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The Cruise Ship and Cruise Line Discussion Thread!

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Still no mention on where the parents where. However, as Bob pointed out they will most likely have a lawsuit and emerge then.


On a more comical note, I found this quote from Karnival.


"To the best of our knowledge it is the first time a child has drowned aboard one of our ships," Carnival spokeswoman Joyce Oliva said in an email to The Associated Press.


Really, to the best of your knowledge? You would think a company this big would be able to say with confidence that "We never had a child drown on one of our cruises" with some certainty. Way to keep it Klassy Karnival.





Edit: Maybe they should put Funship Freddie in charge of PR.

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^That's standard PR speak. The cruise ship industry is very loosely regulated (because the ships are homeported in countries all around the world and only subject to the "flagged" countries laws), so it is very likely Carnival doesn't keep records like that because they are not required to.


As far as the lifeguard thing goes? There are usually signs all around the pool deck on cruise ships making it very clear there are no lifeguards on duty. Just like in your apartment complex pool, when a beach lifeguard station is closed, etc., etc. Risk is assumed.

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After almost four years, I spent a week on a Royal Caribbean ship last week, the Allure Of The Seas. The ship was amazing, easily the best I've ever been on, but what it also showed me was just how horrible Carnival is (since the last cruise I had been on was the "Klassy" one). Seriously, anyone that thinks Carnival offers up any sort of quality product is completely delusional. Service, cleanliness, activities, food quality, and everything else was so far beyond the Carnival "product" and showed just how inferior that crap brand is.


I continue to be astonished why anyone would spend a cent on such a terrible product. But then, Chili's is still in business, so...



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I had the pleasure (believe it or not) of being on Carnival Breeze three weeks ago. I have to say, I was thoroughly shocked. You all scared me so much with the Klassy voyage, that I was beyond terrified. (Family planned the trip, and didn't get any input from others) I really did go into it expecting Komplete Krap though. So it surpassed my standard for the line. LOL


But with all seriousness - my cabin crew was awesome, my waiter awesome, and the bar chick over in the casino - awesome. (She hooked up the Mai tai for me, and with one sip my face was numb) I am sure b/c the ship is brand new, they are really keeping up with it. They were installing new carpets on the stairs through a few of the days. Dinner was served very timely, and it was tasty. Embarkation, and debarkation were a breeze. Buffets were always full. (Just please, get rid of the scrambled eggs!!) Photo crew really need to learn how to focus, and some of the staff my husband found rude right from the get go. For what I paid, it was a good time with great family.


You won't catch me on an older ship though...


(Love the multiple photo uploader!!!!!!)1517097148_HD0C9389(Copy).jpg.c3e4aa46c5a57de23c03f553f3c42f96.jpg

Room was clean


Bye-bye Miami


Atrium... I wanted to be creative with the photos of this, but I gave up. LOL


Sunrise in Jamaica


My voyage was one of the lucky A-Ok ones!


And in Nassau, I got to witness Dream turning around to dock. (First time I experienced it, I was on the Dream!) You think they would let us on the boat for the day?

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Some Costa Concordia news:



Costa Crociere and Dockwise, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. (Boskalis) have signed the contract that secures the availability of the Dockwise Vanguard - the world’s largest semi-submersible ship – as part of the options considered for the removal of the Concordia wreck from Isola del Giglio.
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^^John - Is that a fleet wide thing? I just assumed it was only the couple that we saes last week.


It looks like every ship has them until permanent generators are installed.


"Carnival said the first phase of improvements involves installing an additional emergency generator on every ship to ensure operation of safety equipment and services like plumbing, fresh water and elevators in a power loss. The extra temporary generators will eventually be replaced by permanent generators."



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That article didn't seem to have quite enough facts and actual information in it to be taken seriously. They basically just say that the bigger ones are more unsafe because there are more people on them.


Nothing super scary or anything like 'the bigger they are the more likely they are to topple over' or something cool like that!

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