation of Charles Schulz’s PEANUTSTM characters. In all, the bigger, better Planet Snoopy spans nearly 14-acres.


The eight new family rides in Planet Snoopy are:


Charlie Brown’s Wind Up: Hop on with Charlie Brown and swing through the air on Charlie Brown’s Wind Up;

Flying Ace Balloon Race: Up, up and away! Soar high into the sky in a hot air balloon that climbs 37 feet into the air;

Linus Launcher: Let’s go! Tilt up, let your feet dangle and feel as if you are flying through thin air on Linus Launcher;

Lucy’s Tugboat: Come aboard and set sail on the high seas with Lucy and your family by your side on Lucy’s Tugboat;

Snoopy’s Junction: All aboard the only PEANUTSTM-themed railroad at Kings Dominion, as Woodstock and Snoopy lead the way on Snoopy’s Junction;

Snoopy’s Rocket Express: Blast off with this rocket-themed monorail that gives your entire family an aerial view of Snoopy’s playhouse;

Snoopy’s Space Buggies: Defy gravity and bounce your way to the moon on Snoopy’s Space Buggies;

Woodstock Whirlybirds: Take the kids for a spin around on the classic teacups with a Woodstock twist.


In addition to the new family rides, Planet Snoopy will also feature:


· Three new live shows, including a high-energy BMX-bike show with bikers and skaters who were semifinalists on Season 7 of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” starting June 22. The new entertainment in Planet Snoopy is part of a major entertainment expansion, including 7 new shows (10 total) at Kings Dominion.


· An 1,100 square-foot Family Care Center with reading time, changing rooms, feeding rooms, nap areas and more;


· The Kings Dominion Marketplace with healthy food options, including fruits, cheese, vegetables, salads and healthy drink options;


· “Planet Snoopy Family FUNtastic Guide”: a first-of-its-kind education guide containing lessons geared toward family interaction before, during and after a visit to Planet Snoopy. Parents can pick up one at the Family Care Center in Planet Snoopy.


“The new, world-class Planet Snoopy along with our enhanced live show line-up at Kings Dominion, demonstrates our commitment toward providing a day for families to spend together and create new memories,” said Kings Dominion’s Vice President and General Manager Pat Jones. “We are determined to make Planet Snoopy at Kings Dominion the best children’s area it can be.”


Kings Dominion opens on Friday, March 29 for its 39th season of operation. Guests can find the best deal on season passes and daily tickets, along with park hours at http://www.kingsdominion.com.


The new, expanded Planet Snoopy involved more than just adding a few new rides for kids. The entire infrastructure of what used to be Kidsville had to be modernized and brought up to steam. In the past, the Kidsville rides were all "independent" of each other. But for Planet Snoopy, all the rides' control systems were networked together to improve operations. In addition, all rides that were rethemed for Planet Snoopy were stripped down and completely refurbushed--which includes fresh new paint. The area is now brighter and more "open" than Kidsville used to be. The old gazebo has been moved, and will now serve at the Kings Dominion Market healthy snack stand, and a new show stage now occupies its old space. They've also expanded and upgraded the Family Care Center. All the rides have been tested and are ready to go.


And for those of you wondering about Windseeker, here is the park's official statement:


We are currently working with the ride manufacturer, Mondial, to design a new evacuation system in the event the ride is unable to return to its home position through normal operations. We are committed to the safety of each and every guest at Kings Dominion and we will re-open the ride to the public once we're comfortable that all appropriate safety precautions have been taken.


In other words, Windseeker will not be open over the spring break period in Virginia.


Here's a look at the new, expanded Planet Snoopy. Thank you to Kings Dominion and Gene Petriello for the sneak peek!


Looks like we're in the right place.


Topiary Snoopy is dang glad to see us!


This is the iconic fountain where Snoopy's Splash Dance used to be (near the Flying Ace ride). Yes, Snoopy will spit water out of his mouth.


Hey, Larry! Got a sign for ya!


I'm sure that tea-cup ride fans, such as Larry, will be happy to see this. As for me, I will be happy to hold others' bags while they ride. ;)


Besides being a flying ace, Snoopy is also an engineer . . .


. . . and here is his train.


A closer look at the train, with Woodstock as the signal man.


Let's not forget Snoopy's sort-of master, Charlie Brown.


This will be a step up from the old kiddie swings that used to be in Kidsville, as these will be more like a "mini Wave Swinger." In the background are the refurbished bumper cars (Lucy's Crabby Cabbies).


Just giving Good Ol' Charlie Brown his due.


Just because Taxi Jam is now the Great Pumpkin Coaster does not mean it's a new credit. Let's get that straight right now! ;)


The same goes for Woodstock Express.


But doesn't its new paint look nice?


Dominator got a fresh coat of love during the off season, too. It looks great.


Sweet Frog should be open tomorrow, too, for all your frozen yogurt needs.


Here's another new ride--a Peanuts version of the "Rocket Jets."


I had no idea that Snoopy was the "First Beagle on the Moon." They don't mention this as the Kennedy Space Center.


Linus doesn't look to sure about this.


I wonder how Linus feels about the Linus Launcher?


Yes, you can spin these balloons on the Flying Ace Balloon Race, which means you can spew from 37 feet in the air!


Lucy's Tugboat is another new ride. I had no idea that Lucy was a sailor and a psychiatrist.


Here's one of the refurbished Kidsville rides.


Yes, it's been "Snoopified."


"This is my domain, and I protect those who come here!"


Here is the biggest new Planet Snoopy ride.


I know that many of you will be pleased that Kings Dominion now has a monorail.


Fresh, new track!


Be sure to visit Planet Snoopy, because his planet has cookies! Thanks for reading.

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