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[RCT2] 8 parks ready to download!

Which one is your favourite? (pick two)  

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  1. 1. Which one is your favourite? (pick two)

    • Wunderland Erlach
    • Sulakke
    • Dolphin Bay Resort
    • The Wefluffy, fluffy bunny filled with medicine and gooh Land
    • Calypso Quay
    • Aquatica
    • Dream World Indoor
    • Terror Mining

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I've been away from TPR for a while. Made lots of parks in the meanwhile! Here are downloads.



Wunderland Erlach

A mid-sized German park.




A failed NE design, but it was never intended to win anything. It's good for what it's supposed to be: a simple and fun side-project!



Dolphin Bay Resort

A Turkish all-inclusive resort. My best details ever.



The Welsh Land

A zoo/themepark in Wales. It's not very Welsh aside from the name, but that doesn't matter much. It's a nice park.



Calypso Quay

This was for the H2H contest on New Element. It's a fully functional waterpark I made together with RRP (he's incredible). It's not 100% finished unfortunately, but we didn't have a choice.




Also built for H2H together with Louis and Luigi, but it's not quite finished and therefore failed quite hard. The pirate area is mostly done by me and actually 95% finished. It's one of my favourite areas I've ever done and I really like the coaster, so maybe it's worth a download. The Atlantis section isn't bad either.



Dream World Indoor

The last park for H2H. This was intended to be a park by me, Magnus and RCTFAN, but Magnus vanished and RCTFAN didn't have time, so I did 95% of the park. RCTFAN made a coaster and I aksed SSSammy to help me a little. He made some architecture and designed the maze. Due to the extreme pressure this park is rushed in places and it has some ugly 'errors' (as in 'flaws'), but it doesn't kill the park. I'm very proud of this park, even with all the flaws.



Terror Mining

Made for NE Micro Madness back in 2007. There are no rides but I quite like the architecture.



These are all the parks that aren't total crap and still have downloads. Maybe there are more downloads coming soon. Hope you enjoy them!

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I really like Calypso Quay, and the fact that it is fully functioning makes it even better. Also, I really like Dream World Indoor. I like the woody in the top left corner and the colors for the "indoor" section give it an almost "IAPPA" feel to it. You get what I'm saying?

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