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First Ever Outdoor Enclosed Train Coach 3-D Virtual Coaster

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I am not sure exactly where to post this brillant idea for a future coaster I dreamed up, but spare with me, and let me explain. It hit me, that this idea has never been done before, I think it hasn't.


Okay, this would be the first ever outdoor enclosed train coach 3-D Virtual Reality Coaster. The coaster would be standard (i.e. Viper, Golaith, Tatsu), outdoor open coaster, but the train coaches would be enclosed, giving the rider no view whatsoever of the outside, and inside the coach, would be a 3-D screen to view as the ride goes through the paces on the track. You'll be watching the same coaster in Virtual 3-D, with minor changes, such as the train will jump the track, and scare you to death and land on the track ahead, but the real coaster won't be doing that, only what you s ee on the screen in this dark coach you'll be strapped into. The track on the screen would be modified to move left or right, than what actually happens on the real track, confusing you. You'll go through tunnels on the screen, but the real coaster won't have that, you'll be splashed with water on the screen, but only get a mist of air in the cabin, giving you the illusion you got wet, and the experience would be nothing you ever experienced before. All this happening, while the real coaster is running through the paces on the real track. You'll also get to choose your own music individually in the coach. Each coach would seat two, and each train would be 7 or 8 coaches long.


The coaster would have loops, corkscrews, and on the screen, would be elements that can't be done on a real coaster, giving you a sense of fright, and confusion. Just imagine a coaster like this. You wouldn't be sitting in a room like (i.e. Toy Story 3-D Simulator) at Universal Studios, or the "Back to the Future" simulator. You'll actually be moving on a real track, while sitting and strapped into a dark train coach, watching a 3-D Virtual Rendition, but modified version of the same ride, with more landscaping, and elements that would not be present on the real coaster. It would scare you to death, I would think, and would be a hit to coaster enthusiants.


Think about any roller coaster you've ridden, and picture it dark, or eyes closed, and watching a 3-D screen of the same coaster, but things are different. Wouldn't that scare you to death. It would be a first-ever coaster with this unique design.


And I found this image (credit unknown, sorry), of an NL coaster of the first drop, which should be incorporated onto this coaster. What do you think of this idea? Could this be designed, drafted, built in some amusement park? I think it would be a brillant investment to any park, which takes this idea, and builds it. I know I would ride it.


Remember, the attached image is not mine, and I can't remember the name of the author credit goes too. Sorry.


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Sure, yeah that would be very interesting, you'll be engaged in a space or air fight, that sure would get you're adrenaline going, and during the ride (the real coaster) would go into the ground to hide most of the track from the people standing in the queue, perhaps a drop or something, and what you see on the screen would be completly different, giving your perception a whole new vision and rush.


The only thing that would take time to design, would be the 3-D Virtual model and Train coaches for the track design, given to this coaster, but the coaster itself, would have to be unique, different from all the rest, and have elements that hasn't been done before, such as that NL image above for the first drop.


If you take "Tatsu" or "Manta" flying coaster design, enclose them, and when flapped up, you'll be faced to watch a screen in the dark, giving you no idea whatsoever what is going on outside the coach you are in, when it begins the climb, and giving you the sensation of flying in a dogfight or space battle or some weird coaster simulation, when the first drop occurs, and duration of the ride...my god that would be an amazing adrenaline rush, sounds frightening, but it would be something new, and would take the standard simulator to a whole new level. No longer would you be sitting in a building watching a simulator on moving seats, you'll actually be moving on a track on a real coaster, while watching a simulator.


I would love to see this designed sometime in the next 10 years, or perhaps sooner. The technology is there, so why not venture into this idea, and see what could be created for a first-ever outdoor Virtual 3-D coaster. And the good thing is, if the simulator on the screen gets old, they can always change that, but keep the real coaster standing, and no matter what you watch on the screen, you're experience would be different each time.

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I think unless perfectly sync'd between video and movement the ride could be quite vomit inducing. Due to so many variables affecting the speed at which the coaster runs round the track trying to sync a pre recorded film with a video would be incredibly complex and therefore very expensive. Naff simulators are the only rides that often make me feel sick due to the ride movement not being in sync with the visuals.


Perhaps an alternative twist on your idea would be to use clear windscreens with augmented reality superimposed. Imagine riding Top Gun watching fighter jets coming at you, or Nemesis with the alien reaching out to grab you or riding HRRR seeing crowds of fans cheering you whilst pyrotechnics go off all around. As the augmented reality relies on seeing the live real world there would be less issues with being perfectly in sync.

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Certainly an interesting idea. I forsee two potential problems with such a design. First, as has been pointed out before, completely blocking off the view of the outside would somewhat defeat the purpose of a roller coaster. The second, and I think bigger of the issues, is the variance in ride time. Remember, a coaster goes slower first thing in the morning, and then speeds up as the day wears on. You could potentially be looking at a 10 second difference in ride time from the beginning to the end of the day. This could pose significant problems to synchronizing visual effects with ride motion. If a way could be found to resolve this problem, then you could have a hell of an idea on your hands. Thanks for sharing!


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Its a good for instant like on the simpsons ride when you are on the roller coaster or the freefall scene how it doesn't feel realistic at all because you don't have that g-force that goes along with the motion that only a roller coaster or freefall ride can provide.


BUT most guest in the park would see the roller coaster and want to ride the roller coaster and mabey not care for the video similation.

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