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The Cruise Ship and Cruise Line Discussion Thread!

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If you can put a bowling alley (Not USBC Sanctioned, FYI) an ice skating rink and a water coaster on a ship...Robb's dream of a coaster at sea can't be more than 5 years away IMHO. Only the economy will tell us when we're going to see it.


Good lord, a "Hyper at Sea" now that's a photoshop project just waiting to happen.

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^ It's an interesting thought.. I really doubt it could be an above deck coaster since the salty sea air wrecks havoc on anything metal! Perhaps an indoor promenade could fit a Miner Mike style kiddie coaster - I wonder if it would get many riders....

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Norwegian Cruise Line made a couple of big announcements today at a big trade show in Miami. The first one has to do with the dining options on the new Norwegian Epic. One of the coolest things I think is the "freestyle" pizza delivery. For $5 you can get a pizza delivered anytime to anywhere on the ship - Pretty good idea!

MIAMI, FL - March 17, 2010 - Norwegian Cruise Line announced today that its largest, most innovative Freestyle Cruising ship to date, Norwegian Epic, will feature an extensive number of complimentary Freestyle dining options – 11 out of 21 total – that are included in the cruise fare. The additional 10 dining options will have a nominal cover charge.


Guests on board Norwegian Epic can select from a variety of cuisines, dining styles and atmospheres on board with a total of 21 dining options. Those that will be free of charge are:


• Taste, the atrium restaurant serving traditional and contemporary cuisine;


• Manhattan Room, reminiscent of an elegant supper club complete with music, dancing and entertainment;


• O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill, serving American favorites and comfort food, 24 hours;


• Garden Café, Norwegian's signature action station casual restaurant;


• Great Outdoors, the pool-side grill;


• Spice H20, serving Latin and Asian-influenced cuisine in the adults-only complex;


• Atrium Cafe and Wine Bar;


• Studio Lounge, serving snacks and light fare;


• Epic Club, the elegant, exclusive eatery available to Norwegian Epic's Suite and Villa guests;


• Courtyard Grill, the more casual, outdoor area of the Epic Grill, open for breakfast and lunch; and


• 24-hour room service.


“It’s important for our guests to know that Freestyle Cruising on Norwegian Epic will offer the ultimate in freedom and flexibility, especially when it comes to dining,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line’s chief executive officer. “With that flexibility comes a wide-range of complimentary dining venues and options.”


In addition, Norwegian also announced the cover charges for Norwegian Epic’s specialty dining/entertainment venues:


• La Cucina, Tuscan-style eatery serving regional Italian specialties, $10 per person;


• Cirque Dreams & Dinner, two shows nightly including a three-course meal, $15 for general seating/$20 per person for preferred seating;


• Shanghai’s, Norwegian Epic’s new Chinese restaurant serving a delicious mix of Chinese dishes and noodle bar specialties, $15 per person;


• Shanghai’s Noodle Bar, a la carte pricing;


• Wasabi, expansive sushi and sake bar, a la carte pricing;


• Le Bistro, Norwegian’s elegant bistro serving classic French cuisine with an American flair, $20 per person;


• Moderno Churrascaria, expansive salad bar and choice of a variety of meats served by tableside passadors, $18 per person;


• Cagney’s Steakhouse, the line’s signature American steakhouse, $25 per person;


• Teppanyaki, the largest signature Japanese experiential restaurant at sea, $25 per person; and


• Pizza delivery, $5, available 24 hours around the ship.


"With our specialty restaurants, some guests may choose to dine in one of these venues just once or twice during their cruise to celebrate a special occasion," added Kevin Sheehan. "At the same time, others may want to sample a different specialty restaurant each evening to experience a new type of cuisine. That’s the great thing about Freestyle Cruising – the choice is up to our guests to decide how they want to customize their trip.”


The other announcement has to do with a huge refurb to their private island... great stirrup cay. This island needs some help in a BAD way so it is good to see them realizing this and taking action.




Company plans in excess of $20 million in improvements with completion by late 2011


MIAMI – March 17, 2010 – Norwegian Cruise Line announced today at Cruise Shipping Miami that it will make major enhancements to its private island, Great Stirrup Cay, located 120 miles east of Ft. Lauderdale in the Berry Island chain of the Bahamas. The 250-acre island will undergo a two-phase renovation, totaling in excess of $20 million, spanning 22 months and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2011.


“We have one of the best private islands, particularly for swimming and snorkeling. With these improvements, we can provide an even more enjoyable island experience for the more than 9,000 guests who visit Great Stirrup Cay weekly during the height of the season,” said Kevin Sheehan, Norwegian Cruise Line’s chief executive officer. “Highlights of the enhancements include an expanded beach front, exciting island excursions, additional dining facilities, private beachside cabanas and a new kid’s area.”


The first phase of improvements to Great Stirrup Cay is already underway. This includes the excavation and formation of a new entrance channel for tenders, marina basin and arrival area with welcome pavilion that will be the site for new tender landings and docks. Once this is complete, the island’s current beach front will be expanded significantly to accommodate more guests.


New infrastructure and landscaping to enhance the guest experience is planned in the second phase including new dining and bar facilities; several comfort stations; a band stand; cruise program activity area; private beachfront cabanas; a kid’s play area; straw market; and beach volleyball courts. Several new island activities and shore excursions will be added including wave runners, a floating Aqua Park with a variety of water toys, kayak tours through man-made rivers within the island, an eco-cruise, and a stingray encounter experience. These are in addition to the existing snorkeling; floats; inflatable hippo slide; and parasailing that are currently offered.


Norwegian has owned the island since 1977 when it became the first cruise line to offer an uninhabited tropical island experience exclusively for its guests. Great Stirrup Cay offers magnificent white sand beaches, majestic palms and calm, pristine waters where an abundance of colorful marine life inhabits the surrounding coral reefs.


Norwegian Gem, Norwegian Jewel, Norwegian Sky and Norwegian Pearl regularly call on Great Stirrup Cay throughout the year.


Kayak tours through man-made rivers? That sounds pretty cool! I'm not holding my breath because of how ghetto it was late last year when I went - they have a LONG way to go.


Check out my photo TR of the Norwegian Sky to see how ghetto their island is.. GHETTO ISLAND!

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While I realize that almost everyone has seen some basic photos of the largest cruise ship in the world - "The Oasis of the Seas", I thought I would put together a selection of some more detailed ones. This really is a very unique ship with its different neighborhoods and things like the Carousel, Donut Shop and Zip Line.


These are all courtesy RCCL.... enjoy!


From the front it looks large...but normal.


From the top you start to really get a feel for the scale...


This really is a huge ship - but strangely enough one of the initial complaints is the lack of deck space!


It looks VERY different from the back. You can see the large area for the Aqua Theater.


The have some unique rooms including this "Loft Suite"


The balcony cabins in the boardwalk area however have a view of..... other balconies!


This ariel view gives you a better perspective.


The real greenery in the Central Park area looks awesome!


It is hard to believe how HUGE the main dining room is.


These are some seriously funky looking couches hanging out in the main lobby.


More odd furniture in one of the lounges.. is this the strange furniture ship?


Reminds me of the Dragons Lair.... ahhh memories!


The inside promenade has a "same yet different" feel from the voyager class ships.


I really *love* the look of the central park area.


Hot Tubs over the edge of the ship? Count me in!


The aqua theater at the rear of the ship is a very unique outdoor performance venue.


They even have an up charge gourmet cupcake shop!


As close to a credit as you will get on a cruise ship!


Looking at the indoor promenade from a different angle.


Free Donuts! Nom...nom....nom....


Chops Grille is located in Central Park and has a very upscale feel.




The only cruise ship with a zip line on board!


I will leave you with a shot of everyones favorite... the Flow Rider!

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Wow... thats a beautiful ship. I love cruising and have been on 4 or 5. I went on the Voyager when it was the largest, now I really hope to get on the Oasis, but I doubt cruising will fit in my future. I do love Royal Carribean though, we have been on Disney(I was in second grade,so I dont remember it, Carnival, Royal Carribean and Princess. Carnival was my least favorite, but I dont really know why, it might have been cause I was young, but royal always had more to do. Princess and Royal are about the same in my book, but princess is my personal favorite cause we somehow all got into the 21 and up club on the last night, not for drinks, but there was a huge party with an awesome DJ. I am pretty sure they kind of just said "screw it, let them in, just dont serve them drinks" and it worked well. Also, I danced with three girls to the song I kissed a girl, so it was an awesome night overall.


Damn... this thread makes me want to go downstairs and become depressed there are no baked goods in my kitchen at all hours of the day and night.

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Carnival was my least favorite, but I dont really know why.

Probably the constant smell of Bud Light throughout the entire ship which eventually just gives you a headache if you don't also start drinking the Bud Light.

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Oasis is such a beautiful ship. I drive by the port where it docks every other day and you can see that beast all the way from the high way !!


However, do NOT underestimate the freedom line (Liberty of the Seas & company)... Those are 14 deck monsters that literally take the 7 days vacation trip to explore. I traveled on Liberty last august and am planning my 2nd trip in september.

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One of my friends from work was talking about trying the Carnival cruise out of Jacksonville, in October. I spent about an hour, last night, convincing her to drive to Port Canaveral, for MUCH better options. We've never been on a Carnival cruise, but I was trying to convince her to look at RCCL. I'll have to direct her to this thread!

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I've only been on 1 cruise, which was a 3 day Carnival. I was 13 at the time, and I had fun on the trip, but I think RCCL looks a lot better. Their Kids thing for that age was absolutely pathetic too. I went, stayed for about an hour, then never came back.

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The Oasis really look's like a great ship, all it's really missing is a shuttle loop running through the center, lol. I'm sure it could fit. Honestly I've only been on one cruise myself, I was 10 at the time and all I did was eat at the ice cream parlor and tell the staff I was from Michigan... I'm still not sure exactly why.


Also on a side cruise note... today is April 15th, 2010. In 2 years it will have been 100 years since Titanic sank.

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Sad News from RCCL today.. The ship of Robb's Birthday Cruise (the Mariner of the Seas) will no longer be home ported in LA as of Jan 2011. It will be doing summers in Europe and Winters in Galveston, TX. Doesn't surprise me considering how low the fares were for it. Why is it that LA can't support larger / newer ships?

Royal Caribbean announced today that Mariner of the Seas will leave its California homeport in January 2011 to spend its summers cruising Europe and winters sailing the Caribbean out of Galveston.
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^^ I'm not much of a cruise ship person myself, but I would assume that the newer/bigger ships are all out on the east coast because Caribbean and European cruises bring in a lot more cash than Alaska, Hawaii, and Mexico.





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It's really a bummer but RCCL is a business, and it was quite obvious that that ship could make a lot more money NOT in LA. Plus with the Disney Wonder coming to LA in February, that would have cut even more into RCCL's customers.


The worst part about this is that they have not announced a replacement ship, so now the rumor is that we won't have ANY RCCL Ship out here.

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That does kind of suck. That being said though, I think I have only taken one cruise from LA. We have gone to Forl Lauderdale, Orlando, and Canada, and the only time I have ever sailed from LA is a cruist to mexico. Is that the only place the LA ships go? Also, this thread makes me happy cuause I now think I have good taste cause my sisters really liked Carnival. Has anyone ever done a cruise ship on celebrity. My grandma said they were the best, but I didnt know if she mean the best for her demographic(like 60 to 80) or if she meant best over all.

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More Carnival FAIL! Why are all these dock accidents, near misses, etc happening mostly with Carnival?


Sixty passengers on a Carnival cruise ship have been treated for minor injuries after the ship listed suddenly to avoid an object in the water, a Carnival spokeswoman said.

The ship listed 12 degrees to the right to avoid hitting a large, adrift buoy at approximately 12:55 p.m. CT Wednesday, Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz told CNN.

The submerged buoy, 200 miles off the Louisiana coast, did not show up on the ship's radar, Coast Guard spokesman Petty Officer Richard Brahm said.

The ship, Carnival Ecstasy, was carrying approximately 2,340 passengers and 900 crew, de la Cruz said.

It was on the final leg of a five-day cruise that left Galveston, Texas, on Saturday, April 17, with stops in Cozumel and Progreso, Mexico.

De la Cruz said the ship docked in Galveston as scheduled Thursday morning.

Injured passengers were treated in the ship's infirmary and some minor damage to merchandise and unsecured objects was reported, she said.

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^ Theyre all doing shots and smoking marijuana on the ship cause they're the "fun ship. Clearly I'm kidding, but I kind of get that impression from the commercial featuring young twenty something adults zip lining and drinking. The only few people not drinking are the old couple and the honey mooners, all asking each other "WHAT THE #### IS THIS, I THOUGH A CRUISE WAS A CLASSY VACATION. Thats what happened to us, my grandparents said they never spent the most time in their rooms cause Carnival is literally the only cruise company only trying to cater to young adults. Also, I dont know what their kids area is called, but it gets it ass kicked by marijuana.

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More Carnival FAIL! Why are all these dock accidents, near misses, etc happening mostly with Carnival?


When it rains, it pours... just look at the rash of Disney Transportation incidents the past couple of years. Nothing major had happened with Carnival since the Ecstasy fire over a decade ago prior to this recent rash of incidents.

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