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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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I'm suprised Spongebob got kicked out as there is a huge family appeal to it. Though, dinosaurs are loved by many kids though I don't know if they'll be able to fill the theater with an admission fee.


I doubt it,just because KI did it doesn't mean KD will follow suit.BTW the go karts will be there.

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I'm suprised Spongebob got kicked out as there is a huge family appeal to it.


Spongebob 3D was there for 9 seasons, which was way more than enough... You can only watch a 3D movie so many times before it gets just plain old. Even if you only go to the park once a season, after seeing it 9 times you'd be over Spongebob chasing the stupid pickle. It has hardly had much of a line either the last few seasons. Finally, it doesn't even make sense for it to be in the park anymore, the Nickelodeon characters left after the 2009 season, this should have left then too.


The Dinosaurs Alive 3D movie would be a very wise choice for the theater (to get the guests excited about dinosaurs, which means they would pay for Dinosaurs Alive!), IF it was FREE. I haven't heard of such a stupid idea as charging to go see a <10 minute 3D movie.

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^^^ Kings Dominion is known for very heavy usage of fog during it's Haunt event, sometimes you can hardly see in front of you it is so thick. When you at the top of the Eiffel Tower and Drop Tower all you see is a heavy blanket of fog settled in the park. So Windseeker should be no different.


As for Elvira's Superstition, I imagine once it leaves, the park will use the Action Theater for a Haunt maze like KI and Carowinds does... They are going to have to find somewhere for the Asylum this year since the Dinostore took over the Grizzly Arcade.

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^Because you totally need Fastlane on Grizzly, Hurler, Anaconda, Rebel Yell, or Ricochet I would imagine the big three (Volcano, I305 and Dominator) plus FoF, Crypt, Drop Zone, Windseeker? Backlot? Shockwave? WWC? This is all speculation, I'm just thinking about the most popular rides.

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Glad to see they finally released that information. The price is $55 online. Let the fools of the general public pay for this as it would be silly to pay for Fast Lane at KD besides on a day where the park almost hits capacity. As long as you can knock out Volcano in the morning a few times, you can ride all those other rides easily thoughout the day. I was shocked seeing Flying Eagles and Triple Spin on the list as I thought Ricochet and Shockwave would as they suprisingly always has quite a line. The only ride you'll get your bang for your buck everyday is Volcano.


That being said, I would be tempted to buy this though to marathon Intimidator 305 and Volcano all day/night long...

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Just so that everyone knows exactly which rides are offered on Fast Lane:


  • Dominator
    Drop Tower
    Flight of Fear
    Flying Eagles
    Intimidator 305
    Log Flume
    Backlot Stunt Coaster
    Triple Spin




I can see the front seat lines on Dominator & I305 becoming the fastlane line for these two rides but why put the system on flat rides like windseeker,DT & triple spin,which generally have a high capacity per cycle just by nature of the design?Looks like I won't be riding BLSC,FOF or V:TBC much if at all this year,I usually skip volcano & FOF but do tend to ride backlot on occasion.

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Besides Verbolten, Windseeker and DInosaurs Alive are coming to Virginia this spring! The Coaster Crew got to go out to Kings Dominion yesterday to check up on the progress being made in the park. For more photos visit: http://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=1391101425#!/media/set/?set=a.2372205029812.2108608.1391101425&type=3


Kings Dominion's opening day is Good Friday, April 6th!


The seat installation has begun!


The carousel of the ride is just about complete!


301' tall!


The former "Grizzly Arcade" is now the freshly painted "Dinostore"!


Dinosaurs Alive is located in between Grizzly and Thunder Raceway. During the spring and fall, you'll be able to get some behind-the-scenes shots of Grizzly from within Dinosaurs Alive!


A dinosaur adverising Dinosaurs Alive will be located outside the park in the entrance plaza this season welcoming guests.


The fountains are recieving a fresh coat of paint this offseason. (Notice Windseeker on the right side of the Eiffel Tower, 3 300'+ feet towers!).

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I think Cedar Fair is the best thing that has happened to Kings Dominion in a LONG time.. Just look at all of the improvements they have made over the years.. (Dominator, Americana, I-305, new pavement, new paintjobs), and now they are cleaning out and painting the algae filled pool! Nice job Cedar Fair. Hopefully they will paint Anaconda with a fresh coat of paint since that ride looks like an eyesore next to I-305.

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Even with limited coaster offerings on Kings Island's Fast Lane, I came away with a very positive impression of it. Sure, I had to suffer through waits for Woodstock Express and Invertigo due to poor planning on my part, but Fast Lane helped make up plenty of time. Hopefully it works equally well at KD!

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