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The GCI Mystery Project

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If you're a fan of GCI on the Facebook thing, then you've most likely seen them posting CGI images of some new terrain based design that they're working on. If not, here are the pictures so far: *see below*


If any of you are super familiar with terrain and wanna take a stab at where this is going, then go for it! So far, it looks like it could be GCI's greatest layout to date (including you, Prowler)!

Become a fan of GCI to follow the updates sooner: http://www.facebook.com/index.php?lh=88db92d317b8ea1970ee91ef6d45b413!/GreatCoasters?ref=ts


Picture of the terrain.


Lift hill. With those iron beams, the ride mayyy cross under the lift hill there.


A new turnaround.


Their latest picture that was just posted.


More progress: 2/14/10

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I'm biased, but if I had to guess what park this is going into I'd say SDC. They're in a position to invest in a massive new coaster right now, and a terrain GCII would be an obvious choice for them. They would also invest enough into it to make sure it stood out from Prowler.


Of course, that's assuming this is a real project. I have a feeling this is more of an example project/practice for them. They are getting a lot of people worked up over it though.

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So true! Gosh, Prowler was such a great coaster...at least back when it was in its prime.


You know, maybe it's just wishful thinking, but it would be nice if that was a drawing of a coaster being built on a rock quarry wall...maybe in the same place that Rattler sits...sigh, to dream the impossible dream.

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Haha funny, I literally just saw this on Facebook like 30 seconds ago. Then come here and see a thread about it. Anyways, my prediction? Kennywood 2011!!!! A GCI would be a great fit for the park IMO.


they just purchased a steel coaster, I don't think it will be for them. Regardless, It's still going to be amazing.


That doesn't in any way fit the void left by BBW does it??


It could also be possible, but the land doesn't seem to really fit, except for the hill though. Plus I don't see any water in the concept art.

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It looks to be a cross between Boulder Dash and Thunderhead. I really don't know too many extreme terrain parks that are out there other than Kenywood, Lake Compounce, BGE, SDC, Dollywood and King's Island. Maybe if someone would go through the trouble of investingating the topography maps of these parks and compare them to the model. Watch it be a park in another country...

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Not to be one of those "it's a new coaster so it MUST be coming to the park nearest me" kinda people, but the terrain closely resembles that of the hill that Rampage sits on. Now obviously I know it's not replacing Rampage and it's not coming to Alabama Adventure, but the terrain is still similar. But if I had a guess, I would say it's going to BGA.

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