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The Cruise Ship and Cruise Line Discussion Thread!

P. 131: "Margaritaville at Sea" cruise line announced

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I'm getting flashbacks to my contract aboard the Carnival Pride when the backstage flooded due to rough seas. Ended up staying awake through the night baling water out of the dressing rooms, lifts, and band pit. That was by far my best contract with Carnival, though, so imagine how horrific my other three must have been.

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Just got back from Navigator of the seas. The updates on the ship were wonderful, water slides were great. We also really enjoyed the new bars, pool deck and escape game. They did an amazing job.


Perfect Day at Coco cay. WOW. We loved it so much we are looking at cruises that go there twice. I've been so hyped for this park since concept...I was the first one down Daredevil's peak that day.


Daredevil's peak was one of the most intense body slides I've done. I much prefer this slide to the previous record breakers. The continual helix was crazy intense especially at the end, that S turn transition felt crazy, as simple as it looks. Be ready to climb, we did 140 flights of stairs on this day! (Did Daredevil's peak 5 times)


The rest of the water park was great, I wish there were some better food options but included food is always a plus. Loved that the drink package worked all over the island as well. Great slide variety for all levels of guests, and tons of space, We were the only ship on this trip, I could see it being slightly busy with two, but overall the whole make over of this island was truly impressive.


I just got off of the Navigator a few weeks ago and I was honestly blown away by just how nice the upgrades were for the ship. It was my first Voyager class ship, and I was surprised at just how much closer to the Freedom Class (I've sailed on the Freedom and Independence of the Seas) it felt compared as opposed to my expectation of being closer to the Vision Class (I've sailed on the Enchantment of the Seas). The updated Promenade venues were really fantastic, particularly the Bamboo Room and Playmakers. The new slides were a fun touch and a pretty clever use of the space. The entire reworking of the pool deck and Lime & Coconut were also really nice.


Considering the last time I visited Coco Cay was somewhere around 2003, the island was very different than I remembered. We did get access to the water park, which was quite fun. Daredevil's Peak was easily one of the most intense slides I've ever experienced and the two drop box slides were fantastic. The rest of the island still seemed to have work underway with the adult beach under construction during our visit, but the food on the island and the amenities in the non-upcharge areas were quite nice too. Coco Cay has definitely come a long way!


I'm assuming that ship is booked for another sailing as soon as this cruise ends so do they refund/reschedule everyone booked for that sailing? Would they close these areas/rooms for repair and continue as scheduled?


Kind of looks like the latter



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oh yes. . because "offensive clothing" is the biggest issue I have with Carnival Cruise Lines.







(the Wal*mart of the seas, and unless it's something like a "TPR Klassy Kruise" ? No way in hell will I ever book Carnival).

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Dream Cruises has announced that their newest ship, the Global Dream will sport a theme park with a coaster and several attractions for guests to enjoy onboard!





Dream Cruises is building a 204,000 gross ton cruise ship that will not only carry nearly 10,000 passengers at maximum capacity, but will also have the first ever cruise ship theme park with the longest roller coaster at sea.


In 2021, Dream Cruises will debut Global Dream, the first of two Global class cruise ships from the cruise line. The cruise ship is currently under construction and will carry more passengers than any other ship in the world.


Apart from the theme park, amenities will include a Cineplex, Asian and Western spas, ample shopping facilities as well as authentic Asian and international dining experiences and fast food restaurants.


Designed for two guests, the 2,500 staterooms can also accommodate up to four with a unique two bathroom design to allow several people to get ready at once and a sofa bed that easily unfolds to sleep two comfortably. A thoughtful touch is a privacy curtain that can be closed to divide the room into separate seating and sleeping areas, making the cabins suitable for families and group travelers. The cabins will be approximately 15% larger than standard cruise ship staterooms.


State-of-the-art technology will include Bluetooth locks and a new smart system allowing passengers to control different functions such as the LED mood lighting and climate control with a smartphone app, voice recognition or through a touch-screen control panel. Smart sensors will also be able to detect occupants in the cabin to automatically adjust the lights and temperature for better energy efficiency and triple vent air-conditioning outlets ensure even air distribution for maximum comfort.


Roller Coaster

The “Space Cruiser” will be the highlight of the “Dream Park at the Pier” – first-ever theme park concept at sea that will push the envelope of entertainment and leisure facilities available at sea for discerning cruise passengers looking for unique experiences.


Each of the three Spike carts will provide interactive driving excitement for up to two riders per vehicle with inline seats and an integrated throttle allowing guests to control the speed of the ride. Due to the unusual perspective, the driver of the “Space Cruiser” will have the feeling of flying over the sea.


Theme Park

With something for everyone, “Dream Park at the Pier” assembles a myriad of attractions including:


  • Bounce Activity Park – Spread out over the size of a basketball court, this inflatable park isn’t the same old bouncy castles found at kiddie parties. Guests can run, bounce, dance and jump their way around the massive bouncy obstacle course for the ultimate nostalgia trip.
  • Jump! – Bounce around to your heart’s content in a special trampoline park that will have you jumping for joy!
  • Shark Bay – Unleash your inner daredevil on our bungee trampoline. Accomplish acrobatic feats while attached to a safety harness for maximum fun.
  • Wipe Out – Ride the waves at our on board surf simulator. Whether you hang ten or hang out, you’ll have a wet and wild time with your friends.
  • Cosmic Chaos – Spin, twirl, give it a whirl. Become a human gyro and get ready to tumble.
  • Kranky Kraken – Kiddies can make friends with our amiable octopus and fly around in one of his many arms.
  • Little Dreamers Ride – Tiny tots can test their driving skills in our mini karts for some race-car hijinks – all in a safe and controlled environment.
  • And much, much more!



Global Dream will have 28 elevators and eight sets of escalators.


The Global Class ships will also be the largest cruise ships ever built in Germany and the world’s largest cruise ships in terms of passenger capacity.





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  • 4 weeks later...
At least 10 people on board a cruise ship docked in the Japanese port of Yokohama have tested positive for coronavirus, health authorities say.


Almost 300 of the 3,700 people on the Diamond Princess have been tested so far. The number of infected could rise.


The checks began after an 80-year-old Hong Kong man who had been on the ship last month fell ill with the virus.


Some 3,600 people on a second cruise ship docked in Hong Kong are also being tested.


How did the virus get on board the ship?

There is a much smaller number of cases in countries around the globe other than China - two people outside of mainland China have died of the disease.


The Hong Kong man believed to be the source boarded the cruise ship in Yokohama, Japan, on 20 January, and disembarked in Hong Kong on 25 January. He was only later found to have tested positive for the virus.


Officials on the cruise ship began screening guests on Monday evening, and the vessel was placed under quarantine on Tuesday.


What happens to the passengers now?

Passengers and crew on the ship will now be under quarantine for 14 days. The incubation period of the virus is believed to be around two weeks.


All 10 cases are in those over the age of 50 and one is in their 80s, Japanese broadcaster NHK said.


Two of them are said to be Japanese, and none are in "serious condition", it added.


"We had them [the ones who tested positive] get off the vessel and... we are sending them to medical organisations," Japanese Health Minister Katsunobu Kato said at a news conference on Wednesday.


British tourist David Abel, who is on board, told the BBC he was supposed to return to the UK on Tuesday.


"We had a flight booked with BA on Tuesday morning and that has had to be cancelled. We've got no idea when we are going to be allowed off the ship," he said.


David Abel is one of 3,700 people in quarantine aboard the Diamond Princess

"All we have been informed [sic] is 14 days quarantine on the ship. That means we've got no interaction with other passengers, food is brought to the room. It's really basic food, nothing like we've enjoyed on the cruise at all."


Another passenger said her mother, who is in her 80s, was running out of medicine.


"We are in trouble because [her] medicine is running out. Many of the passengers are old and some are as troubled as we are," she told NHK.


The Diamond Princess cruise ship is part of the Princess Cruises line, owned by British-American cruise operator Carnival Corporation.


There are now 20 confirmed coronavirus cases in Japan, excluding the cruise ship infections.


What about the Hong Kong ship?

Separately on Wednesday, 1,800 passengers and a similar number of crew onboard the World Dream, a cruise ship docked in Hong Kong, are also being tested for the virus.


Local media reports say that three Chinese passengers who had spent time on the ship tested positive for the virus after disembarking.


Passengers developed symptoms on a previous World Dream cruise

The infected passengers were on the ship between 19 to 24 January. Hong Kong health officials say none of those on board had contact with the three passengers.


Some 30 crew members of the cruise ship say they are suffering symptoms of the virus and are also being tested.


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  • 1 month later...

Yeah, it's insane that they canceled so many sailings. But, they had to due to financial reasons. Of course, they are saying it's for the health and safety of the guests, but they had two outbreaks on their ships so the public was probably dropping Princess cruises like crazy. They would have lost so much money if they kept the cruises going.

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Does anyone have an active cruise booked that they've rescheduled or cancelled yet? We have one scheduled for June with Royal Caribbean and final payment is due soon, but seems like there's no reason to cancel now since they're offering full refunds or a 125% credit for rescheduling a future cruise anytime in 2020 or 2021 with 48 hours cancellation notice. I can't find any reason to cancel it now with this policy but curious if any of the more cruise savvy people on this forum are in a similar situation or have evaluated the policy in more detail than I have.

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^ I wouldn't cancel.


1) it might go on as planned (unlikely, but you never know)

2) if they do cancel on you, by then they will have a policy on how to handle in place.



just my 2 cents.

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^ I wouldn't cancel.


1) it might go on as planned (unlikely, but you never know)

2) if they do cancel on you, by then they will have a policy on how to handle in place.



just my 2 cents.


Yeah they've already posted their policy which is why i see no reason to cancel at this point. Ride it out, worst case scenario reschedule a cruise for later in 2020 or 2021. Just was curious if anyone else here had evaluated the policy in depth and saw anything of concern that I didn't.


Cruise With Confidence Policy

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Yeah they've already posted their policy which is why i see no reason to cancel at this point. Ride it out, worst case scenario reschedule a cruise for later in 2020 or 2021. Just was curious if anyone else here had evaluated the policy in depth and saw anything of concern that I didn't.


Cruise With Confidence Policy


We had to reschedule one of our cruises with RC.... The only thing to note, that they didn’t mention to us, was that you have to pay a new deposit when you reschedule.

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Princess cancelled all cruises until May 10... ours was May 9. We had the option to take a credit plus bigger bonus, or refund plus little bonus. We just took the full refund it was only a difference if a 50% bonus vs 25% . Who knows what prices will be like in the future plus if I get a credit and go on a cheap cruise I don't know if you get the rest of that credit for future cruises too? Either way I opted for refund.


That being said, the same cruise we were to go on that is still scheduled for the following week is ridiculously cheap and half the price, so it seems silly to take the credit unless we want to take multiple cruises... which may or may not be a thing, I didn't really look at the small print.


Because it's outside the April 30 timeframe that most flights and businesses are pointing towards rebooking, we filled out a form with travel expenses and supposedly princess will be rembursing us the cancelled flights? We shall see.

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Both CCL and RCL stocks have been extremely low. RCL bottomed out just above $22/share today when it was valued in the $130's range in January. I'd honestly put any refunded money into shares. You'll be able to pay for several cruises in a year or two with the money dumped into the market. In theory, $1,000 in now, up to $5,000 out later.

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Ok, With a lot of things being discounted for future use I think I may take up a cruise. The issue is I have never did one and said I would never so I know nothing about different cruise lines other than Carnival is like a floating walmart. I would like something posh, possibly with out kids. I do like adventure and shows but I think I would rather have those as options as I would probably want to relax. And suggestions on a cruise line?

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If you like one with lots of cool bells and whistles I would recommend royal Caribbean symphony of the seas. Lots and lots to do and lots and lots to eat. Disney is also really good but they are also a lot more than the other major lines and has been said before avoid carnival like the plague.

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Of course, would bow to recommendations from those who cruise way more than we do.


but we really like "Celebrity".. the age range tends to be 25-65 on the ships we've been on.


the food is spectacular, and the entertainment is very good.


my 2cents.


we enjoyed our cruises on Royal Caribbean too, tho the crowd tended to be much younger (I'd say 15-55 or so), and the food was very mediocre unless you upgraded to a "cost extra" restaurant. The shows were only so-so, but acceptable.


if you want to feel REALLY young? go on Holland America (it was the cruise line my Mom insisted on for the last trip we took with her). The cabin was very nice (parents got us all suites to come with) and the itinerary was decent. But the food had no flavor or spice (no salt!!), the shows were all bad vaudville comedians, and the ship shut down by 9pm each night. Age of the crowd? late 40's-90's



hope that helps.. LOL

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