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MTV's- Jersey Shore

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It's about a bunch of douchebag guidos and their idiotic girlfriends...I'll pass


The show makes me A) embarrassed to be an American, and B) embarrassed to be part of the human race.


I tried watching the show, but I couldn't handle the amount of douchebaggery.


--Nagro5 "Fist pumps!"

Quoted for absolute truth.

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This show is huge at my school right now. We have teachers that talk about grenades and land mines in class. There is even a picture on our school's website of our Dean posing with Mike at MSP Airport.


Now that Hard Times is off, JS really the only show I regularly watch on MTV. God it'd be nice to make that kinda money.

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Last night's epside was great. No Ronnie & Sammi garbage to bring it down. The whole Uncle Nino thing was WTF. That guy looked like one of those extras you see used again and again in mob films.


Also, I can't believe Vinny thought that begging that girl to go out with him after she had already rejected him was going to work.

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I'm assuming they'll go back to the T-shirt store, which was barely shown in the first season, and it probably won't be at all this season. I follow this show pretty much religiously. It's so funny to watch them get in fights, arrested, and all the drama that ensues. Can't wait!!

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Did any of you catch Snooki's interview on the Today Show about her *novel*. The subject got changed to when she went to jail where she proudly proclaimed that she was way too pretty for jail. You could see the hosts physically choke back throwing up, it was disgusting yet hilarious!

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