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The Cruise Ship and Cruise Line Discussion Thread!

P. 131: "Margaritaville at Sea" cruise line announced

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Thanks so much for the info and review. Im getting even more excited for my Alaska Cruise on the Infinity now.


Yeah about that....


From The News Junkie on Real Radio. I'm sure it will be fixed by the time your trip comes around


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I think someone was rather surprised that the ship crashed...


I don't know why the image looks like that. Its large on my computer.


**EDIT** Now the image doesn't show and it wont load it. But if you look at 2:10 on the video, theres a topless woman in the window.

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I think someone was rather surprised that the ship crashed...


I don't know why the image looks like that. Its large on my computer.


**EDIT** Now the image doesn't show and it wont load it. But if you look at 2:10 on the video, theres a topless woman in the window.


after telling myself I wont look.. of course I went and looked! (darn you!).


tho I think she's wearing a flesh colored (or pink) bra, rather than topless.


you have to get the pause JUST-RIGHT.



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My god, that loft on Harmony is awesome! So beautiful. I loved the 3rd pic that is looking towards the window which looked like an upscale apt type ad. The entire ship looks amazing too, and glad everything sounds smooth. Can't wait to experience her after getting a smaller taste of what RCCL can offer on Anthem!

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Viking TR Part 1




It's been a week now since our return from the Viking River Cruise "Chateaux, Rivers and Wine" itinerary through the Bordeaux region of France, and I'm ready to pack my bags and go back! This was our second Viking River cruise, and we loved it so much that we've booked another one for 2017


Quick background - My partner and I were never much into the idea of a cruise, but then those beautiful Viking River Cruises commercials started playing before Downton Abbey, so we were intrigued. Since I turned 50 last year we celebrated my birthday with our very first cruise of any type, which was the Viking "Romantic Danube" cruise from Budapest, Hungary to Nuremburg, Germany (with side trip to Prague). This was such a success that it was a no-brainer to sign up for cruise # 2 when friends decided to do their first cruise through Bordeaux and asked us to join them.


While I have no other cruising experience to compare. we have thoroughly enjoyed Viking's approach, and you're pretty much spoiled by the crew the moment that you board. I could happily live on one of their Longships!


For this part of the TR, I'll speak of ship details, etc.


All of the Viking Longships are pretty much identical with the exception of some minor cosmetic differences, and each has a passenger capacity of 190. There are three levels of rooms, and 5 rooms types. All of the "aquarium" class standard rooms are on the lower level, then floor two and floor three hold the French Balcony rooms, the Veranda staterooms (with private balcony). The 2 suite-style rooms are on level three. While I wouldn't mind being upgraded to a "better" room at some point, we find the standard room to be more than sufficient, especially since you're only in your room to shower and sleep.


There is one main dining room on the ship, and then in front of the Lounge is where the "Aquavit Terrace" is located. Here they serve a buffet-style lunch and dinner, and you can dine alfresco should the weather permit.


The upper deck has multiple areas to sit, relax, practice your golfing skills, play shuffleboard, or take a jog on the track. We pretty much spent our free time up here, especially to enjoy the view while cruising.


For TR Part 2, I will get into the food, wine, and itinerary specifics.


And now some pictures for your TR enjoyment


The commercial shot of the Viking flag, taken while docked in Blaye, France aboard the Viking Longship Forseti


Boarding the Forseti at low tide in Bordeaux, France


The atrium of the Forseti


Random seating area 1


Random seating area 2


Random seating area 3




One of 2 Coffee/Tea/Water stations


Herb garden on the top deck. Yes, the chef actually uses them


Sliding glass door entrance to the Lounge


Bar inside the Lounge


Seating area in the Lounge


More Lounge seating


Hallway to rooms


Cozy bed in our lower level stateroom


Stateroom, with peek at the window size


Desk, TV, drawers, etc. The rooms are very Scandinavian, and very organized!


Bathroom. A tight squeeze, but thoughtfully laid out. Oh, and the floors are heated too!


Shower, with surprisingly strong water pressure.

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I approve of the amount of times the word "Viking" is mentioned so far in this trip report!


Looks like quite a nice ship! I like the amount of wood used for the interior. The room looks quite alright as well. Looking forward to the next part.

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Viking TR part 2


Hello again.


This time, I'll speak of the cruise itself and about the itinerary.


The "Chateaux, Rivers and Wine" cruise is unusual and unlike most river cruises, as it's a roundtrip from the city of Bordeaux to the city of Bordeaux. The three main rivers in the region are all estuaries, so the trip is very dependent on the tides. Due to higher than normal waters, our boat was unable to cruise to Cadillac, France, since even with low tide we wouldn't be able to clear the Pont du Pierre bridge. All ports, however, are fairly close and reachable via coach.


Our cruise consisted of tours of Bordeaux, Cadillac, Sauternes, Saint Emilion, Bourg, Blaye, Paulliac, and the Margaux region. We took an option side trip to Cognac, where we were able to learn and blend our own bottle of Camus Cognac.


Neeless to say, this cruise is very much a "Booze Cruise" and the focus is on the wines/spirits of the region. I gather that on average, the Forseti goes through about 2000 bottles of wine per week


And now, on with the pictures! I'll finish part 3 later, where I'll discuss food, etc.


The Bordeaux Chartrons District where the Forseti is docked.


Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux


Grand Theatre, Bordeaux


Monument aux Girondins, Bordeaux


Chateau d'Arche in Sauternes, France


Chateau d'Arche


Cadillac, France. Yes, the car is named after this town.


Cadillac, France


On the way to Libourne, France. The middle part of this bridge raises up so that cruise ships, etc. will fit under


On the way to Libourne. Rain on the way!


Oh, Hi there random castle!


Libourne, France


Market day in Libourne. My dream is to return some day soon, rent a house and cook a ton. I wanted one of everything!


Saint Emilion, France. My favorite stop of the trip.


Saint Emilion. Gorgeous!


Shopping for wine. Why yes, I do believe that we'll have you ship a couple of cases to St. Louis :)


The Citadel at Blaye, France


In the Citadel


Making my custom Camus Cognac blend


Dave adds just a tad more...


Chateau in the Medoc region


Chateau Margaux


Barrels of fun


Yes, one of each please


The ship's staff host a dinner at Chateau Kirwan, which was a major highlight of the trip.


Dinner at Chateau Kirwan


The new Cite du Vin in Bordeaux. Such a cool building! A great light show at night too.


Wine shop inside Cite du Vin. We didn't have the time to visit the main part, but the shops, etc. were really cool.


Wine shop at Cite du Vin

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Viking TR part 3


And finally the end - sorry for the delay...


Viking does an excellent job with food, and it's pretty remarkable what they can prepare in the small kitchen onboard. I'm not one to take tons of food photos, but I did snap a few, which will follow. We are both vegetarian, and the chef did an excellent job with meatless dishes! The dinner at Chateau Kirwan was especially memorable.


With Viking, beer and wine is included at lunch and dinner and the wines used were actually quite good. Our glasses were never empty


River cruising has been going on for years, but obviously has gotten more popular. It's a wonderful way to see the countryside, and to appreciate some of the smaller towns that might not otherwise be seen. Viking is certainly the biggest player in Europe, but there are multiple other options to choose from. I did some research before taking our first cruise last year, but I kept coming back to Viking. Since you frequently "raft" next to other cruise ships, I gotten up and close with Uniworld, Scenic, Ama Waterways, Avalon, Arosa, etc. but still find Viking to fit our aesthetic much better. If you decide to look into Viking, be aware that while they always offer the "Two for One" special on fares, you can get incredible airfare deals through them.


Looking forward to the Rhine in 2017!


Starter course - Tomato Salad with Buffalo Mozzarella


Entrée served at Chateau Kirwan. So good!


Stuffed tomatoes with herbed rice


Eggplant pancakes with spinach.


Dessert time! Forgot the name, but very very good!


Another dessert winner


And another


And yet another

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Viking does an excellent job with food


Thank you, I try my best!


Sorry, I just couldn't let the opportunity to make that joke pass! But yeah, that was a great report! Fun to see a trip report that it not the "traditional" cruise. Thanks for sharing!

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the ship looks beautiful -- both quaint and elegant at the same time.


and the excursions. . .man, I wish I was there with ya!


thanks for the pics, wonderful trip report!

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Omg. That was awesome, yet crazy at the same time. You'd think the cruise line would know better than to travel that closely to a dock. . . Oh, wait. It's Carnival. Nevermind.

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The $780,000 cruise ship that launched in May continued on its merry way apparently oblivious to the destruction it left behind


Dang, I didn't know the Carnival cruise ships were THAT cheap!!

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The article has since corrected the value to $780 million.


Still, at $780 million, that's a lot less expensive that most modern day cruise ships. Especially for it to be the "largest ship in their fleet."


For those who are curious a few other cruise ship prices:


Quantum class ships cost around $935 million

Oasis class ships cost around $1.4 billion

Freedom class cost on average $828 million

Disney's Dream came in at $1 billion

Disney's Fantasy came in at $950 million


All the more reason for me to never cruise with Carnival. Me no likey cheapy.

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Omg. That was awesome, yet crazy at the same time. You'd think the cruise line would know better than to travel that closely to a dock. . . Oh, wait. It's Carnival. Nevermind.



Maybe the port shod have said,"Hey, that ship is too big to dock here." Considering the displacemen it could cause to get underway. But they wanted those 4,000 souls on shore to spend money. And what did the Concordia have to do with that story?


Anyways the Vista is impressive to look at. Imax theather, that hanging pedal ride and decent water slides elevates Carnivals family game.


Let's see, you got a Norweigian boat with a go cart track headed to China, a RC boat with an insane dry slide and pod thingy, a MCS boat headed to Miami with an impressive water slide complex that has two slides that extends past the side MCS has another on the way that claims to have an Amusement and water park features. I've actually seen a render of them having a drop tower like ride on a boat but it was just an idea.


Who'll be the first with a legit roller coaster that goes over the side, possibly upside down?

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Maybe the port shod have said,"Hey, that ship is too big to dock here." Considering the displacemen it could cause to get underway. But they wanted those 4,000 souls on shore to spend money.


LOL, yup. Not Carnival's fault. Way less than RCCL for their now annual "Sail Anthem Through A Hurricane" cruise. Who says big ships can't do adventure cruising?

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