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Great Coasters and Knight Valley Partner for Major Woodie

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Yeah from what I gathered by talking to people when I was there, Shenzhen is a place where a lot of people go because of it's economy. Since it is a SAR and located right next to Hong Kong, not everyone is allowed to live there and as someone explained to me, this has caused an underclass of "undocumented workers" to emerge within the city. I agree with you guys in that it was probably my least favorite city in China. With that said, OCT East looks amazing!

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Voyage's triple down is awesome enough but I have a feeling by the time you get to the third down on this coaster, your butt will be no where near the seat. This picture was on the GCI facebook.


Definitely want to get out there in 2012 for this coaster!


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Hey guys

Sorry no update on the coaster but i decided to look into the resort a bit more after i saw the view from that last GCI picture.

I almost fell out of my chair when i saw some of the views so thought id share them


Main Source: http://bbs.huanqiu.com/huanqiulvyou/thread-195691-1-2.html


So thats a pretty cool entrance to the resort.


Just one of the many waterfalls there seem to be around the site


Look carefully in the top right... see what i see?


So hows that for a view from a ride?.... Only one i can think that compares is Ocean Park in Hong Kong (this view is taken from the parks observation tower)


They have one of those glass walk things out over the cliff edge too.




Now this is my favorite bit.... not the resort on the right.,.. but see that road on the left?


Not a road... turns out its the feakiest resort railway i think I've ever seen... I've found pics of this thing going all over the place....


Now im not sure exactly where in relation to all this the GCI is going... but the rest of the resort looks pretty smashing

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From the looks of this, to date, it appears to be the ultimate GCII masterpiece, too bad it isn't being built here but maybe after this one is up it will spawn construction of something like it in the U.S.


"Oh. My. God." Sums it up pretty good and I would just simply add "WOW!".


In the pic of the model, looks like there is a tunnel near the end of the ride.....sweeet!

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