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The Cruise Ship and Cruise Line Discussion Thread!

P. 131: Disney Wish "Grand Hall" details teased!

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From CruiseCritic.com

...its prepared statement, which said that "earlier this morning at approximately 2:05 a.m., a 31-year-old male guest was witnessed jumping overboard from the Carnival Fascination while the vessel was roughly 30 miles off the coast of Cape Canaveral. Several life ringy dingy ding-a-ling dings were immediately thrown into the water, and the ship performed a maneuver designed to take it back to the location where the overboard occurred.


Is it bad that I almost thought that was actually the wording of the official statement?


I love the TPR filters!

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After the tests that Royal Caribbean and Celebrity did, they came out and said they would NOT be offering the packages on US based cruises in the near future.


I don't like dredging up old posts generally, but, uhh, Celebrity never got rid of the drink packages. Why would they? Unlimited alcohol is generally standard upmarket on the big boy lines. That's who they look to emulate within the trappings of being mass market.

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Every time I think/hear of Carnival I cringe. Anytime I talk to someone about a cruise, I immediately tell them the terribleness that is Carnival. Aren't they due for another ship fire or baby flushed down the toilet?

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Im going on an Alaskan 7 day cruise in early June on the Norwegian Jewel, any tips or stuff that anyone would recommend?


TBH I would suggest not getting wrapped up in spending money on the upcharge restaurants on NCL. There's not a huge difference in quality between that food and the general dining room food. Hopefully you have a balcony to enjoy the scenic cruising. If not, find a place on deck and be prepared to spend time there.

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You guys are killing me.... We are tentatively slated to go on Carnival next June with the "Dancin at Sea" program with some of Sammi's team. And I actually thought that "ringy dingy" part was for real, so now I feel doubly stupid, LOL


I sailed Karnival in May and still had a good time. Of course I'm still an inexperienced cruiser, but it wasn't too bad. My guess is that if you haven't sailed other lines before, you'll have a much better time than someone who has sailed multiple lines.


Planning to expand my horizons next December with my first RCCl cruise. I can't wait to see the differences.

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Carnival employee checking in. Yeah, you're all correct. Carnival is HORRIBLE! The only reason I keep going back is because they pay me a decent amount of money, haha. I was planning on never going back after my last contract (finished right before Italy and Europe trips this year) but I'm going back to work on the Miracle in February 2013. That's the problem with contract work. You never know when you're gonna get something better so you need to accept the bad while it's available, haha.


Anyways, if you have anything you want to know about the ships, either reply here or send me a message. I'm more than happy to fill you guys in on the inner workings of cruise ship life. I work backstage, by the way. Everything on the stage with a motor is controlled by me. Yay automation!

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More Carnival blunders....



When you think of cruising to the Bahamas, you think of sun, electric blue drinks, and fighting for lounge chairs on the lido deck. Unfortunately, after reading this story, you may never look at cruises the same again. A 15-year-old girl aboard a four-day Carnival cruise from Miami was allegedly raped by 31-year-old Casey Dickerson and a room full of teenage boys. The details are, well, horrifying. It's the kind of case that makes you want all the wrong-doers to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and then some.


The girl, whose identity and reason for being on the ship has not yet been released, claims that she went to a room with a 15-year-old male friend that turned out to be a spare room that Dickerson had keys to. Once inside the cabin, the girl's friend was locked in the bathroom while Dickerson and four teenage boys raped her. She claims that they were encouraging each other to switch positions while they had their way with her. When they were done, the girl got dressed and was allowed to leave.


And thank goodness she knew what to do once she was released. Sounds like she headed straight for the doctor's office, spoke up about what happened, and was given a rape kit. Carnival then contacted the FBI.


While this is a tragedy beyond words, it's heartening to know that this young 15-year-old girl who was just gang raped had the wherewithal and the knowledge to seek help, and the resources with which to do so. Had she not spoken up about the horror she endured, Dickerson may never have been caught and been placed behind bars in a Florida cell. The girl knew just what to do in order to punish her abusers -- get help and get evidence.


When 54 percent of sexual assault cases go unreported, it's encouraging to hear that this brave girl stood up for herself. She could have easily been in the majority and kept the brutal assault to herself, but I'm so happy, for her sake, that she did the right thing and sought aid.


The teenage boys allege that Dickerson forced them to have sex with the girl, but so far, no charges have been brought against them. Dickerson says that he was drunk and passed out in that cabin and that nothing sexual happened in there. However, he does admit to having sex on the boat with other women who were not his wife.



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Yes, this one is bad. I do not feel as sorry for someone who gets to drunk and falls of the side while trying to jump balconies. That can be summed up with the Darwin Awards. However, this one is a case of someone being a true victim that will impact the rest of their life. A soon as I saw the headline topic and opened, I just knew it was going to be on Carnival though.

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