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Great Coasters and Knight Valley Partner for Major Woodie

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I hate to be the purveyor of gloom and doom here, but IMHO all these elements seem very long and drawn out. In the past pictures, I have marveled at the sheer size and beauty of this coaster. However, nothing in either of those videos gave me anything to get excited about. All of the elements were big, sweeping, beautiful and flowing. The ride itself seemed to keep a very even pace, but nothing really exciting. There were no real dramatic changes in direction, no little pops of GCI air. Even the low to the ground stuff that weaved it way through the structure seemed to have a very long flowing uninspired feel to it. Usually during a low long strech, GCI has these quick left to right, and up and down movements that quickly lift you out of your seat, throw you to the left or right, then drop you back against the bench again. This coaster had none of that. It just seemed to smoothly transition from one turn to the next. Never really giving you the feel of deceleration, acceleration, directional change, lift or force. The usual GCI station fly through is almost always accompanied by a quick drop and abrupt tight turn which gives a nice little thrust out of your seat and then pull back into the train. This coaster just seemed to come out of a low long banked turn into a straight away, fly through the station, and gracefully make it's way back to the brake run. It's almost too fluid. I wanted more.


I honestly hope I'm wrong. After all, I am a huge GCI fanboy. I have loved everything I have ever ridden by them. However, with that said, I can't help but feel that this coasters size is going to be it's biggest shortcoming.


Guy "I never base a rides merit based on it's NL rendering. It's just the feel I got." Koepp

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^Absolutely 100% agree! I'm just sayin' the animation doesn't add any fuel to the fire for this ride. I was hoping it would build anticipation, but unfortunately for me, it did the exact opposite.




Guy "I accept all responsibility and hate that comes to me from my posts and actions." Koepp

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Guy, I agree this is not your stereotypical GCI coaster with the abundance of lateral forces. But, I disagree about the lack of airtime moments as I see a ton of them in this ride. In my opinion, this ride seems like it will give the riders that "out of control" feeling throughout the ride. Can't wait to see this baby in action!

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I watched the POV again and counted roughly 15-17 moments of airtime throughout the ride. Granted, it's an animation and we won't know how it truly rides until we see a real-life POV and get TR's on it, but you can surmise fairly easily where the moments of airtime are. Not to mention that those two swooping curves up the mountain side have pretty big drops coming back down, and this thing is going to be hauling some MAJOR ass for most of the layout.

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I have no doubt this thing will be hauling. What I was speculating was that all the elements are overly drawn out due to it's size. It looks to have an entirely different feel than the usual GCI coasters do. Again, I am purely speculating as I really have never gotten any sort of good feel for a coaster just watching a CGI recreation.


Guy "GCI, CGI, TMI, IDK?" Koepp

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^You're lucky your name is Guy.


If it was anyone else they'd be bombarded by comments like "You can't judge this coaster from the POV! You haven't even ridden it!"


But to be honest, I agree with you. While the back POV was much better, the front POV didn't do much for me. But now that I mention it, neither does GCI.

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