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Theme Park Review's MASSIVE Europe Photo Update!

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Hey everyone!


I've finally had a chance to sit down and start working on the photos from the Europe trip and we have decided to do daily updates starting NOW!


Everyday a new park will be added with tons of new photos, sometimes a new video and lots of pages for everyone to check out.


I'm incorporating the new Photo Gallery format, so if you click on the Park Name at the top of the page it will bring you to the "Photo Gallery" page which will give you even MORE roller coaster and ride photos!


For the first day I've got our trip to Europe and Walibi Belgium complete.


Check back everyday for new updates! Here's the link:



--Robb "Bookmark that one!" Alvey

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Fun stuff so far!


Loup Garou looks so baddass. I'm surprised they went through the bother of balancing it on little concrete circles over a lake though.


Glad you've decided to split this into daily updates! Gives us something to look forward to and probably goes a long way towards 'health-n-safety's eye-friendly screen usage suggestions


Cerb- ^ Two furry posts now. Careful, don't want to make this another anthropomorphic forum –erus

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Great photos Robb!


I can't wait to see more! Loup garou looks fun.

I'm really looking forward to the pics from Wild- und Freizeitpark Klotten/Cochem. HeiBe Fahrt's "Helix of Death" looks fun!


Antonio"The captions were great as always"G.


P.S. Did you guys ride that wierd spinning freefall thingy at Farup Sommerland?

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Bobbejaanland Photos have been posted! Highlights include:


- Lots of photos of Typhoon

- Joey gets his ass kicked by gallons of water

- The awesome politically incorrect dark ride

- There is a coaster named "Oki Doki"

- A link to Tom Muller's Bobbejaanland video from our day at the park.


Here is the link to the photos:



Enjoy today's installment!



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Great pics. Can't wait for each days update. I wonder how many people are going to get busted for looking at these pics at work?


Bob "I'm glad I own the company" Hoffman


Hahaha. I was looking at them at work and started out laughing loud. Had some explaining to do... No time to say more, the boss is calling me. I wonder why?

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^ Yes, apparently speedos are more hygienic than board shorts, etc, so they are required by most aquatic centers and water parks in Europe.


--Robb "So yeah, no waterparks for me since no one wants to see me in a Speedo...not even ME!" Alvey

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Walibi World Photos Added! Highlights of this update include:


- POV Video of Goliath!!!

- Lots of photos of Goliath!!!

- Fun antics with the members of www.onride.de

- Barnyard animals

- The totally offensive, politically incorrect dragon coaster

- Did I mention POV of Goliath?!?!?


Enjoy today's installment!



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That brings back some great memories. Definetly the most fun I've had a at a park!


Wverything seemed to run smoothly apart from the minor fault on Xpress right before we got on. Met some great people who I hope to see again someday!


Non-German Tom

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