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Great Coasters and Knight Valley Partner for Major Woodie

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Remember to post the link to the Facebook page as well. Thanks!


Hey guys, from now on when we post pictures taken from the GCI Facebook page, we need to make sure that we credit the source. It is perfectly fine to post their photos here, we just need to give credit.





And be sure to post the link: http://www.facebook.com/GreatCoasters

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This is going to be one of the last Photos from Knight Valley.


If you haven't yet joined GCI's Facebook Page Join Now!


EDIT: \/ I think the Texas Giant would be more awesome because some of them turns look really bizarre. Although I love GCI roller coasters (especially for their station Fly Throughs) Texas Seems to be more twisty.


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^^In that picture, on the front right I see two bolts sticking up! There is no way that the car will clear those. I hope it doesn't take them too long to fix this obvious engineering mistake.


***Disclaimer - This post is a complete joke***

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I figured for sure we would find out what the name of the coaster would be when they put the trains on the track, but alas, it's still a nameless beauty.

They (or any park in the future for that matter) should just leave it nameless. I think that would be kind of cool, and funny.

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