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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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They just did here.


At Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia, two new family rides will debut in the Grove section of the park next summer. The Americana Ferris wheel and the El Dorado rotating car ride are sure to help families create new memories.


Yeah I read about the 2009 additions to KD being confirmed on the CF homepage this morning,I wonder why Black Squid wasn't included? Still Americana & El Dorado will look sweet on HS:XLC's former spot next season......now if they'll just bring on the web cam for those off-season construction & ride re-painting updates.

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Since the discussion has drifted beyond "property lines" into other stuff about KD, I've changed the title of the thread to reflect that.


Although you can still discuss the park's property lines if you want, I guess.



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^Since we already have a KD discussion thread (which started as a "KD's property lines" thread), I've merged your topic into it.


Everyone can speculate away here.


Thank you,



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This is what El Dorado Looked like at Geauga (Six Flags Painted it this color):



Eldorado was about 65' when it was at it's highest point.


And this is Americana:



It's a very nice looking wheel with unique ARROW/HUSS Tubs.

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