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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Some "Bigger, Better Planet Snoopy" news!





DOSWELL, VA (January 21, 2013) – Kings Dominion, the Mid-Atlantic’s premier amusement park where Thrills Connect has announced SweetFrog, the popular Richmond-based self-serve frozen yogurt company will open its first-ever amusement park location at Kings Dominion in the spring of 2013. SweetFrog will be located outside of Woodstock Express, a re-themed roller coaster in the park’s newly expanded Planet Snoopy.


SweetFrog at Kings Dominion will offer families a large selection of delicious frozen yogurt flavors including fat free, sugar free, and gluten free options. Customers will also have dozens of toppings to choose from including fresh fruit, granola, wet walnuts, crushed candy bars, chocolate, caramel, shredded coconut and more.


“We saw an opportunity to have another location in Virginia and were intrigued with the idea,” said SweetFrog Director of Marketing, Victor DiPace. “With Richmond being the home base of SweetFrog, what better place to have a location than at an amusement park in our own back yard? It is a perfect combination of entertainment, family and kids having fun.”


SweetFrog started in Richmond in 2009 when CEO Derek Cha hand-picked Richmond as the city to start his frozen yogurt business. SweetFrog now operates nearly 200 stores nationwide with continued expansion plans for 2013.


Kings Dominion will open for its 39th season on March 29th, when togetherness will take on a whole new meaning with the multi-million dollar expansion of Planet Snoopy. Based on one of the most beloved comic strip characters ever, Snoopy and the PEANUTS™ gang, Planet Snoopy will span nearly 14-acres and boast 8 new rides designed for families to experience together.


“We are thrilled to be partnering with such a local iconic brand that our guests can relate with and will be a great addition to our new Planet Snoopy children’s area,” said Kings Dominion Director of Marketing John Taylor. “Planet Snoopy is sure to deliver new and exciting experiences for the entire family with the addition of eight new rides and many enhanced guest amenities.”


Kings Dominion is owned and operated by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, a publicly traded partnership that is listed for trading on The New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “FUN.” In addition to Kings Dominion, Cedar Fair owns and operates ten other amusement parks, four water parks, one indoor water park, and five hotels. Cedar Fair also operates the Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park in California under a management contract.


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Wait, there is actually going to be a safari-themed ride in Safari Village? Is that allowed? 🤣

My money, in all seriousness, is on Tiki Twirl.  CF already has a logo drawn up and everything.

He has a lot more history with Kings Dominion than just 2 years. You also forgot that Carnival and Winterfest also came in under him (I know they aren't rides, but I feel they are big improvements for

Posted Images

The GoogleEarth satellite has been updated for Kings Dominion. The imagery was taken on October 21st, 2012 (which means Halloween Haunt props are out). Since the last update Intimidator 305 has received a new first turn and grass around the ride, Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular has been added, Shockwave has received a new color scheme, tons of brick pavers has replaced pavement around the park, Windseeker has been installed, Dinosaurs Alive has been added, and much more!


Here are a few highlights of the update...


Overview of the park.


Intimidator 305, now with a new turn and grass!


The park's boneyard located behind Hurler, including Intimidator 305's old first turn track/supports.


Shockwave with its new lime green and teal color scheme.


Windseeker replaced El Dorado and brick pavers/planters were added to the area where XLC previously was located.


Dinosaurs Alive takes up tons of land in the back corner of Old Virginia nestled in between Grizzly and White Water Canyon.


CornStalkers, located on International Street across the fountains from Berserker, is out for Halloween Haunt.

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I will be going to the park on March 30 and wanted to know if the park is usually crowded this early in the season? I will need to process my season pass before I leave for California on April 1st so I can use it out there.

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Early spring weekends are my second favorite time to go to the park, after Halloween Haunt Friday nights. Cool temperatures with hardly any lines! You will be fine. I'll be there that weekend too to kick off my 2013 season and to celebrate Easter lapping 305...

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Kings Dominion increasing the entertainment offerings for the 2013 season.


In today's local Richmond, VA newspaper, there was an article noting Kings Dominion was hiring for the 2013 season and was looking to hire 4000 seasonal workers. This was an increase in the number of employees to be hired compared to the 2012 season. Also, in the article was an announcement that Kings Dominion was increasing the number of entertainment offerings from 6 shows in 2012 to 10 shows in 2013.


Kings Dominion also will enlarge the number of live shows it will present from six last year to 10 for its 2013 season, Petriello said. Seven of the 10 live-entertainment productions will be new ones.


I assume that the 3 main shows; "All Access", "Spin", and maybe "Got Country" are being replaced for this 2013 season. I believe that all 3 of these have run 2 years concurrently and are up for replacement. Then there are the 2 children shows from 2012 "Charlie Browns Pirate Adventure" and "Peanuts Rocking Party". I see them currently on the parks website, so I assume they are coming back in 2013.


That leaves "Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular / Nights of Fire" as the sixth show from 2012? I have no idea if the park considers the Dinosaur Movie as an entertainment "show" offering.


So that leaves 4 additional new entertainment offerings for 2013. I do know that the park was adding another children's show for 2013 due to the Planet Snoopy expansion. So that leaves 3 additional new shows. It will be interesting to see if these are actually "live shows" [singers, dancers, musicians, actors] or something like the Snoopy light show / fireworks events. TBD


Here is the link to the full article: http://www.timesdispatch.com/business/economy/kings-dominion-to-hire-workers-for-season/article_839cc969-baa9-5aff-9332-4ba46dff8302.html

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The winner of Kings Dominion's "KidCaster" competition has been announced.


DOSWELL, VA (January 25, 2013) – Kings Dominion is excited to announce that Chase Mytrysak, 7, a second grader at Winding Creek Elementary School in Stafford, has been selected as the park’s first-ever Planet Snoopy KidCaster. Chase will be the park’s junior reporter, telling the world about the park’s Planet Snoopy construction. Kings Dominion will unveil its bigger, better Planet Snoopy in the spring, which will boast 8 new rides and span nearly 14-acres. Chase was chosen as the Planet Snoopy KidCaster from more than 150 applicants.


Congratulations to KD's first KidCaster, Chase Mytrysak.

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First and foremost I would like to congradulate Chase Mytrysak as Planet Snoopy first-ever Kidcaster. Do a good job, kid, and don't let us down!!!


Second, I welcome any and all new pictures of Kings Dominion, especially those taken way up in the air. By looking at the areas between the Hurler/Ricochet and Intimidator 305, I'm now more than convince that they could put in that two-way train attraction that I recently posted (See page # 930 to read my idea) for 2014 and leave 2015 for that big coaster (Perhaps the one that is to replace The Anaconda. I did read that Cedar Fair was planning on taking out all their old looping coasters within the next few years. Could Kings Dominion be getting their very own Gatekeeper???).


And finally, KIngs Dominion is getting more shows!!! I felt that this is what this park was lacking two seasons ago. But I hope the extra shows aren't more singing and dancing because methinks we have enough of that. I would like to see a magic show, a circus show or maybe even a BMX bike stunt show. Hey, if Cedar Fair can manage to bring back the old sea lion and dolphin show I would kiss the manager's feet! Here's an idea ( in which I'll offer it freely so I can't sue if it's actually used ): how about hosting a special event that will bring street performers to Kings Dominion and have them scattered all over the park? The park needs shows for those that can't ride and for those that can ride, but need a safety break in-between thrill rides.


Here's hoping that 2013 turns into a great season for the park!!!


"Are you done yet? Please come to bed because I want you!"

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Here is what I found concerning a possible new show. I wrote this on another site and I am too lazy to type it all from scratch.


New 2013 show semi-confirmed for Kings Dominion.


While I was viewing other amusement related sites, I was referred to a company Facebook site that stated Kings Dominion will be getting a new BMX bike stunt show for 2013. This show will be returning to Cedar Point for 2013 and will be new for Dorney Park and Kings Dominion. This company also produced the show at Knotts Berry Farm and California's Great Adventure in the recent past (the show is not there for those parks for 2013).


This show has cyclists, skateboarders, inline skaters, trampoline artists, acrobats, etc. You can see videos of the show at Cedar Point and Knotts. Course, I have no idea where this show can be performed at KD. Hopefully, full confirmation will come from Kings Dominion when they update the entertainment section of their web site. That usually happens in late February / early March



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Kings Dominion has released its operating schedule for 2013.


In 2013, Kings Dominion will open for the season on Friday, March 29th and operate for 10 days through April 7th for Easter and spring break. The park will then be open on weekends – as well as Fridays in May – until Memorial Day weekend. Daily operation of the park runs from May 24-September 2. We will be open on select weekends in September. Halloween Haunt will kick off on Friday, September 27th and operate on select nights through October 27th.


A link to the 2013 Kings Dominion Operating Calendar is below:



A link to the 2013 WaterWorks Operating Calendar – which is open daily from May 25 through September 2 – is below:


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More 2013 entertainment stuff for King Dominion:


Another entertainment tidbit I came across was from MoonMaxx Productions face book site. On an entry dated Jan. 24th they had the Kings Dominion entertainment auditions listed. One was in New York city at the end of January and 2 audition dates at the Kings Dominion theater in February.


But, what got my attention was a couple replies from MoonMaxx to an inquiry about the start of the show rehearsals. They stated that the pop music show and country music show rehearsals will begin March 15th. I assume that these 2 shows will be ready to perform opening day weekend.


The thing that really caught my eye was the beginning rehearsal date, (June 1st), for the Broadway style show the park will be putting on this summer. This will be the first time Kings Dominion has produced a Broadway style show in over 21 years! These types of shows were last produced under the Taft/KECO years of ownership (1975-1992). I assume this show is only active for the prime summer season, (mid-June | mid-August), although it is possible this show could run through Labor Day weekend because of its late start date.


Based on the 2013 entertainment information from Kings Dominion so far, they announced that the "Live" Show Offerings would increase from 6 productions in 2012 to 10 productions for the 2013 season. 7 shows will be new and 3 will be returning.


Here were the 2012 entertainment offerings:

1) "All Access" | 50's/60's/70's - Pop/Rock Music Review

2) "Spin" | Current Pop/Top-40 Music Review

3) "Got Country" | Country Music Show

4) "Charlie Browns Pirate Adventure" | Kids Show

5) ""Peanuts Rocking Party" | Kids Show

6) "Snoopy's Starlight Spectacular" | Light & Sound Show

7) "Nights of Fire" | Fireworks Show

8) "Dinosaurs of the Patagonia" | 3D Movie

9) Daily Peanuts Character Meet & Greet


So folks, the park spokesman said there were 6 "Live" shows in 2012. Which 3 entertainment offerings from above do not belong in the "Live" show column? And Should those 3 go under the "Attractions" category (As in Rides and Attractions)?


Which 3 shows are returning for 2013?


Here is a very rough draft of the entertainment offerings for 2013. Some of this is semi-confirmed based on some sleuthing on the Facebook sites of a few entertainment production companies, (Moon Maxx Productions and All Wheels Productions), that are assisting Kings Dominion in their 2013 entertainment offerings. The show locations and start dates are just my guesses.


1) Broadway Style Show [ Moon Maxx | Kings Dominion Theater? | Opening Mid-June? ]

2) Pop Music Show [ Moon Maxx | International Street Bandstand? | Opening Day? ]

3) Country Music Show [ Moon Maxx | Peanuts Showplace Amphitheater? | Opening Day? ]

4) BMX Bike Stunt Show [ All Wheels | Unknown | Unknown ]

5) Kids Show 1 [ In-House? | Unknown | Unknown ]

6) Kids Show 2 [ In-House? | Unknown | Unknown ]

7) Kids Show 3 [ In-House? | Unknown | Unknown ]

8) One of the bottom four offerings from the 2012 listing above ("Live" Show or an "Attraction")

9) Unknown [ Unknown | Unknown | Unknown ]

10) Unknown [ Unknown | Unknown | Unknown ]


I feel confident that the first three 2012 music shows listed above are not returning in 2013 because they were produced at King Dominion for both the 2011 and 2012 seasons. The park did state that they were adding a 3rd Kids show this year due to the Planet Snoopy expansion (from the media day in September 2012). I have no idea if the other 2 kids shows from 2012 are returning for the 2013 season.


The question is, what is the 9th and 10th "Live" show offerings for 2013? My guess is there will be one more music review like the former "Spin" show except it would feature some other genre of music (a specific type or from a specific time). Anyone have any suggestions based on any other Cedar Fair Park show offerings?


The last "Live" show offering could be some type of roaming entertainment group, like the return of the clown band or a small acapella assemble. Any guesses here?


Others have suggested a Magic show or a Cirque du Soleil style show. I think those are great ideas; but, those types of shows need some type of temp/permanent show facility to perform in. Kings Dominion currently has a shortage of show facilities and I have no idea where these could be performed. (KD lost 3 show amphitheaters during the Paramount years). Cedar Fair could build a new indoor theater for Kings Dominion like they did at Dorney Park 2-3 years ago. But, that takes some advance planning and some greenbacks to get that done and I don't see that happening for 2013.

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I think that Chase did a great job!


It is not easy trying to describe a coming attraction, (Snoopy's Rocket Express for example), when all you have around you is piles of dirt, broken concrete, and brick pavers all around. Especially, when this is a type of ride that most of the people in this region have never seen or ridden before. I would have difficulty at my age doing that; and he is just 7 years old!


For us theme/amusement park nerds, he gave a current count of the concrete round things (footers) and told us the legs (supports) will go on top. Showed us where the station will be located. Also, told us the location for the frozen yogurt shop and where Lucy's Rockin Tug Boat will go. Great update!


I think it was nice of the park to let Chase be the 7 year old he is and let him tell it in his own words without forcing some sort scripted dialog down his throat. After all, this Planet Snoopy expansion is just for kids his age.


As a side note, I thought Kings Dominion stated they will start taking delivery of the new rides starting the end of this week and continuing for the next 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. Hopefully, we will have new updates in the near future!

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Also, told us the location for the frozen yogurt shop


I imagine many enthusiasts fixated on this point.


Chase is off to a good start.

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Also, told us the location for the frozen yogurt shop


I imagine many enthusiasts fixated on this point.


Chase is off to a good start.


Well, at least there is one 7 year old enthusiast who is! Sweet Frog has already promised Chase a large frozen yogurt on the house. Lucky little man!


Plus, Kings Dominion is offering ACE members a healthier option for 2013 when it comes to Desserts!


P.S. The park's Planet Snoopy web cam is back up. They have re-oriented the camera to a wider field of view. It appears to point in a south-easterly direction (camera mount near the bathroom building?). You can see volcano in the background to the upper left side and the old kiddie bump car building on the center right. this camera orientation will allow us to keep up with the construction/renovation of maybe 4-5 attractions. Course, the camera resolution is not the best. I assume the park spared no expense when it came to this camera. In my own opinion, there is no way to cover all the renovation and new construction in this area with one camera, it would take at least 2 and maybe 3 cameras to cover the whole area. Anyway we are fortunate to have one glimpse into the area.

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Several points I would like to make -


#1 - Chase did a good job on his first podcast report. You Go, Kid!


#2 - Holy Moly!!! It looks like they torn up the area formerly known as Kidzville. I can't wait to see what Planet Snoopy will look like when Kings Dominion opens for the season.


#3 Nice to know where Sweet Frog is to be located.


#4 mhuffva wrote

Others have suggested a Magic show or a Cirque du Soleil style show. I think those are great ideas; but, those types of shows need some type of temp/permanent show facility to perform in. Kings Dominion currently has a shortage of show facilities and I have no idea where these could be performed. (KD lost 3 show amphitheaters during the Paramount years). Cedar Fair could build a new indoor theater for Kings Dominion like they did at Dorney Park 2-3 years ago. But, that takes some advance planning and some greenbacks to get that done and I don't see that happening for 2013.


I would have to agree with mhuffva with Kings Dominion not having enough show places. Perhaps this can be fixed by next season.


That's all for now. I have a Cedar Fair Platinum Pass for this season, so don't let me down!


"I'm not perfect: I just love to ride."

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The latest on Planet Snoopy from Kings Dominion:


DOSWELL, VA (February 20, 2013) – Kings Dominion is excited to announce the first of its eight new rides in the bigger, better Planet Snoopy – Woodstock Whirlybirds – has arrived at the Doswell theme park. Woodstock Whirlybirds will feature six, four-passenger teacups that will take families for a spin with a new Woodstock twist. Kings Dominion will unveil its bigger, better Planet Snoopy in the spring, which will boast eight new rides and span nearly 14-acres. The remaining seven new rides are expected to arrive at the park within the next two weeks.


Get ready to spin . . .


. . . and spew! (Well, let's hope not.)

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Wow, those seat belts are pretty tacky looking. The could've at least made them compliment the ride color wise......

Really? You're complaining about the colour of a seatbelt on a kiddie ride? Please stop talking. Thanks.

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