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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Volcano and Flight of Fear seem to have the longest waits at KD while Verbolten is BGW's longest wait. Since you're going on a Saturday it seems, you might as well bite the bullet and get Fastpasses for both parks or hit any of the rides that get long waits early in the day.

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Wait, there is actually going to be a safari-themed ride in Safari Village? Is that allowed? 🤣

My money, in all seriousness, is on Tiki Twirl.  CF already has a logo drawn up and everything.

He has a lot more history with Kings Dominion than just 2 years. You also forgot that Carnival and Winterfest also came in under him (I know they aren't rides, but I feel they are big improvements for

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Im going around june 15th. Just wondering if you know what attractions typically have the longest waits at Kd or bgw?


you need to ride Volcano first thing in the morning. it's very low capacity and the wait gets longer and longer throughout the day. Flight of Fear is a good second choice, it can back up as well. i305 line moves pretty fast, so you can hit that at your convenience (early and often is my recommendation )


Shockwave is also an excruciatingly slow line, but unlike Volcano, it is by no means a must-ride.

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Kings Dominion Gives "Hard Hat" Tour of Planet Snoopy Construction


Gene Petriello, Kings Dominions public relations manager, and Wayne Fuqua, rides maintenance manager, showed us how the work is progressing in the park's expanded Planet Snoopy area. Once finished, this expansion will encompass the old Kidsville section, take up nearly 14 acres, and offer 18 attractions that kids and parents can enjoy together. This will make it the largest Planet Snoopy of all the Cedar Fair parks.


Eight of the rides in Planet Snoopy will be brand new:

Snoopy’s Rocket Express: An aerial monorail that gives families a view high above Planet Snoopy.

Flying Ace Balloon Race: Hot air balloons that lift up 15 feet into the air, as you spin around. Each balloon represents a different country throughout the world.

Linus Launcher: This ride will give families a sense that they are flying around together in Planet Snoopy.

Charlie Brown’s Wind Up: Families will hop in and swing around on this baseball-themed ride.

Snoopy’s Junction: It’s all aboard a Snoopy-themed railway, with Woodstock leading the way.

Lucy’s Tugboat: Come on board a rocking tugboat, as guests set sail with the entire family by their side.

Snoopy’s Space Buggies: Defy gravity, as families hop into moon buggies that bounce up and down and rotate in a circle.

Woodstock Whirlybirds: Spin around in the classic teacups, with a new Woodstock-themed twist.


Ten of the rides will be existing attractions, some of which will be rethemed with the Peanuts gang in mind:

Lucy’s Crabbie Cabbie (formerly Boulder Bumpers)

Great Pumpkin Coaster (formerly Taxi Jam)

Woodstock Express (formerly Ghoster Coaster)

Snoopy vs. Red Baron (formerly Red Baron)

PEANUTSTM Turnpike (formerly Junior Turnpike)

PEANUTSTM Road Rally (formerly Road Rally)

Boo Blasters on Boo Hill (This attraction will remain exactly as it is--no retheming.)

Joe Cool’s Driving School

Flying Ace

Snoopy’s Moon Bounce


Many details, such as height requirements, are being worked out as the work continues. The new rides will be arriving at the park between February 13 and March 1, 2013, and Planet Snoopy is scheduled to open with the rest of the park on March 29. This is, of course, subject to change due to unforeseen conditions. The names for the rides could change, too, as the process grinds on.


And before construction, there has to be some destruction. Many of the old Kidsville attractions, such as the Treasure Cave, have been permanently removed. Much of the work being done now involves digging to prepare Planet Snoopy's infrastructure. Let's have a look.


Welcome to Kings Dominion and Planet Snoopy. But please keep in mind . . .


. . . this is a "Hard Hat Area."


Yes, it's so dangerous that Snoopy has been wrapped for his own protection.


Here's the area we'll be covering.


Remember Snoopy's Splash Dance? It's being replaced by an "iconic" Planet Snoopy fountain. There are no plans for a water-play area in Planet Snoopy.


This fence is one remnant of the old Kidsville that will remain.


The Treasure Cave, which was closed all this season, used to be here. This will be the site of the Snoopy's Junction train ride.


No, this isn't "Pigpen's Dumpster of Delight." Woodstock Whirlybirds will be installed here (near Snoopy's Junction).


RIP Treasure Cave.


This will be Lucy's Crabbie Cabbie (kiddie bumper cars).


The old Boulder Bumpers facade has been removed.


"Stupid concrete! I pulverize you good!"


This is for all the fans of piles of dirt, sand, and gravel. You know who you are.


While the old air-conditioned Treasure Cave may be gone, parents and kids can seek relief in what used to be the old "Lost Parents" building. Kids (and, I presume, parents) will even be allowed to take naps inside.


OK, Taxi Jam is being rethemed as Great Pumpkin Coaster. Will you count it as a new credit? I sincerely hope not. ;)


Next to Great Pumpkin Coaster will be the station for Snoopy's Rocket Express. This will be an electric (not cycle) monorail ride. The station will be roughly 10 to 12 feet above the ground.


Hmm--I don't know what the fate of this little dinosaur will be.


Gene Petriello talks to a reporter from Fredericksburg, Va.


Moving on toward Boo Blaster. The park will be adding three new rides here, in addition to retheming some existing rides. They're still working out the details, but three new rides located here should be Flying Ace Balloon Race, Lucy's Tugboat, and perhaps Snoopy's Space Buggies.


"Must move big rock . . ."


See that pile of rubble on the left? It's roughly where Lucy's Tugboat will be located.


The existing Red Baron planes have been removed for refurbishment.


Here it gets a little confusing. Boo Blasters was technically not part of Kidsville, but it will be part of Planet Snoopy--but the ride itself will not be altered.


The two electric car rides here will be renamed Peanuts Turnpike and Peanuts Road Rally, but will be essentially unchanged.


A moment of silence for the old Kidsville sign. They'll be "Snoopying" this one up, too.


Well, that's it for the tour. There will be others as construction progresses.


I leave you with this shot of Kings Dominion's official Planet Snoopy Mobile. Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for the update! Great to see they're planning to have it all done for the start of the season.


Snoopy’s Rocket Express: An aerial monorail that gives families a view high above Planet Snoopy.


This counts as a credit, right?

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Thanks for the update! Great to see they're planning to have it all done for the start of the season.


Snoopy’s Rocket Express: An aerial monorail that gives families a view high above Planet Snoopy.


This counts as a credit, right?


Only if you count powered coasters . . . no, not even then.

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Interesting tour, I wonder how big the Snoopy fountain will be. Do you happen to know what they do with the dinosaurs from Dinosaurs Alive for the winter? I know they all have skins that easily come off but I imagine dismantling the cables/hydraulic things that control the dinos would be a lot of work and they couldn't be left outside all winter. Some of those dinos were enormous and in my head they're all sitting in a warehouse somewhere. Just curious!

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Thanks for the update Chuck!! It's a good move for KD (Planet Snoopy) but can't help feeling a tad nostalgic towards seeing what was once Yogi's cave when I was a kid ...gone forever. Ah well...

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I think Kidsville was long overdue for some kind of refurb. As for the old Treasure Cave, it was pretty beat up and not what one would call "amazing." I can understand why some of KD's fans might miss it, but I think I'll miss the AC more than the attraction.

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I have two things I would like to contribute to this thread.


First, I went over to YouTube and watched those old Kings Dominion Commercials. I did remember one in the early eighties that featured the tagline "Betcha you can't do it all". My comment on that tagline: "I bet I could do it all if the stupid lines weren't too line for those rides!" Can any of those commercials be found in Youtube?


Now, as for the new and improved Planet Snoopy, I'm looking forward to all the construction updates and seeing this new area get the facelift it needed all those seasons ago.


The opening 2013 season cannot get here soon enough.


I'm not perfect; I just love to ride

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I think by the time I moved to Virginia in the mid-1980s, the train was gone (although I did do the "safari monorail" ride).

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^ I remember the train from when I was a kid so I think it was removed in early to mid 90's. (Unless there was two different trains)


From KDFansite's timeline of Kings Dominion....


1994 – Hurler (Wayne’s World) added – (Old Dominion Line & Sky Pilot Removed)


I assume Paramount removed the train for Hurler.

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I think by the time I moved to Virginia in the mid-1980s, the train was gone (although I did do the "safari monorail" ride).


The train was there till about 93 I believe but was SBNO since 91 if my memory is correct. I know it was running in !990 when I was there for school trip.

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Okay, okay, I will admit that I miss the train too since it was taken out in the mid 90's (just like I miss the old sky ride that ran back and forth across Candy Apple Grove - when that area was called "Candy Apple Grove"), but if they should ever consider putting the train back in to be used for the visitors to travel from one side of the park to the other, then where can they put the train stations? Methinks I may have a solution in the next paragraph below.


Suppose they did take the Hurler out and put Train Station #1 (south end) in its place, then have one set of tracks that will head to the Intimidator305 by crossing through a pathway of the waterpark section, go under and through the Intimidator305 coaster and head to Train Station #2 (north end) that lies somewhere between Flight of Fear and the Intimidator 305 and having the second set of tracks (heading back to Train Station #1) by taking the long way around the Intimidator305 and the waterpark and heading back to Train Station #1. I believe that's one way they could do it. With two sets of tracks, you can two sets of trains running at the same time.


But if they decided not to take the Hurler out to put Train Station #1, then I'm sure they could put the Train Station in the area that is between Ricochet and the Hurler. Either way, the layout would work just fine.


And I'm also thinking that this attraction will pay off in one of three ways: One, as a mode of transportation to give the visitors a chance to relax as they travel to the other side of the park; two, A quick method to get to the other side of the park to ride Volcano and Intimidator after you've ridden Windseeker and the Rebel Yell; and three, another attraction to those visitors that can't handle the extreme thrill rides. Hold it - another idea just popped into my head: how about during HalloScream they use the train as a haunted train ride attraction? If they did it with Blue Ridge Toll Road, then they could also do it with the Train Attraction.


One last thing (and I'll give away this idea for free so I can't sue them) - They could call it "The King's Express"! What do you all think about that?


Before I leave, I would like to mention that this upcoming season with be my 35th season with Kings Dominion since coming to the park in 1978. I've been to Kings Dominion more times than any other park, and that ain't gonna change anytime soon!


"I'm not perfect; I just love to ride

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