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The Cruise Ship and Cruise Line Discussion Thread!

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^I was thinking the exact same thing. I probably wouldn't want that dude on the cruise I was on. Good thing I will never go on another Klassy Karnival Kruise again.


Guy "Unless TPR sponsors one. In which case, get me a poo bag!" Koepp


As horrible as it would be for TPR people to have to go through it, all I can think is how amazing of a trip report "TPR stranded on a Karnival ship" would be.

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^I was thinking the exact same thing. I probably wouldn't want that dude on the cruise I was on. Good thing I will never go on another Klassy Karnival Kruise again.


Guy "Unless TPR sponsors one. In which case, get me a poo bag!" Koepp


We could have official TPR Bags of Crap!

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From last night's "Late Show with David Letterman". hahahaha


Top Ten Things Passengers Said After Getting Off The Carnival Cruise

Saturday, February 16, 2013


10. "You know, it's not the worst Carnival Cruise I've taken"


9. "I loved everything about the trip except the raw sewage"


8. "I didn't find love, but I did catch campylobacteriosis"


7. "Thanks for nothing Superman"


6. "He looks taller in films" (Oh, I'm sorry, that's what people say getting off Tom Cruise)


5. "Maybe I'm just not a 'cruise person'"


4. "I need a hot shower, then a lawyer"


3. "Next time, we're taking an Italian cruise"


2. "I waited in line six hours for an onion and mayonnaise sandwich, and I'm not leaving till I get one"


1. "Damn, I missed my connecting cruise"



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I did run into one guy wearing a t-shirt and jeans in Portofino (the upscale Italian restaurant on the ship) who said that he really didn't like Royal Caribbean very much and would stick with Carnival for his next cruise despite what had happened.


Thinking of this, I really enjoy the formal nights on Royal Caribbean, it is fun to fill like a million bucks and feel like living in luxury!

That being said, I also have a few friends that swear to Carnival but have never been on a Royal Caribbean cruise.


So after listening to a lot of the interviews on the news about the Carnival Triumph, there will always be people who want to see what they can get out of a situation (sue) and the other people who brush it off and say "Things Happen" and would probably be ready to go right back on the cruise the next day.

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Listening to a lot of news/ radio about this and even entire talk shows dedicated to the topic was a bit strange this past week. I'm quite shocked at the uneducated commentary being spewed by fellow human beings. There are so many people using this incident to justify why cruising is stupid, environmentally unfriendly or unsafe. There are many grouping all people who enjoy cruises as some sort of leper colony that should be confined to ships so that everyone else can enjoy real vacations without "cruising clientele"--you know, like at an all inclusive mega resort at a sun, surf and sea destination that looks the same as the next. Amazing what the perceptions associated with one cruise line and its clientele can do to an industry.


Then there are the "nobody got hurt, the passengers are being overly dramatic and its no big deal" comments. I'd love to put all those people on a normal Carnival cruise, let alone this particular voyage and see how they feel afterwards.


I've still never been on a cruise but won't let this stop me from looking forward to going on a first (quality) cruise soon I hope.

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Horror Story from Broken Carnival Cruise, Regular Review of Normal Carnival Cruise, or Both?

By Juli Weiner

3:27 PM, February 14 2013



The Carnival Triumph is being dragged sadly back to dock today after more than half a week of floating aimlessly in the Caribbean without power. About 4,200 passengers have been subjected to interminable days and nights of unsanitary conditions, horrible food, and profound boredom. But is that. . . really that much different from what normally happens on a cruise?


To investigate, we compared reviews of Carnival’s functional ships and quotes from Triumph’s hostages. See if you can see which descriptions apply to which situation:


A. “Having been on many Carnival ships in the past, this was, without a doubt, the most disappointing cruise ever.”


B. “this Platinum VIP will never set foot on a Carnival ship again”


C. “First time on a cruise, last time on a cruise”


D.“the most un-fun cruise I’ve ever experienced”


E. “My mother is a cruise travel agent so this is not my first rodeo. I have sailed many, many cruises, many, many cruise lines. This was, by far, I have to say, the worst.”


F. “I now know how my grandparents felt coming to America on a ship where people got sick, the food was awful and they did not leave the ship the whole time.”


G. “food poisoning”


H. “everyone on the ship was outraged”


I. “Everybody wants off of this. It’s a big mess.”


J. “This is one ‘Dream Class Ship’ that was a total nightmare!”


K. “Any cruise we take in the future will most definitely not be on Carnival, never again!”


L. “Room smells like an outhouse. Cold water only, toilets haven’t work in 3 1/2 days”


M. “Overnight one evening our toilet overflowed with ‘other’ people’s waste from our floor.”


N. “horrible”


O. “He waited for about three hours just to get her half a hamburger”


P. “For ten years I have defended Carnival when people bad-mouthed them. No more. Goodbye old friend, you certainly sent me off with a bang.”


Q. “She said ‘Mommy, it’s so scary. I want to come home. Just come get me.’”


R. “worst experience ever”


S. “I don’t know how much more we could have took.”



Broken Carnival Cruise: C, E, I, L, O, Q, S

Regular Carnival Cruise: A, B, D, F, H, J, K, M, P

Both: G (G), N (N), R ®


Vanity Fair Online

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