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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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Does anyone have weird dreams days before a theme park opens?


I ALWAYS have these F'ed up dreams that make me nervious more than scared even though I know they are JUST dreams. I am going to be at KD at 9:00. Short Chick with blonde hair. Blue jeans & black shirt with the saying: This is what I look when I'm ignoring you.


Anyway my dream was wacked out. We were at the park and I could not seem to move fast enough to the damned roller coaster. Once I got there, The line was HUGE and I had to back out to deal with my little nephew. Once out, I went to outer limits and that was fairly short, but also strange. Once back at the main roller coaster It was over water and was so high mist blocked out the track about 10 feet off the ground. Instead of one train, They had a bunch of small trains that come together. They came together and knocked someone into the water. O.O I walked out of the line saying " HELL No "


I woke up this morning all messed up. I almost thought I was rich and went to get some food for breakfeast out of my Speeding ticket fund. Gah. I am not at college trying to think.

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Seems like quite a few people are planning on being there on Friday!


I'm still planning to be there as well. Flight gets in about 930a. If the rental car line goes fast I hope to be there by 1030a. I will be doubling back and hitting the park again for a few hours on Monday morning (4/5) as well.

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Rob, Alyssa, and Kirstin are Robb, Elissa, and Kristen if Oceanic Flight 815 had never crashed on the island.


They are our 'flash-sideways'!

You´re right! Didn´t recognize them while watching the first time this picture... They could have been there...


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