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Great Coasters and Knight Valley Partner for Major Woodie

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^^ ummmm WTF lol is going on in that picture it looks like 5 different coaster crammed together. Is that the station and how many fly threw does this thing have. where does it start and where does this thing end lol that bunnyhop in that other pic looks absolutley amazing. Anyways thanks for the pics guys this coaster looks amazing

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^Of the parallel tracks:


The one on the far right is the station fly-through.

The second-to-right is the very beginning of the ride, leaving the station.

The second-to-left is the station fly-by.

The one on the far left is the very end of the ride, entering the storage shed before a 180* turn into the station.


And the one coming in from the right side is just another of the million airtime hills this thing has. I have to imagine that GCI is pretty darn proud of themselves when they look at this one!

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Yeah I figured that's what was going on in the pics but man that is one crazy mass of wood in the pic, I just don't see how this ride isn't going to be epic, the location alone is amazing then the coaster is a work of art. Yes GCI out did themselves big time with this one they should be extremely proud of themselves but I guess it wont truely set into tell this baby is running those tracks like the beauty they designed it to be.


I just hope someone here in the states gives GCI a chance to create an work of art like this one , whats parks here in the states have beautiful terrain and the funds to let GCI creat a master piece like this one looks to be turning out to be.

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If you haven't heard, GCI has posted the POV of this project on their facebook page. If you have not "liked" their page, do so now, and view the video.


The ride is unbelievable, in every sense of the word. The train absolutely tears through the track and doesn't seem to let up until it hits the brakes.


Kudos to the GCI guys for coming up with this layout! Amazing!

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