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The Cruise Ship and Cruise Line Discussion Thread!

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Getting back to Bolt. Are these considered powered coasters?

Agreed with Robb. I feel like they're "kind of" different because you can control your speed, and in terms of layout, they're definitely on the more extreme end of the powered coaster spectrum. For what it's worth, we don't have Sky Dragster (the one at Skyline Park) on our poll and we don't intend on putting Bolt or the Ducati coasters on the poll either.


To me, this ride is more like a monorail version of a Bobkart than a coaster.

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I saw this story and the coaster looks cool. But while searching for more information I discovered this will be the second roller coaster on a cruise ship. A Chinese ship under construction for launch in 2020 will be first:



I think I'll skip this ship though. 9500 passengers!

They both will launch in 2020 and they both seem to be the exact same ride based on the renderings....


So I'm not really sure which one will be "first" nor do I think it even matters.

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I saw this story and the coaster looks cool. But while searching for more information I discovered this will be the second roller coaster on a cruise ship. A Chinese ship under construction for launch in 2020 will be first:



I think I'll skip this ship though. 9500 passengers!

They both will launch in 2020 and they both seem to be the exact same ride based on the renderings....

[attachment=0]Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 3.07.28 PM.png[/attachment]

So I'm not really sure which one will be "first" nor do I think it even matters.


No I don't think it matters either. But it was a surprise to find out there was another coaster.


Also I love that the Chinese ship is clearly a clone (smaller) of the Oasis class.

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It's not going to get me to sign up for a Carnival cruise but I love it! Hopefully this just encourages cruises to offer more 'thrills' while the ship is out sailing around. Everyone wins!




Ho ho ho.

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^9500 Chinese on a Chinese Knock Off cruise ship? Hard pass.


And it's SMALLER than Oasis class. Like, a lot smaller. 3,000 more people in a tighter space? Sounds like China to me!


Based on my observations, the average Chinese person is half the size as the average American, so the size difference should not be an issue.

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So is it considered a different credit depending on which ocean the ship is in at the time you ride it? Asking for a friend. After the 'Klassy' Carnival Trip report I have been scared away from Carnival for life so there is no chance I will ever ride it.

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Well if this is the first/second version of the coaster-on-a-ship, then whatever is next for this kind of coaster,


it'll probably be a much better, more family-thrilling coaster......and most likely on a much better cruise line. (just sayin)

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Well if this is the first/second version of the coaster-on-a-ship, then whatever is next for this kind of coaster,


it'll probably be a much better, more family-thrilling coaster......and most likely on a much better cruise line. (just sayin)



An inversion beyond the rails, over the sea within 5 years.


MSC had tinked with a drop tower type ride on their new line of ships but it got cut.

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Virgin Voyages has released its first details on their new RockStar Suites onboard the first ship in the fleet, the Scarlet Lady.





Virgin Voyages sailors will be able to live it up in RockStar Suites created by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio. With only 78 RockStar Suites aboard Scarlet Lady, among them are 15 Mega RockStar Suites, aptly named the Massive Suites, Fab Suites, Posh Suites and Gorgeous Suites.


Highlights of The Massive Suite, the top suite aboard Scarlet Lady, include its own guitar-clad music room, views of the ocean from every corner of the suite and a massive terrace complete with its own Peek-a-View outdoor shower, hot tub, hammocks and a runway outdoor dining table, where a staircase will help sailors make their way on top of the table for dancing.


Treating sailors like rock stars

'Virgin has always avoided stuffy formalities and brought a lot of excitement and a bit of rebelliousness to our customer experiences,' said Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. 'With these glamorous suites, Virgin Voyages is bringing rock and roll to the high seas and spoiling our sailors like the rock stars they are.'


'We have combined brilliant design and Virgin Voyages’ epic sailor experience vision to create a completely new version of luxury—"Rebellious Luxe," which is at the intersection of luxury and a rebellious attitude that makes everything we do different, indulgent and meaningfully relevant to our sailors,' added Tom McAlpin, CEO of Virgin Voyages. 'Whether they want to sleep all day, praise the sun with yoga at dusk or party all night, our RockStar Suite sailors can live out their fantasies aboard the Scarlet Lady.'


RockStar suite design

The RockStar Suites bring a fresh take to yachting glamor steeped in the Virgin brand’s rock and roll heritage. Inspired by mega yachts and rock and roll style icons like Grace Jones, the RockStar Suites feature Tom Dixon’s iconic retro-futurism designs with a palette of deep blues used with iridescent dichroic elements to echo the colors of the sky and sea when sailing.


Touches of yacht materials are sprinkled throughout the suites with real leather finishes, marble-clad bathrooms and terrazzo flooring. The suites' design features nautical nods with a brass glam station and accenting beauty counter and bedhead lighting. High-quality design elements and bespoke Tom Dixon furniture pieces are throughout. Each suite is equipped with a vinyl turntable.


The RockStar’s view

With suites situated atop of Scarlet Lady, sailors will have the best view that money can buy, with all suites purposefully configured to maximize the view of the ocean. Many feature a Peek-a-Boo shower, an all marble shower with a dichroic glass window carved in the center so sailors can always look out at the ocean. Rock stars who opt for the top Mega RockStar Suites can bathe under the sun or stars with their own Peek-a-View outdoor shower.


The sea terrace for each suite features a specially designed champagne table where an ice bucket fits perfectly at the center of the table situated next to stargazing loungers, and Yellow Leaf brand, sustainably sourced terrace hammocks.


RockStar lifestyle

RockStar Suites sailors will be cared for by the RockStar Services Crew, from time of booking, to sail away and throughout their voyage. There will be backstage access for RockStar Suites sailors at every corner, with early access to on-board entertainment, restaurants, Shore Things, a private transfer to and from the ship in Miami and an exclusive express VIP pathway during embarkation.


RockStar Suites sailors will have their own wardrobe team to help unpack and repack, complimentary pressing service and nightly express swimsuit drying service.


In Rebellious Luxe fashion, Virgin Voyages has reimagined the mini-bar for its rock stars. Instead, suites will have a full bar and cocktail kit, with the first round on the house.


All RockStar Suites sailors will have access to Richard's Rooftop, their own private members club—a secluded place to bask under the sun or have a drink under the stars.


All suites are clever cabins, with mood lighting that automatically adjusts to match the time of day and tablets that allow sailors to control the lighting. There will be premium linens and a plush European king bed in every suite as well as upgraded bath amenities.


Sailors looking to up their vacation game can opt for one of the Scarlet Lady’s Mega RockStar Suites, primely located on Deck 15. Mega RockStar Suites will receive a personalized bar filled stocked with their favorites, and the RockStar Services Crew will tend to their rock star rider list, digging up whatever their heart may desire to make their voyage perfect—all red gummy bears, an electric guitar and more.


The Massive Suite

There are only two Massive Suites, each sitting atop the bridge. These 2,147-square-foot suites have their own music room, which seconds as an extra bedroom that's stocked with guitars and an amplifier. At the center of the Massive Suite is a circular oversized couch setup, perfect for conversation and cocktails from the adjacent in-room bar.


Rock stars can primp for an appearance aboard Scarlet Lady in the suite’s glamorous bath and dressing room area complete with a hot tub, vanity area, two full-sized wardrobes and a marble-clad bathroom with a Peek-a-Boo shower area that overlooks the bedroom and out to the ocean. The large terrace will be where friends, family and groupies alike can gather with a private hot tub, a Peek-a-View outdoor shower, a circular conversation pit, a lookout point with stargazing loungers and two full length hammocks. Sailors in the Massive Suite can climb a staircase to the top of the runway outdoor table for dining and dancing in full rock star glory.


Besides the Massive Suites, Fab Suites, Posh Suites and Gorgeous Suites are Brilliant Suites (18), Cheeky Corner Suites (biggest terrace - six, even bigger terrace - four, pretty big terrace- six), Seriously Suite (24) and Sweet Aft Suite (biggest terrace - three, even bigger terrace - two, pretty big terrace - two).


#ShipTease sweepstakes

From now through Jan. 23, Virgin Voyages fans can preview the rock star lifestyle with an opportunity to win a chance to party like a rock star at Virgin Voyages’ next #ShipTease event in New York City on Valentine’s Day. Sweepstakes information is here.

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Before joining the largest collection of Marvel Super Heroes and Villains at sea, Captain Marvel set out on a secret mission to scope out the Disney Cruise Line situation – and we have the exclusive first-look photos to prove it!


Tomorrow, guests sailing aboard the Disney Magic will be the first in the world to go #HigherFurtherFaster with Captain Marvel as she makes her debut during Marvel Day at Sea. This special event features all-day entertainment including heroic encounters, an extraordinary deck show, themed youth activities, special merchandise, and unique food and beverage offerings.


While meeting one of the most powerful heroes in the Marvel Universe will surely be a highlight for our guests, seeing her in action will be even more epic. In the evening, Captain Marvel will join fellow Super Heroes in a spectacular face-off against some of their greatest foes during the action-packed “Heroes Unite” deck show, a massive battle complete with incredible stunts, special effects, pyrotechnics and iconic music.


Villains, consider yourselves warned: This noble warrior hero is unlike anyone you’ve ever faced before.


Marvel Day at Sea cruises set sail from Miami through March 8 – the same day Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” premieres in theaters and aboard all Disney Cruise Line ships!


Want to be among the first to come face-to-face with Captain Marvel? Find out more about Marvel Day at Sea here.









Bonjour, mes amis! I’ve got un petit secret that I can’t wait to share … Want a sneak peek at what’s in store for Adventures by Disney next year?


Adventures by Disney River Cruise Adventures by Disney River Cruise

In 2020, Adventures by Disney will offer more European river cruise sailings than ever before, including a brand-new vacation on the Rhone River!


For the first time ever, Adventures by Disney guests will sail through southern France including Provence, a diverse region rich with cultural, artistic, historical and culinary delights. During the Rhone River vacation, Adventurers will explore ancient cities, quaint hilltop villages, fairytale castles, rolling hills of lavender, romantic vineyards and much more. Tres magnifique!


The new Rhone River itinerary joins our existing line-up of sailings along the Seine, Rhine and Danube rivers. These all-inclusive vacations offer the legendary service and amenities of AmaWaterways, a leader in luxury river cruising, combined with Adventures by Disney’s ability to bring the world to life for families in unique and exciting new ways.


Each Adventures by Disney river cruise features the services of up to eight Adventure Guides, who are your hosts in each destination and onboard the ship. Our expert team of trip developers have curated a diverse line-up of active, hands-on activities and engaging cultural experiences in every location, and all that family fun is balanced by special activities designed just for kids and for adults.


That’s all I can share for now, but mark your calendars: More details about our newest river cruise itinerary — and even more exciting new vacation options for 2020! — will be revealed on Jan. 24.



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Virgin Voyages has announced The Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas which will serve as their private island experience when they start sailing in 2020!





Events and Performances

Virgin Voyages will provide an exclusive experience to be featured on all Scarlet Lady voyages starting your Caribbean sailing which includes a visit to The Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas and carrying the party on to the stylish Red Room - the live performance space onboard the ship where all main acts and headliners will take centre stage. Consider it a theatre at sea from ground-breaking performances and festival-like lineups to dancing the night away at the biggest party on sea.



The Beach Club at Bimini, Bahamas

The Beach Club at Bimini in the Bahamas is where sailors can feel tranquility at its best in a stylish setting with white-sand and crystal clear waters and will rival the best beach clubs in Ibiza and Saint-Tropez.


Sit back and enjoy overlooking the ocean with an expansive lagoon-style pool as the central anchor of the club. In the spirit of Vitamin Sea, the brand’s ethos of well-being, there will be moments of retox and detox throughout the day. Sailors will find areas of high energy and quiet spots for complete relaxation and introspection.


Mornings at The Beach Club at Bimini will begin with yoga as Sailors enjoy the sounds of the ocean when dusk til dawn, the energy will gradually amplify as the evening sets in. Sailors will reach the high point of the day by the afternoon where DJ-led pool parties will be center of the action. The night’s energy will wind down with a beach bonfire under the stars with an acoustic musical performance.


Mark Ronson named founding DJ

Mark Ronson will be the first to grace the turn-tables at this elite beach club with four performances to be announced in 2020. OMG right? Need we say anymore!


Sailors staying in RockStar Suites will have their exclusive slice of paradise at The Beach Club at Bimini, with a dedicated bar, complimentary food service, an outdoor terrace lounge, sun loungers and beach cabanas. Sailors looking to explore the island of Bimini will have ample opportunities to do so in this off-the-beaten path tropical destination.



The Manor

The Manor is the place to be. This two-story, three bar space, named after Richard Branson's first recording studio, is inspired by a classic theatrical ballroom, layered with a glamorous ‘70s, punk vibe. This is the must place venue presenting ground-breaking shows to kick the night off before it transitions into a mind-blowing, goodbye-early-morning-workout nightclub.



Music is part of Virgin's DNA. Since the early days in the '70s, we've been spotting and nurturing the best talent including Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Spice Girls to boast a few whilst turning up-and-coming DJs into superstars. That ethos is the core of what makes entertainment onboard the Scarlet Lady so unique, yet so grounded to the Virgin roots.


In a nutshell...



Music to Your Ears

Tune in to some of the biggest DJ acts bought to you at sea. With live performances, DJ acts and gigs rocking around the clock.



24/7 Playground

Play all day, party all night. The Scarlet Lady is a 24/7 playground of excess and access where the skys the limit.



Plastic ain't fantastic

You won't find plastic straws in your cocktails where single use plastics are banned. Who needs a straw anyway! so overrated.


Virgin Voyages has also announced several ports that they'll visit during their first year of sailings including Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, Costa Maya on the Caribbean coast of Mexico and Havana, Cuba.

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^ This is a credit I will feel no pain, in not getting.


On the other hand, ^^^ THAT looks a-may-ZING!


And speaking of water coaster.... RIP Jet Star - Casino Pier. Photo taken in 2013.

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