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Kings Dominion (KD) Discussion Thread

P. 767: WinterFest Media Night Report

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I still think they ruined a coaster that could have been my new #1

Same as with Maverick, if the ride had MF style lapbars, it would probably be the best one out there in my opinion.

Intamin really should design new lapbars for the US that allow bigger people to ride.

They are not unsafe or something, after all Intamin still used the old restraints on the mega lites and other lapbars on El Toro and Bizarro.

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^^Hey thanks for posting and keeping everyone up to date! The only issue I’ve had with those restraints are that they can stink (as in smell like BO and other nastiness) really bad like on Kingda Ka this past fall LoL


It’s understandable that those closest to the project, such as members on local fan sites, will always feel more of a let down when they realize that they can’t predict the future and read minds. Everyone was a part of the process in a way so guessing games, creatively and dreaming are part of the fun, regardless of facts, animations and pictures. Calling this a failure or ruined is such an exaggeration though. I understand some minor disappointment but beyond that, can’t really understand why i305 would be considered ruined, especially if more people can ride it.


You can’t blame KD for going with the info that they had. Obviously CF wanted something accommodating for more guests. Maybe the new strap OSTRs were of concern after computer modeling for a variety of reasons so they went back to the original design for this ride. Or, it was always going to be this way.


If you think what’s going on in the KD fansite is crazy, you should have seen the arguing over the angle of decent not being as steep as published and trim breaks being added to Behemoth. People called Behemoth everything in the range of a disappointment to a failure. It’s definitely miles away from being anywhere close to a failure.


On a final note, Chuck, thanks for the airport info!

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^That's just sad that the site had to do that.


Seriously, those restraints really aren't all that surprising. I'm sure I'm not the most nerdy enthusiast around, and it didn't take me more than 5 minutes on RCDB to catch Intamin's pattern...All Intamin's OTSRs have been like that since 2007, which seems to be the transition year in their design (Maverick has the plainer, "un-ridged" restraints, but Desert Storm and Furius Baco have the newer style). Since then, it looks like all of them have been that style (Avatar Airbender, Fahrenheit, iSpeed, etc). Except the 4D ones (and Tornado, it appears), of course.


I've never had a problem with Intamin's restraints, so I'm incredibly excited for this. I'll be in Virginia Beach this summer, but I dunno that I could convince my family to pass on Busch Gardens and drive longer just for more coasters and a new giga. Actually, I dunno if i can convince myself of that. But 305 is making it tough.

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It's awesome that so many people are excited about this ride, and don't mind the restraints.


I'm certainly not going to make a special trip for this one, though, considering how much I disliked Maverick and its restraints.


To some people, it's not important. To me, it's very important. Not on some obscure principle, but in terms of whether or not the ride experience is an enjoyable one. For me, with my body type or whatever, those restraints completely suck.


No, I (of course) haven't ridden it. I haven't been run over by a bus either, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like it.


It's just a shame they went to all that trouble, for no reason (from my perspective). Might as well have built it underwater.


/Captain downer.

//Shorter lines for you guys.

///Millennium Force for the win.

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First of all, I just want to say that although I would have much preferred those shoulder straps, I really don't think these will ruin the ride experience or anything, Maverick (despite that I find the restraint rather annoying) is still one of my favorite coasters. But for the record, Intamin has been using these "new" restraints since at least Fahrenheit (see for Farhenheit's OTSR) and I really didn't notice any improvement over the Storm Runner/Maverick "thicker" restraints. Again, Im not trying to say "OMG THIS RIDE WILL SUCK NOW" or anything but to those of you who seem to think these will be significantly better than Maverick's restraints, you might want to lower your expectations a bit.

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Ladies and Gents,


It is not an easy decision to make, but I feel at this point a necessary one. The forum is currently closed until further notice.


For those of you who know me, you know my philosophy is simple. I am all for the freedoms we hold in the country. I believe if you have something to say, you should say it. I believe the more rules you have, the more freedoms you are taking away. With KDfansite it was hard, but found necessary to come up with rules to keep the site in a family friendly category. I also know that when these rules went in to place, the site went from fun to work.


I have stood by and watched as people complained every time a construction update was missed, a free service I did out of my own pocket. I have watched people argue over how cheap Cedar Fair is to not add a few extra feet to an already tall Giga coaster. I have watch you go back and forth personally insulting me, my friends, and the park I love. The final straw for me was when you attacked the Marketing staff for the job they are doing in keeping the coaster community happy.


Kings Dominion has jumped over hoops to keep us as informed as possible. They have set up events with ERT, charity events, and even a camp out at the front gate. They do all this for a group of people who not only make up less than 1 percent of the visitors to their park each year, but who are complaining every step of the way.


Today is one of the few days I am sad and embarrassed to be a coaster enthusiast. As a group all it seems we do is complain, bicker, and argue, and ask for more than we deserve.


I respect John, Ed, and the rest of the KD staff for what they have to do to open a coaster of this magnitude. I want to thank KD for everything they did this off season to keep everyone informed. They went way above and beyond the call of duty to please us.


As for all events that are hosted by KDfansite. As of right now there are no changes. They will go on as planed unless KD says otherwise.


The future of the forums is currently up in the air. I will talk with Brian, Lauren, Katie, and Nick about where we should go from here.


People on KD fansite are crazy....

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Y'know what? Good for Clint. It's sad how a couple of complainers freak out about a new coaster, and then end up going to far. Personally attacking ANYONE over a ROLLER COASTER is borderline crazy. Every single coaster enthusiast is just trying to have fun, there is absolutely no need to turn it into a hassle.

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Here is a side by side comparison, as you can see there is a bit of a difference between I305, Maverick, and Fahrenheit's restraints particularly in the way the actual restraints are connected to the seats.


Can you point out the differences in the way the restraints are connected to the seats? Just curious. (I'm not a very good observer. )

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^ I'll post a few larger images of I305's restraints and Fahrenheit's restraints. Notice the areas on the restraints I circled. On Fahrenheit, the restraint does not directly connect to the train, but sort of curves to connect with the head rest. On I305 it appears the restraint directly connects to the head rest rather than making a curved shape.



Image Credit: coasterimage.com

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To some people, it's not important. To me, it's very important. Not on some obscure principle, but in terms of whether or not the ride experience is an enjoyable one. For me, with my body type or whatever, those restraints completely suck.


I have to kind of agree with you there.


Maverick would have easily been my #2 steel coaster, if it wasn't for the restraints. Though it's still #10 on my list, which isn't half bad. Anyway, I consider myself average in size at 5'10" 200 lbs and these restraints are not fun at all. Now I did ride Maverick 9 times over a 2 day span, so some soreness was to be expected. ...But to have bruises around my neck/collar bone area for a week afterwards is definitely not something Intamin should be striving for with their guests. I just hope the extra padding near the ear area helps.


Again, I think it's a bad combination having these restraints on a coaster with this kind of speed and layout.

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That thick bar part is still there. it is just hidden by the angle.


the only difference I see is the enlarged "ear" pads




If you look at the seat directly behind the one I circled in the I305 picture, it does not appear to have the thick bar part.

If you look at the train in the concept art, it still has the thick bars for both seats in between the seats, like on Fahrenheit.

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Is anyone here going to the tailgate get together? I was thinking about going but I'm not sure it's still going to happen. It would be nice to hang out and meet new people, but I really don't think it's needed. I don't think KD will have too much of a turn out on a Friday. As stated, a hang out would be cool.

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Just saw the picture for the first time now...



I don't understand what the big deal is. These are "more or less" the same OTSR restraints Intamin has been using for years. I can think of a lot of other restraints that are FAR worse.


And the fact that a website closed down over this? That's just amazingly stupid. Actually, it's what Darwin called "Natural Selection."


Personally, I think everything about this ride looks like it's going to be the BIG WIN of 2010. No complaints here.


--Robb "Looking forward to riding!" Alvey

Edited by robbalvey
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Oooooo I like the trains. They remind me of Top Thrill's trains, they look very...speed enhanced like streamlined or something. Love the black and grey on red.


The restraints? I don't have a problem with Maverick. I do feel like they press down pretty tight on your thighs because of the very strong positive and negative forces, I feel I305 will be the same. I wish they were grooved to fit your thighs, not just a bar. I haven't had a problem withe headbashing, I'd just lean forward a bit. I think I305 will be the same there.


Hopefully it doesn't have a HUGE line in the station for the front seat like MF and TTD had. I've never had the chance to grab a frontseat ride because it will be another 35-45 minutes to wait! Diamondback's isn't bad, but it's hardly ever full because of the seat assigning. It's not that bad! Most don't care unless they want the front, back or middle...and that doesn't happen much. I wish CF used this at their other parks, it helps out with the capacity!


And as with Robb, there are other restraints not nearly as nice as Intamin's!


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