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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Another Windseeker, what a surprise! These Windseekers may seem like cookie cutter attractions, but each one will have a different view. The view alone at 300 feet in the air will be worth riding a Windseeker at each park that has one, whether one has been on a Windseeker before or not.


Still no official word from the park just yet.


I'll bet they'll have to shut down every few cycles though...not for mechanical problems but to clean the ride every so often when someone craps their pants from being up there.

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Wait, there is actually going to be a safari-themed ride in Safari Village? Is that allowed? 🤣

My money, in all seriousness, is on Tiki Twirl.  CF already has a logo drawn up and everything.

He has a lot more history with Kings Dominion than just 2 years. You also forgot that Carnival and Winterfest also came in under him (I know they aren't rides, but I feel they are big improvements for

Posted Images



WindSeeker is a 301-foot-tall tower that spins riders nearly 30 stories above the Central Virginia Countryside. Seated in two-person swings that will allow their feet to dangle, riders slowly begin rotating in a circular motion as the swings ascend the tower. At the top, the swings reach speeds between 25-30 mph, flaring out almost 45 degrees from the tower.


WindSeeker will be joining Kings Dominion’s “300-Foot Club,” Intimidator 305, Drop Tower and the Eiffel Tower. These iconic and elite attractions help Kings Dominion stand tall above the rest as the Premier Amusement Park in the Mid-Atlantic.


Year Opened




Grove Section of the Park near Juke Box Diner


Ride Stats

Height – 301 feet

Diameter – 81 feet

Diameter with swing arms extended – 110 feet

Swing Arm Angle – 45 degrees



Number of seats – 32 two-person swings; 64 total riders

Restraint System – Individual over-the-head lap bar with interlocking seat belt

Capacity – 960 riders per hour



Rotation Speed – 25-30 mph (8 rotations per minute)

Ride Time – approximately 3 minutes



$6.5 million


Special Features

Arms are installed with an elaborate LED lighting package, which will make for a dramatic and exciting ride for riders and spectators.


On-board Audio playing 18 different music tracks during the ride



Mondial, a Dutch-based ride manufacturer


Dinosaurs Alive!


Dinosaurs Alive! is a multi-sensory and interactive dinosaur park that brings inspiration, science and technology together at Kings Dominion. Guests also hear the sounds and see the movements of 36 full-size creations made to replicate nearly every feature of the dinosaurs.



Old Virginia



Near Grizzly roller coaster


Attraction area



Distance of walking path

3000 feet


Number of Dinosaurs



Interactive Dinosaurs



Types of Dinosaurs

Huayangosaurus Deinonychus Triceratops

Mamenchiasaurus Tenontosaurus Tyrannosaurus Rex

Ruyangosaurus Giganteous Hererasaurus Amargasaurus

Parasaurolophus Carnotosaurus Monoclonius

Ouranosaurus Baryonyx Dyoplosaurus

Olorosaurus Irritator Pachycepholsaurus

Pachyrhinosaurus Spinosaurus Albertosaurus

Kosmoceratops Allosaurus Yangchuanosaurus

Mojoceratops Stegosaurus Chasmosaurus


Scenes Pack Attack Predator Ridge

Fish Eaters Frills, Clubs, Platees

Predataor Trap Flash Flood

Kids Paleontological Dig Site



Dinosaurs Alive! is a pay-per-experience attraction and is not included with general admission or a season pass to Kings Dominion.



Dinosaurs Unearthed

British Columbia, Canada


I think both of these were really obvious that they were coming to KD in 2012... But I am excited for WindSeeker and think Dinosaurs Alive! will be good for families.


One thing I did notice about the Dinosaurs Alive! attraction is that It doesn't mention anything about the 3-D movie... I know CP won't be getting one, and I just can't imagine many people paying $4 for a cheesy 3-D film (or $2 if you do the combo ticket). Maybe they weren't selling many 3-D movie tickets at KI? Also, it really wouldn't fit in like the one at KI does (Since their DA attraction is beside their Action Theater) since our Action Theater is on the other side of Old Virginia from where DA will be located. I'm fine with it (the movie) not coming to KD...


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So does this mean that there will be even less woods around The Grizzly now?


Doubtful IMO, as I'd think they would want to keep as many trees as they could with a walk-through attraction, if not for the ambiance, certainly for guest comfort. And "near" Grizzly, doesn't necessarily mean "next to" Grizzly. Although I'm rather stumped to where they plan to put the entrance.

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Couldn't Old Virginia get a better attraction after so many years of neglect?


I agree,I'd rather see a B&M invert over there than this & after what happened at KI with one of the dinos going up in flames I'd HATE to see that happen anywhere near grizzly.....now if it were behind hurler that'd be a different story.


Edit:I hear rumors that the go karts may be getting the ax in 2012 so that may be where the DA entrance will be located,either that or the ED site.

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It's going to be cool to be riding down I-95 and looking at Kings Dominion seeing 3, 300+ foot tall towers!


I was thinking about this earlier. The windseeker, on the highway side of the park, with its' cool lighting package, will be a neat advertisement for the park.

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So this is the fourth former Paramount Park to install/announce a Windseeker... When's CGA's turn? Windseeker isn't noisy and it's closed for the majority of the season anyway.


CF should just remove Flying Ace at KD and give it to CGA, they can call it "WindSeeker".

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So this is the fourth former Paramount Park to install/announce a Windseeker... When's CGA's turn? Windseeker isn't noisy and it's closed for the majority of the season anyway.


CF should just remove Flying Ace at KD and give it to CGA, they can call it "WindSeeker".


CGA would do that...

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Why must Cedar Fair keep adding the same ride to their parks? Four Windseekers in one year and two the next year...it's crazy. Plus three Dinosaurs Alive! attractions in two years?! Seriously?


Do they know what 'variety' means?

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