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The Cruise Ship and Cruise Line Discussion Thread!

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For those of you in so cal who happen to check KNX1070 for traffic, a local plumbing company is running an ad taking shots at Carnival. The gist of it is that a family requests a plumber for a week because "they are going on a cruise and want him to be there just in case there is a plumbing emergency like clogged toilets or no running water"


Loved it!


That is funny. I wonder how many people wil get it.

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I'm just popping in to say this -


I'm SO glad I left that horrible company earlier this year. I worked for Carnival from 2009 through the end of January 2013 and my life was miserable on their ships. But hey, it was a paycheck. I finally had enough of their crap and quit. I now have a solid job on land in my field (Technical Theatre) and couldn't be happier.


Every time I hear about something like this I can't help but laugh.

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My fiance and I are planning on taking a 3 or 4 day Royal Caribbean cruise honeymoon, probably in early December from Florida to the Bahamas. This will be my first cruise and she has only taken 1 a long time ago.

For those of you that have experience in this, how far in advance would you suggest to book? Do the prices fluctuate like airline prices do, or do they stay fairly consistent? Right now Expedia has a $100 lower price than Royal Caribbean does on their website. Is this common? We would have booked already, but we don't know exactly what days we are going yet.

Is this a good time to cruise? Will this time frame keep us out of hurricane season? Will it keep us away from the most crowded times of the year? Thanks.


Can any of you cruise ship veterans answer this? Thanks.

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^It's a hard answer as it's actually quite similar to the airlines. Prices can fluctuate quite a bit. If you're looking at December 1 - 15, chances are you should pay about $70 a day per person max as that is one of the DEADEST times of the whole year for cruise ships. You can probably wait to book till after the summer, and some people might even tell you to wait longer. As this is your honeymoon though, you don't want to play too many games and wait too long then either pay too much, be out of luck, get a bad cabin, etc.


Along those lines if cabin type and location are important to you, book earlier to get exactly what you want.


4 Day cruises are often the same price or cheaper than the 3 Day because most go midweek when it's harder for people to get off work.


This is a great time to cruise for weather and crowds and you should have a great time.


There are almost always random deals from online travel sites where it's either a little cheaper, or they'll throw in tips or on board credit. I wouldn't be worried about booking with a different company, but just make sure they give you a confirmation number that you can personally enter on the RCCL site so you can edit your reservation, make reservations for food, events, shore excursions, etc.

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Here is a hard hitting expose on Carnival from America's most reliable news source.


The Carnival cruise ship Triumph, which lost electricity and functioning bathrooms while at sea in February, broke free from its mooring in Mobile, AL last week, marking the latest in a string of high-profile black eyes for the company. Here are some other famous disasters in Carnival’s history:


May 24, 1975: Malfunctioning kitchen equipment forces Carnival Festivale passengers to go five minutes without eating

July 2, 1981: The Carnival Mardi Gras catches fire after a crewman accidently discards his cigarette in the Bales of Hay Room

Aug. 19, 1988: Passengers Denise Redmond and Carl Piper meet and hit if off

Sept. 5, 1997: The Carnival Jubilee is downed in the mid-Atlantic by a broadside cannon barrage from a Regent Seven Seas Cruises destroyer

Oct. 10, 2000: Elation becomes the third Carnival cruise ship to be destroyed by a falling meteor

June 12, 2004: The Carnival Glory capsizes and sinks after everyone rushes port side to see a dolphin hopping in and out of the water

Aug. 10, 2009: The Carnival Legend notices too late that it’s about to go over a really big waterfall!

Apr. 18, 2013: Emerging from port for the first time since its docking, the entire Carnival cruise ship Triumph spontaneously bursts into flames

June 28, 2091: The navigational system aboard the Carnival StarVoyage malfunctions, sending the space cruiser directly into the sun

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After 'poop cruise' disaster, Carnival slashes rates



At $38 a night, that's cheaper than staying at a Motel 6. But will it be enough to lure vacationers back on board?

A case study in disaster recovery is playing out before our eyes as Carnival (CCL) takes aggressive action to woo consumers who might have been put off by pictures of and reports about the infamous Triumph "poop cruise."


The company is offering a Caribbean cruise at bargain-basement rates, offering berths for as little as $38 a night, Bloomberg reports. The lowest nightly rate at the Motel 6 budget chain is $39.99.


The big question for Carnival and its investors is whether the cut-rate prices will help persuade vacationers to return. Early signs point to some success with the strategy, with chief executive Micky Arison noting on March 15 that "attractive pricing promotions" were helping to spur bookings. Carnival declined to comment on its pricing, Bloomberg notes.


That the cruise operator is taking such drastic steps isn't surprising, given the widespread negative publicity surrounding the Triumph, which was stranded for five days in the Gulf of Mexico after an engine fire.


After reports of food lines and raw sewage running down walls, passengers filed a class-action lawsuit.


So what do adventurous bargain hunters get in exchange for $38 a night? A four-day trip to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral, Fla., with stops in Nassau and Half Moon Cay. The ship includes a comedy club, a piano bar, a casino and a spa, among other amenities.


The lowest price is for an interior stateroom and is nonrefundable, according to Carnival's website.


"An empty ship doesn't make as much money," Futura Travel president Manny Lubian told Bloomberg. "They'd rather have bodies in them buying drinks and spending money





This comes as no surprise but even at $38 a night would it be worth it?

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Just when you thought the clientele couldn't get worse...


Oh it can get worse. Carnival is running a lot of advertising in the Staten Island Ferry terminal. Elissa would certainly approve of Staten Islanders on a Carnival Cruise.

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Their buffet area frightened me on our cruise. I watched them just pour hot new food over the old food. Then there was the temperature issues. Hot food was Cold and Cold food was Hot! I love that they also got in trouble for the pool area which smelled RANCID when we were on it. There were also signs about making sure to wash your hands and don't touch food after being in the water.


Oh, and we booked a Royal Caribbean cruise today!

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