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[RCT2] Wonder Fields Amusement Park

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Liampie's creations have always inspired me. His "Legacies Themepark : Europe" was amazing, and I was totally awe-struck when I discovered his recreation of Copenhagen. So, I decided to use some scenery objects from Liampie's to recreate a good atmosphere all over the park


Anyway, I haven't many kinds of roofs in my saved game, so I tried to do a good thing with my objects. Thank you for your comment!

Edited by Bob!
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I agree, while this is a good base to start from you're missing details and clever tiny things that really bring this to life,

For instance the foliage can be better and your archy is pretty repetitive as far as I can see, try some more variation with the side friction because now I have the impression you knew it was turning out well and you played on safe a little with the structure, try some more colour variations, some different structures and I think it'll look way better.

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Thank you all for those comments.


Well I will work on the foliage before the release, don't worry about it.


For the architecture : I know it and I'm currently working on it a bit. There's different areas in this small theme park, so once again, don't worry about the architecture. To my mind, this park is quite like an attempt. Anyway, thank you!

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I really need some advice and help about the foliage. I worked a bit on it yesterday and this morning, and I know some of you are awesome at this activity. So, please, could you just give me advices?


Thank you so much!


Ps : Anyway, here are some new screenshots!


With foliage!




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I certainly made a mistake. I think the map is more a 90 x 90 than a 70 x 70. Anyway I think it's a quite small map, without many rides : it's a familial theme park.


I thought about New Element. Well, after working hard on this project, I'll maybe send it there ...


However, thank you for your comment!

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Thank you for the link, dmaxsba2408 !


I worked a bit on it today. I tried to "zero clearance" in order to build on the path, but it failed.

Anyway, here are some screenshots. I said it will be released late October : I was wrong. It might be released early November. I'll maybe send it to NE ...




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I love the 2nd and 3rd pictures Bob!, the little guy with the balloon really gives that 2nd shot some charm and in that picture a stall left out in the open really works very well. Sometimes I think that to many people are always hiding all the stall inside buildings when sometimes it would really look nice not doing so and that picture proves my point. The colors of the 3rd shot are what I love the most about it and the tram is just as colorful and really fit in so nice. It is just a perfect shot and if this park was real I think it would be in the brochure.


As for NE, yep send it in and see what happens.

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