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Hey everyone!


Theme Park Review's Coaster Expedition Volume 13 is shipping on Monday February 8th! You can pre-order this DVD now here:



If you want to get a copy of Coaster Expedition Volume 13 for **FREE**, order the Coaster Expedition 12-disc Box Set and you'll get Volume 13 **FREE**



Coaster Expedition Volume 13 features parks and roller coasters from

the East Coast USA including Six Flags Great Adventure, Knoebel's,

Waldameer, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Lake Compounce,

Canada's Wonderland, Coney Island & Astroland, and a lot, LOT MORE!


To celebrate the release of Coaster Expedition Volume 13 on Monday we are going to release a new TPR Video from our past Coaster Expedition series DVDs that has never before been featured on TPR or CoasterTube!


Let's start off with a video of Toverland from Coaster Expedition Volume 9! So sit back, put on some headphone and give your full attention for the next three minutes and twenty one seconds and check out the awesome Toverland and Troy!




And don't forget...pre-order Coaster Expedition Volume 13 now!




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I like that video and I´m waiting for my Coaster Expedition Mega Pack to view it again!


But the most difficult is to wait for clear weather to ride Troy as soon as possible. I´ll have to wait a few weeks more - it doesn´t stop snowing and raining.


OK, no matter, next week we´ll have the highlight of our "fifth season of the year" in Germany - especially in my region in North Rhine-Westphalia ... Cologne / Duesseldorf (starting from thursday till wednesday - called "Karneval".


To those never heard about that - here is a quotation of the wikipedia site (without the intention to replace the toping title!):



In the Rhineland festivities developed especially strongly, since it was a way to express subversive anti-Prussian and anti-French thoughts in times of occupation, through parody and mockery. Modern carnival there began in 1823 with the founding of a Carnival Club in Cologne. Most cities and villages of the Rhineland have their own individual Carnival traditions. Nationally famous are the Carnival in Cologne (Köln), Düsseldorf and Mainz.


In the Rhineland, the Carnival season is considered to be the "fifth season of the year", starting at November 11 at exactly 11:11 a.m. (German: am elften elften um elf Uhr elf). Clubs organize "sessions" which are show events called Sitzung with club members or invited guests performing dance, comedy and songs in costumes. The most frequently performed piece of music during such "sessions" is the "Narrhallamarsch".


The Carnival spirit is then temporarily suspended during Advent and Christmas, and picks up again in earnest in the New Year. The time of merrymaking in the streets is officially declared open at the Alter Markt during the Cologne Carnival on the Thursday before the beginning of Lent. The main event is the street carnival that takes place in the period between the Thursday before Ash Wednesday and Ash Wednesday. Carnival Thursday is called Altweiber (Old women day) in Düsseldorf or Wieverfastelovend (The women's day) in Cologne. This celebrates the beginning of the "female presence in carnival", which began in 1824, when washer-women celebrated a "workless day" on the Thursday before carnival. They founded committee in 1824 to strengthen their presence in the still male-dominated carnival celebrations. In each city, a woman in black storms the city hall to get the "key" for the city-/townhalls from its mayor. In many places "fools" take over city halls or municipal government and "wild" women cut men's ties wherever they get hold of them. Also, as a tradition, women are allowed to kiss every man who passes their way. On the following days, there are parades in the street organized by the local carnival clubs. The highlight of the carnival period however is Rose Monday (Rosenmontag). Although Rose Monday is not an official holiday in the Rhineland, in practice most public life comes to a halt and almost all workplaces are closed. The biggest parades are on Rose Monday, the famous Rosenmontagszug (Rose Monday Parade), e.g. in Cologne, Düsseldorf, Mainz, and many other cities. During these events, hundreds of thousands of people celebrate in the streets at low temperatures, most of them dressed up in costumes. Almost every town has a special carnival cry (Cologne, Bonn and Aachen: Alaaf!; Düsseldorf and Mainz: Helau!; Mönchengladbach: Halt Pohl! (hold on to the pole); Rheydt: All Rheydt!)."



The best day is the "Altweiber"-Day (Thursday), the girls are so crazy then and you will have a lot of fun and beer... and boobs for your TPR Photo Reports After those days I´ll need some holidays

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I can't wait til the release date monday. I'm definitely going to order a copy of volume 13. I too am a fan of the series, I love the combination of the music and the park footage with everyone having a blast. I'm proud to say that I have completed my collection this past week. Although I'm sure I've seen it once before already on volume 9, the Troy video was awesome, thanks for posting it Robb.

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Here is another "Never before released on TPR" video from our Coaster Expedition Volume 10 DVD!


I present to you "Wisconsin Dells" including Mount Olympus, Timber Falls, Riverview Park, the SCAD Tower and more!


I honestly couldn't believe I've never posted this segment to CoasterTube or TPR before because it's one of my favorite videos on the DVD! I hope people can appreciate the ending and the torture we gave Bryan that day!




And don't forget, order your copy of Coaster Expedition 13 here:



Did we mention there is a way to get Coaster Expedition Volume 13 for FREE? Find out how:


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Wow, that Toverland/Troy vid brings back memories. If I recall correctly it was during the summer of 2007, Troy had just opened and TPR 'opened up' the ERT for other members.

It was an amazing day and was done again the next year, which I heard was even more epic.

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Only TWO more days until Coaster Expedition Volume 13 is officially released!


To celebrate here is another "never before released on TPR" video from one of our past Coaster Expedition DVDs.


"Yomiuriland" from Coaster Expedition Volume 11 - This is one of the parks located in Tokyo! Great little park with a couple of decent steel coasters and one pretty bad woodie! Enjoy the video!



Order your copy of Coaster Expedition Volume 13 now!


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Sent in my money today for Coaster Expedition 13! Can't wait to get it! Great video guys! You both just keep impressing me with the great videos you guys keep making.


Jimmy "Jealous of your video editing talents" Bo

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