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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

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Apparently the park sent out an email saying that Kings Dominion will open on March 22nd! Oh, did I say March? I meant May. Alpengeist, InvadR and Verbolten are open tomorrow. This comp

Yesterday, after my brief stop at SFA, I fought through the perpetual Northern Virginia I-95 traffic to check out Kings Dominion's Taste of the Season event - a COVID-blamed Winterfest-lite.  And beli

Too bad Volcano isn't still around. It was ahead of its time not only technologically, but it already had limited capacity down to a science.

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I went on the Saturday during Columbus Day weekend. Got there at open and lines were very minimal. Other than Volcano lines were under 30 minutes for most of the day until about 4. That's when crowds really started to pick up and most rides suddenly had full que lines. I ended up leaving around 5 as I'm not really a fan of halloween events so I can't comment on the lines that night.

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I went out there 2 Sundays ago. Thankfully the crowds were small, but everything was running one train... Rebel Yell running one side and one train = massive fail and long wait. I305 was running one train as well, but we got on for a ride in the back relatively quickly...

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Oh wonderful. Bert the Conquerer. I was done with him as soon as I saw the Cedar Point challange. If he had to wait in line like everyone else, he wouldn't have been able to do it. The dude thinks he's freaking Jesus just because a camera follows him. I mean, how much editing does it take to make it seem like he's even done anything exciting?

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^Well yeah, I never said the show was any good. But he's making ridiculous attacks on a TV personality based on what the producers do. That's like saying Bob Saget is a clean cut, neat freak dorky dad because he portrays one on Full House.

Exactly. I'm sure the dude might be fine...but the show is horrible. I really can't stand it.

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^Agreed. A lot of stuff on the show is extremely contrived and it's pretty "GP friendly," which is probably why it's so annoying. Then again, most Travel Channel shows are like that.......


Most travel channel shows seem to be all about food....that's all they show now a days is that man vs food crap all day long.

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My only point was he isn't doing anything special, I don't see why he has his own show. So he can ride some coasters? That deserves a show? I guess the dude may be a good person, but I just don't see why that warrents him having his own show.

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Well, Snooki didn't do anything important either (unless you count tanning a lot), and she has her own show...


It is Travel Channel, after all. The only show on there that I actually like is No Reservations.

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Well, heading up to HAUNT tomorrow, god help me survive these lines. Went to Busch Gardens last weekend on a Sunday and Bitten was still approaching upwards of 30 minute waits at 6:15 pm Hopefully it'll be worth the time !

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Well, heading up to HAUNT tomorrow, god help me survive these lines. Went to Busch Gardens last weekend on a Sunday and Bitten was still approaching upwards of 30 minute waits at 6:15 pm Hopefully it'll be worth the time !


I'm sure you will have a blast!!! Halloween Haunt this year is IMO the best its ever been! By my experiences, all 5 of the scare zones have been great! None of the mazes really suck this year IMO, 3 mazes are amazing, 3 mazes are good, 3 are "okay", but I haven't been disappointed yet.


3 amazing ones:

1) The Doll Factory

2) Medieval Macabre

3) Club Blood


3 good ones:

4) Toxic Plague

5) Slaughter House

6) Blue Ridge Bloodbath


3 "okay" ones

7) Camp Killauee

8) The Asylum

9) Alien Outpost


Scarezone Rankings (like I said before, all of the scare zones are great this year so its difficult to rank them):

1) Central Stalkway (International Street)

2) The Ruins (The Congo)

3) Feary Tales (Planet Snoopy)

4) CarnEvil (The Grove)

5) The Harvest (Old Virginia)


Oh, and be sure to get a night ride on 305 with some fog!

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Just went Yesterday. First off, Intimidator <3, is still running amazing. Now, onto the scare zones, and the mazes...


Scare Zones

NOTE: These would have all been really good, but the park was so packed, so it tended to be large groups of pre-teen girls getting most of the scares.

-The Harvest: 8/10, Really good scares here.

-Central Stalkway: 7/10, Some good scares here, but not as good as the Harvest.

-CarnEvil: 6/10, Lots of scare actors, lots of them doing nothing, but, granted they were giving some decent scares.

-The Ruins; 3/10, Weakest Scare Zone of the night. Only a handful of scare actors, none of them really even scary, meh.


Mazes (Missed Blue Ridge Bloodbath)

-The Asylum: 9/10, My hands down favorite. Difficult to navigate, terrifying costumes, really good scares, and just overall really good.

-Camp Killauee: 8/10, There were lots of people in this maze, making it difficult for scares, or so I thought. They got me REALLY good four or five times. In fact, when one of them came out with a chainsaw (which I fear more than anything) at the end, I mistakingly pinned someone behind me against the wall in my desperate attempt to flee from this terrifying torture device.

-Club Blood: 7/10, The scares inside the maze were OKAY. But, in an attempt to create his own modified scare zone, one of the scare actors followed me out of the maze without my knowing, and jumped in front of me and screamed. I screamed and stumbled backwards and everyone laughed at my expense.

-Alien Outpose: 7/10, Another actor followed me out of the maze, it seems I'm a popular person . He whispered in my ear and I screamed, than he chased me. The inside of the maze was OKAY. A few really good scares, but they are rather spread out.

-The Doll Factory: 7/10, heard lots of wonderful things about this maze. Unfortunatley, when you are behind the world's largest group of pre-teen girls, you don't get scared so much. They did get me a few times, but overall I wish they had more scares. The last room was hands down the best room of any maze, however.

-Toxic Plague: 6/10, A few good scares, that's about it.

-Slaughter House: 6/10, Why did it have to be another chainsaw? A few decent scares in the maze, but than the guy with the chainsaw at the end sent me hauling ass out of there. The "Sweet Caroline" music seemed out of place, if not somewhat creepy.

-Medieval Macabre: 2/10, Awful maze. I heard so many great things but, first off, the rooms were too open for any actual scares to be possible, second, the usher was letting too many people in at a time. We actually qued again in the maze, just to get through the maze. The good news is, this was the only dissapointment of the night.



In Halloween fashion, I will end on a sour note. In the "Feary Tales" scare zone girl was dressed up as a dead Alice, from Alice in Wonderland. A girl, who must have been thirteen or fourteen, wound up huddled up under her mom crying. Alice, sprang up and gave her a classicscare and the girl freaked out. The mom, obviously not recognizing that it is HALLOWEEN HAUNT and that this event is not reccomended for children or those who scare easily elbowed Alice in the face, leading to a verbal exchange and eventually, to park security.

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They look really long, but our longest wait of the night was 45 minutes for Medeival Macabre. They move really fast, actually. Just don't plan on doing Blue Ridge Bloodbath. That line takes forever, and can easily extend upwards of an hour. This is what we did:


-We did the Asylum First, we got in line at around 5:25 or so and were the very first ones in line! It was simply amazing!

-From there, we ran and did Toxic Plague, which we did in around ten minutes, and Club Blood, which took around fifteen.

-From there we ran and got in qued up for "The Doll Factory". This took thirty minutes.

-Next, we went and did Alien Outpost, which took roughly twenty minutes.

-Then, we did Medieval Macabre, this was our longest line, it was roughly an hour or so.

-We quickly ran over to Camp Killauee, and did this in about thirty to fourty minutes.

-We went and did Slaughter House at around 10:00, and it took ten minutes.


IMO, the best way to do it is start in Old Virginia and do the three there (judging by the lines of course), than do the Doll Factory, than Alien Outpost, skip Medeival Macabre (unless the line is non-existant), do Camp Killauee (make sure it's dark, this maze is amazing at night), than depending on the time hit Slaughter House. Blue Ridge Bloodbath was good when we did it a few years back, but that line is a nightmare. You are talking sending four people at a time, waiting until the clear the Scare Actors, than sending another four. Hit the mazes first, and than judge your time and look at the line for Blue Ridge, trust me.

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I also went yesterday (but had to leave at 7:15. No time for mazes ) and during the day it was freaking crowded!

Anaconda x3

Intimidator 305 x1

Shockwave x1

Hurler x1

Grizzly x1

Drop Tower x1


Anaconda's line was spilling out into the midway but the crews were actually managing to get the train out of the station before the other one stopped on the brakes. It took about 20 minutes.

I rode Intimidator early so the line was only about 20 minutes.

Shockwave wouldn't have been so long if people understood that you have to STAND on a stand up coaster. 35 minutes.

Hurler was running one train with an extremely unenthusiastic crew. The wait was out to the tunnel underneath the lift and it was using the switchbacks in the station. 30 minutes.

Drop Tower was using all the seats (for once) and the line was using all switchbacks and extended out to the Drop Tower sign. I wasn't expecting it to be 45 minutes. The only advantage to this was that Slaughterhouse's exit is right next to Drop Tower's queue so you got to see the guy with the chainsaw come barreling out after screaming people.

Grizzly's queue was out to the part where the exit ramp and queue ramp meet. They were running two trains and were pretty good. 25 minutes.


I wanted to ride Volcano but the line was using both of the sets of switchbacks in the mountain and was backed out of the entrance. Not worth waiting that long.

Dominator's line was out to Berserker.


So I'd advise that unless you enjoy waiting in line, don't go on a Saturday.

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